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  1. Version 1.2


    I could not find a Prefab for Fantasy Hero money, so I decided to create one for my Hyborian Era campaign. I found a table online listing different currencies for the Hyborian Kingdoms, so I made some modifications and created this Prefab. So far, the Prefab has currencies for Aquilonia, Corinthia, Argos, and Stygia. Listed for each coin: Official Name, Common Name, Conversion Value to Silver Pieces, and Engraving. Weights are included in the statistics. I will be uploading future versions which will include currencies for additional Kingdoms. Feel free to modify this for your own campaign.
  2. Hi all. Very new to the Hero System, but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I have 5E, 6E and the Kickstarter Fantasy Hero Complete as my current sources of material. Our intent for the system would be a mix of Dark and High Fantasy with a Large mix of elements from many fantasy genres (kind of a frankenstein universe). Thus, I am currently attempting to see how I can convert/create some of our campaign concepts via the system. As my big test, I am trying to model some of the magic systems we want. Some examples are: Blood Magic (may be redundant since most magic works off END?), Divine Magic/Miralces, Furycrafting (based on the Codex alera series), Pact Magic (summoners), Psionics, Rune Magic, Scion Magic (inherited 'powers' based on bloodline), Shamanism, Sorcery (innate themed magic such as born as a Pyromancer or a Reaper), Tattoo Magic, Witchcraft/Hedge Magic, Wizardry (hermetic), etc. Yes we have a wide variety of magic we like to see. None of us are real fans of the "there is only 1 type of magic in the world" settings. So to that end, I've come looking here. I've already come across KillerShrike.com which has given me a much better grasp of how to model magic systems, but one of the concepts I'd really like to create via Hero is an adaptation of the Allomancy style of magic from the Mistborn series (and RPG). I have a few basic ideas on how to go about it using some of the examples from the killershrike.com site (such as limiting all allomancy by charges), but I was wondering if anyone had done such a system package already (before reinventing the wheel) or if any of you Hero masters had some good suggestions on how to go about building such a system? As a noob, I feel like I'm floundering quite a bit looking at all the possible ways to build a system (such as the difference between Variable Power Pool vs. Multi-Power vs. Power Construct vs. Compound Power, etc.). I really don't know where to start to (A) make the system work like allomancy is described while staying in the Hero confines and ( making it so that the point costs remain manageable especially in allowing different levels of allomancy such as a misting (only mastery over 1 metal) or mistborn (all metals). I appreciate and thank everyone in advance for any feedback! For those that are unaware of allomancy / allomancers (mistings and mistborn): * http://mistborn.wikia.com/wiki/Allomancy * http://coppermind.net/wiki/Allomancy * Mistborn RPG Free Preview PDF (70 pages) can be found here: http://www.crafty-games.com/files/File/Mistborn_Adventure_Game_Preview-Consolidated-v2.pdf PS: I've posted this in both the 6E and the Fantasy Hero threads as I wasn't sure where it would best fit or if it would draw specifically different audiences.
  3. So, my beloved S/O has decided that she, along with another dear friend of ours, wants to GM something in the Eberron setting. For a variety of reasons, they're considering Hero, probably Fantasy Hero Complete, as the system for this endeavor. I was wondering if anyone had taken a swing at this before, or if there are any recommendations? A couple things to note: This is not supposed to feel like standard D&D. Both GMs harbor a burning hatred for D&D in general, and are definitely not trying to replicate its feel They want different kinds of magic to feel different. Wizards, Sorcerers, Dragonmark magic - all should feel distinct. This is designed to be a political intrigue game, that branches out into the occasional expedition. But courtly intrigue first, monster-thwacking probably third at best. Neither of the GMs has run Hero before, though one of them was a player in my brief wargamey Hero sessions, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Both are very "Simulationist" from a GNS theory perspective - they like solid mechanical representation of things. Anyway! I was wondering if the Herosphere had any thoughts on the matter? Thanks, all!
  4. Are there any available in a digital format for download? I have bought the PDF and most of the 5th Ed books (FH, Grimoire, etc) and I have found an overall map of Ambrethel, but I need more regional maps and ones that I can 'zoom' in to be able to add details specific to my game. Copies of the ones from the TA PDF would be a good start. Cheers D.
  5. Version 1


