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  1. Version HERO Designer 6


    A member of the Force of July, a government sponsored superhero team.
  2. Version HERO Designer 6


    Brittany Brandon was a classmate and onetime romantic interest of Ronnie Raymond.
  3. Version HERO Designer 6


    Member of the People's Heroes.
  4. Version HERO Designer 6


    Member of the Cadre.
  5. Version HERO Designer 6


    Every guard, Aero-Trooper, Parademon and Dog Cavalryman was once a Hunger Dog.
  6. Version HERO Designer 6


    Exposed to "the sizzling voltage of a secret current" Brad Spencer finds that he can make himself as hard as steel and super strong.
  7. Version HERO Designer 6


    Bodybag is a longstanding member of the otherdimensional bounty hunting team known as the TechNet.
  8. Version HERO Designer 6


    A former college student who was armed by the Overmaster and joined his original Cadre.
  9. Version HERO Designer 6


    An evil martial arts expert.
  10. In real life ceremonial magic systems there are rituals of self initiation. This is to simulate that in a Fantasy or Urban Fantasy system where the Magus must go through an initiation ritual before they can use magic. The ritual below is an example on how to simulate that. Ritual of Awakening Thy Higher Self, also known as Invoking Thy Higher Self or The Ritual of Becoming In a prepared area used to cast ceremonial magick this hour long ritual awakens the ability to sense and use magical energies. This ritual is cast during the full moon. Create Effect: Base time 1 day per 10 AP, 1 LTE per 10 AP Perk or Talent Mage 10 AP Mage sight (detect Magic [no sense Group] , Discriminatory, ranged , sense) 17 AP Other options: Activates Mana stat ( 2X EGO + 14 pts) = 7 AP Activate Mana Recovery (INT/5 +EGO/5 + 3 pts)= 6AP Arcane Defense, [functions as PD, ED, Ego, Power & flash defense against mystical or magic SFX] (EGO/5 +2) = 10 AP (5AP per point) Total 50AP Advantages: Reduced time to 1 hour (1 +3/4) = 87 AP Limitations Requires Ceremonial Magic Skill -1 per 20 -1/4 Requires a prepared sacred space Focus OAF immobile -2 Concentration throughout 0DCV -1 Gestures throughout -1/2 Incantations throughout -1/2 Window of opportunity , Only During the Full Moon -2 Total Limitations: -7 1/4 Real cost 12 pts 8 LTE -4 to ceremonial magic roll
  11. Version HERO Designer 6


    Linda Lewis was a famous pop-singer before an accident badly injured her vocal cords.
  12. Version HERO Designer 6


    Shinobi Shaw is the illegitimate son of Sebastian Shaw.
  13. Version HERO Designer 6


    New York citizen Frank Moore believed his father, the super hero known as Comet, to have been killed by an assassin.
  14. Version HERO Designer 6


    Coachwhip is a Serpent Society member and general mercenary.
  15. Version HERO Designer 6


    A former bookkeeper, Mist Mistress was recruited as a member of the Resistants when her mutant powers developed.
  16. Version HERO Designer 6


    Mayflower is a young British girl who has developed the elemental ability to control plant life.
  17. Version HERO Designer 6


    Made up of fanatical, east Asian Eco-terrorists with the stated intention to put and end to the exploitation of Pacific oil fields by the west.
  18. Version HERO Designer 6


    One of the leaders of a group of U.S. soldiers that sneaks across enemy lines to get their hands on a secret stash of Nazi treasure.
  19. Version HERO Designer 6


    A former lieutenant who'd been demoted to private as a scapegoat for being given orders to attack the wrong hill and wiping out half a company of GI's.
  20. Version HERO Designer 6


    Tough police lieutenant.
  21. Version HERO Designer 6


    Strongman and resistance fighter. Member of the Arabian Knights.
  22. Version HERO Designer 6


    Captured by aliens and used for experiments, Stasis acquired the power to manipulate kinetic energy in space, allowing her to stop the motion of opponents and objects.
  23. Version 1


    This is for campaigns where the point cost of the spell to the character is not the "correct" real cost. Example: The actual real cost of a spell is 30 real point (100 active cost). If, in the campaign, all spells cost 3 characters points then when the character buys this new spell then the spell from this prefab is added to the regular character sheet to reflect/track the expenditure of 3 character points. A second character sheet/HD file is used to track the actual spell and mechanical information (power, limitations, advantages, etc) plus END cost. Designed for 5e and 6e, This is a list of the spells names from the Hero System Grimoire I. They have been converted to 3 point Custom Powers and POWER skills for campaigns that treat spells as either individual skills or charge a fixed cost for each spell. These default to treat all spells skills as INT based and all CUSTOM POWER spells as 3 point spells. Instructions are included that hopefully make it easy to change the skill base characteristics and point costs in mass. You will still need the Hero Designer Grimoire I HD pack and/or Grimoire I book for the mechanics/descriptions of the spells.
  24. It's 2017, the year the movie was set in, so in honor of that I thought I might try my hand at building the titular Cherry for 5th Edition. My notes thus far: Cherry appears to be programmed to be housewife/sex bot so it's reasonable to assume her skills section will include PS: Cooking, PS: Housework, PS: Masseuse, and PS: Perform Sexual Techniques. Her Disads will likely include Susceptibility: Water since the whole impetus of the movie is her owner looking for a new gynoid body for her after a leaky dishwasher damaged her original body's circuitry beyond repair. (sure, it's a silly and somewhat cliche design flaw for her to have, but it's to be expected since this is a B-movie from the 80s we're talking about.) Cherry comes off as a bit of an airhead, I'm still deciding whether that is best represented as a low INT score or a Psychological Limitation. It's implied in a scene near the end that Cherry is heavier than her appearances would suggest (they were in a plane and having a hard time taking off due to too much weight). Though how she was able to run across the desert sand without starting to sink in if that's the case is a bit of a head-scratcher. I'm on the fence as to whether or not to make Cherry an Automation. No scene in the movie shows her getting directly involved in combat or getting shot, just running away from Lester and his goons. The actress who plays Cherry is very attractive, so I'm going with 20 COM. Her personality/memory chip being salvageable and transferable to another compatible gynoid body is something I'm just going to leave as a plot device. If you want to write that up for your own version of her, go right ahead.
  25. Think full body magical ointment. Historically it was camoflage. But in RQ it was a magical ointment that acted as armor. What limitations represent having to cover the whole body and little or nothing on?
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