    A black/white world map - this is as high a resolution as I have. I have been working on overlaying the colour versions of the map but the scales are different - perhaps the source files will be able to allow someone to do this - I don't have Adobe Illustrator nor Photoshop.
  6. 157 downloads

    This file contains the conversion I did of Skyrim's spells into Hero 6th edition. Included is the Hero Designer files for each level of mastery for the spells.
  7. I am running a fantasy/star hero crossover game based on the old TSR Spelljammer setting and have some questions about Vehicles. 1) on a traditional style open deck sailing ship, do I need to take in account for the volume total the ship's masts, sails and rigging? 2) combat movement, is there a chart for limited maneuverability in a secondary book like the equipment guide? I an hoping for an expanded chart of some sort over what is in volume 2, the source material has maneuverability class A to G for the ships. 3) has anyone made an excel based vehicle record sheet? The PC are 175/50 heros, so I am ruled the base ship and helm to be equipment that they do not need to spend CP on. If they want improvements to the ship they will have to spend CP and treasure on. Any other pieces of advice for me?
  8. Version 1.3


    This Export Formats should be used to create output similar to the Summary Format from Legendsmiths's Narosia: Sea of Tears game. The export places Sensory Powers, Attack Powers, and Defense Powers in the appropriate categories, but then repeats them in the Additional Powers and Addtional Equipment section — you will need to edit/delete the duplicates. The format does recognized "CARRIED" items and will only list carried items in the Sensory, Offense, or Defense sections. I've uploaded 2 sample files. The first is the raw output. There are always some things that you will want to clean up, or rearrange. This can be accomplished quickly, and you can see that even 30 seconds of rearranging can get you to the layout you want. Especially with multipowers, VPPs, equipment, etc, there just is no right way to automatically arrange all the things. HD's handling of images limits support of images to JPEGs. Additionally, image size definition from HD is in pixels while RTF requires twips and there is no way that I have discovered to perform the necessary x15 conversion to get the dimensions right. However, the image is output onto a single page for various reasons and as part of the post output touch-up can simply be resized. Pages 1-2 actually work well as a vertical "tent" of sorts. If printed double-sided, fold it in half and place the image side towards the other players. That leaves pages 3-4 as the character reference sheet and puts the character's Complications front and center. Shields, and multipowers in general, are impossible to put into the proper categories. I probably spent way too much time fiddling with REGEX to try and get the Shield to fall under Defenses on its own and I just can't do it reliably. Only those Powers not listed elsewhere (PERCEPTION, MOVEMENT, DEFENSE, OFFENSE) are listed here. For Narosia, this works out pretty well and keeps the sheet clean. Equipment is listed in a summary and a complete format. Delete the one you don't want. Weapons and Armor should show up under Offense and Defense, as well as magic items related to Senses and Movement. The complete Shield output in MP style is included as well so you can just copy/past it under Defense (the only solution I could come up with). Skill levels are another tricky beast that I decided it wasn't worth the potential errors in logic to try and solve. Combat-related levels show up under offense but then get duplicated under Skills. Delete as you like. This format does work in LibreOffice (pretty well)with the exception of font specification. MS Word and LO handle font tags slightly differently and do not agree that Lithos Pro Bold and Lithos Pro (Bold) are the same font. If you don't have Lithos Pro, it should use Arial instead.
  9. My latest fantasy hero adventure module is up and ready for purchase! In a newly settled area of the wilderness stands an old keep, strong and intact. What secrets does it hold and what terrors lie beneath it? Are you bold enough to quest into the unknown? Two Kings Keep is a nostalgic dungeon crawl with intriguing twists and a story for the curious to unfold. Two Kings Keep is a Fantasy Hero adventure for 4-8 characters of up to 800 total combined points. This is a complete adventure with all maps, information, and notes the GM and players need. You can get the module right here at the Hero Games store as a pdf download, or buy a print on demand hard copy at Lulu!
  10. I'm going to start posting a few monsters from my upcoming Bestiary book here, it says "monster of the day" but that's just a play on the soup of the day, not a promise of daily updates. The first is the Arachne, a nasty creature that lurks in urban areas. Arache Val Char Cost 18 STR 8 17 DEX 14 18 CON 8 10 BODY 0 14 INT 4 18 EGO 8 15 PRE 5 16 PD 9 vs Non-Magical Attacks: 51PD; 18rPD 21 ED 13 vs Non-Magical Attacks: 31ED; 16rED 4 SPD 20 8 REC 4 35 END 3 20 STN 0 20m RUN 0 4m SWIM 0 24m LEAP 5 Characteristics Cost: 149 Cost Power 8 Magical: +12 PD (12 Active Points); Limited Power Only vs non-magical attacks (-1/2) 7 Magical: +10 ED (10 Active Points); Limited Power Only vs non-magical attacks (-1/2) 24 Magical: Resistant Protection (14 PD/10 ED) (36 Active Points); Limited Power Only vs non-magical attacks (-1/2) 15 Tough: Resistant Protection (4 PD/6 ED) 10 Telepathy: Telepathy 4d6 (Insects class of minds) (20 Active Points); Limited Power Only with spiders (-1) 22 Human Form: Shape Shift (Sight, Smell/Taste and Touch Groups), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (22 Active Points) 4 Spring: Leaping +11m (24m forward, 12m upward) (6 Active Points); Conditional Power Only when not shapeshifted (-1/2) 7 Spider Legs: Clinging (normal STR) (10 Active Points); Conditional Power Only when not shapeshifted (-1/2) 5 Running +8m (20m total) (8 Active Points); Conditional Power Only when not shapeshifted (-1/2) 5 Bite: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1 point (1d6+1 w/STR) 28 Venom: Multipower, 50-point reserve, (50 Active Points); all slots 8 Charges (-1/2), Limited Power Only if bite or weapon does body damage (-1/4) 2f 1) Lethal Venom: Drain BODY 1d6, Damage Over Time, Target's defenses only apply once, Lock out (cannot be applied multiple times) (4 damage increments, damage occurs every six Segments, can be negated by any healing; +2 1/2) (35 Active Points); Limited Power Blocked by life support vs poison (-1/2), No Range (-1/2) 2f 2) Paralytic Venom: Entangle 2d6, 2 PD/2 ED, Alternate Combat Value (uses OMCV against DCV; +0), Takes No Damage From Attacks All Attacks, STR only to break out (+1) (40 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Limited Power vs Constitution, not Ego (-1/2) Powers Cost: 139 Cost Skill 11 Power 16- 5 Language: Morianic (idiomatic; literate) 2 Language: Arcanum (fluent conversation) 3 Charm 12- 3 Conversation 12- 3 High Society 12- 3 Interrogation 12- 3 Lockpicking 12- 3 PS 12- 3 Persuasion 12- 6 OCV +2 with presence-based skills and rolls 2 WF: Blades, Crossbows Skills Cost: 47 Cost Perk 34 Journeyman Illusion, Apprentice Mysticism, Apprentice Castle, Journeyman one other magic 5 Contact Local power or authority (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has useful Skills or resources) 11- 2 Favor (local authority or ruler) Perks Cost: 41 Cost Talent 10 Animal Friendship (20 Active Points); Limited Power Only with spiders (-1) Talents Cost: 10 Total Character Cost: 386 Pts. Complication 15 Psychological Complication: Manipulative, seductive, and cruel (Common; Strong) 10 Distinctive Features: Spider Legs (Easily Concealed; Always Noticed and Causes Major Reaction; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses) Complication Points: 25 Ecology: Arachne are horrible creatures that dwell among humans and hunt them. They are rarely found anywhere but in civilization, preferably in larger towns and cities so they can blend in easier. The origin of Arachne is unknown, but most speculate dark, horrible magics long ago, or demonic influence. The home of an Arachne will always have at least one room or hidden chamber where their true nature is undisguised. Personality/Motivation: Arachne are hateful, spiteful, and cruel. They love to cause pain and betrayal, and especially savor killing a handsome strong man. The long process of toying with, seducing, and destroying men seems to be their fondest ambition; the more complex and complete the testruction, the better. Powers/Tactics: Arachne are accomplished court butterflies, skilled in intrigue, deception, seduction, and lies. They have some magical ability, always focussed on making their attempts more effective, but will sometimes learn some elemental magic for defense or combat or necromancy for greater power. In addition to these skills, the Arachne can shape shift into a human form, concealing her spidery legs in shapely woman’s legs and hips. While in this form, she loses some of her powers, such as the ability to climb walls and run as swiftly, but she retains her poisonous bite and great resistance to non magical attacks. An Arachne will tend to retain her human form unless she must escape or is comfortable and certain she is alone. Arachne prefer to avoid combat, and will use their wiles and magic to disarm a situation, playing men off each other and using political contacts and allies to protect herself. Campaign Use: Arachne are primarily useful as a foe for some powerful ruler, a man blinded by the seductive wiles of the Arachne and her beauty, while others might see something isn’t quite right. An Arachne might target a PC in a more politically themed campaign. Appearance: Arachne look like beautiful, exotic human women from the waist up, and until forced into or hunting in their real form, from the waist down as well. However, the true form of an Arachne has four spider legs from the waist down, hideous furry, clawed spider legs. Arachne also have somewhat larger canine teeth, but not extraordinarily so.
  11. So, way back in the day (1992, to be exact), there was a computer game called Darklands, and it was the first (and, IMO, the best) open-world sandbox computer game ever developed. In Darklands, the player created a party of adventurers who wandered around medieval Germany in the 1400s. There was a meta-plot, but for the most part you journeyed around, getting quests from merchants, saving caravans from bandits, and destroying robber barons preying on the citizenry. It was a blast. Anyway, the character creation options were strict. You basically chose careers, each career giving you some skills but also advancing your character's age -- go too far and aging starts to take its toll on your stats, end too early and your character is woefully incompetent and likely to die. There was no real "magic" in the game, per the standards of ordinary fantasy. Instead, people could call upon saints for aid at certain times (not reliable, but of definite help when the circumstances called for it). And instead of wizards, alchemists would brew potions you could throw to cause an explosion, a cloud of smoke or gas, or improve your stats for a time. I always liked the alchemy system in the game. You weren't limited by "power points" -- instead, you had to pick up alchemical ingredients in the markets, and then spend an evening making what you wanted. Having a good alchemist in your party is a key part of winning the game, since a bad one will ruin components and potentially cause expensive messes at the inns where your party stays. A while back, I adapted the alchemy system for my 5E fantasy game. When 6E came around, I wasn't running fantasy anymore so I left it unconverted. Since I'm putting all of my stuff on the website, I figured I'd polish off the prefab file and post it. The system works in two parts. On the Equipment tab are the actual potions, some of which are really potent. In order to avoid legal issues, I give only a brief one-sentence description of the potion's effect, although it should be obvious what it does from the power block. On the Powers tab are the alchemical formulas. These are what the alchemist character actually buys with points. Once he has a formula in his repertoire, the alchemist must purchase the necessary ingredients (given in the formula description) and then find a nice, quiet place in which to do alchemy; inns will do, although if the roll is failed for a Medium or High Risk potion, it is likely damage will result, always including exposure to the effects of the potion itself. All alchemical operations carry some risk, although Low Risk formulas are unlikely to cause harm to passers-by. The alchemy roll is made at -1 per 5 Active Points, as all potions are tricky to create. The END cost for the formula is in Long Term END. The Extra Time modifier has been applied to each formula, reducing the time increment from 1 Day per 10 Active Points, to 1 Hour per 5 Active Points, essentially making it the same as the penalty to the Alchemy Skill roll -- in the game, alchemists can make one attempt per night. In a game adhering closely to the computer game, the GM should allow the player to try to make more than 1 potion of any given kind per night (but only one Alchemy attempt per night), at a penalty. I'd use the Charges chart on 6E1 368, and for each step down I'd modify the Alchemist's skill roll penalty by -2, so an alchemist attempting to make 6 potions at once would be at -8. This prefab makes use of the "Alternate Enchanted Item Creation Rules" on page 320 of the Fantasy Hero 6E book. The package includes the prefab file, an alchemy document (giving real point costs, Alchemy Skill roll modifications, and Long Term END costs for all of the formulas) and a potions document (giving the effects of each potion, price and weight). The package can be found here.
  12. Version 1


    The 1992 computer game Darklands had an interesting alchemy system. This prefab replicates that system tor Fantasy Hero, using the Alternate Enchanted Item Creation Rules from page 320 of the Fantasy Hero 6E book. The package contains the prefab file, an alchemy document (giving real point costs, Alchemy Skill roll modifications, and Long Term END costs for all of the formulas) and a potions document (giving the effects of each potion, price and weight). In a game adhering closely to Darklands, only one or two potions should be for sale in any given city.
  13. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Tarterans, a hybrid species of humanoid reputed to be half-devil and half-man.
  14. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Ebonites, spectral beings who come from the ruined city of Ebon, an ancient port on the dark shores of the Underworld.
  15. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Black Savant, an enigmatic race of dark sorcerers, who prowl the Ethereal plane on mysterious errands.
  16. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This prefab contains some weapons specific to the setting, such as the Thrall garde and Kasmiran blade-staff.
  17. Version 2


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Muses, fairy beings descended from forest nymphs. Delicate in appearance, they nevertheless command formidable mental powers.
  18. Version 2


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Thrall, a hybrid race created by an ancient society of decadent sorcerers. The consummate warrior race, they have little aptitude for anything besides combat.
  19. Version 2


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Sindarans, a strange race descended from refugees from another world. They possess dual-encephalons, which give them great mental prowess.
  20. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Aeriad, a species of avian humanoid native to the Seven Kingdoms region. The race is in the process of devolving from a fully avian species to a flightless one. The Blue Aeriad are the more aggressive subspecies.
  21. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Aeriad, a species of avian humanoid native to the Seven Kingdoms region. The race is in the process of devolving from a fully avian species to a flightless one. The Green Aeriad are the more peaceful subspecies.
  22. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Gnomekin, a diminutive species of underground dweller. Friendly and open, they nonetheless fight an unceasing battle against dangerous underground species.
  23. Version 1


    These martial arts are from the Talislanta game, originally published by Bard Games in 1987. Talislanta was an attempt to make a fantasy setting very different from the vanilla fantasy settings then dominating the market -- the tagline for the game/setting is "Talislanta. Still No Elves!" Among the many elements of the setting are martial arts systems. Back in the 90s, I converted several of them for the 4th edition Hero System, then when 5th edition was published I uploaded several of them to the Hero Games webpage Digital Hero ezine. Sadly, those submissions are lost to the Internet Archive. When 6th edition was made, I updated the martial arts yet again (adding Aerial Combat and renaming Zandir Bladesmanship to Swordsmanship, as per the then-recently-updated Talislanta rules), and uploaded them to the boards. They didn't survive the changeover, but I see that they're still popular enough to warrant being resurrected. So, here they are. The prefab file contains: Aerial Combat: The fighting art of skilled warriors of the flying races (Aerdians, Stryx, Gryphs, etc.) Arimite Knife-Fighting: Provided in both melee and ranged flavors, the lethal fighting style of the dour Arimites is presented. Swordsmanship: The flamboyant fencing style of the Cymril swordsmages, Zandir bravos, and Gao-Dinian corsairs. Tazian Combat: The brutal and effective hand-to-hand style of the Thralls of Taz. If you want to try a different setting (it's based on an easy-to-learn rules system, but can readily be converted to Hero System), I recommend you give it a try. Most of the books for it are available for free on-line, by the grace of setting creator Stephen Michael Sechi. A pdf of the martial arts styles, formatted in standard Hero style, can be found here.
  24. Pathfinder continues to find great success in game stores and gaming groups around the country despite being almost 10 years old at this point. D&D has already had 2 more editions come out since it was published, and still its quite popular. The new edition of D&D is apparently doing well too and is getting good reviews from players. I read a recent article in the Boston Globe that said gaming in general - particularly D&D - is coming back in popularity. So how do we get Fantasy Hero to more players? How can the game build interest and fans as a hobby? I know that as the RPG hobby grows, Fantasy Hero necessarily gains popularity as all boats rise with a growing tide, but how can we specifically push this game? I think Fantasy Hero is the best product Hero puts out, that the system works better for fantasy than even superheroes, which is considered its core. Pathfinder has built a base by having a huge amount of source material, especially its 'adventure path' series, which allows GMs to put players on a railroad track and chug them along to high level following a specific story. I can see the attraction of that concept - its similar to what many gamers are used to in computer games, its easy to plug in and play, and it has a consistent feel to it, as well as a goal and end point. But I know at least some players find it too restrictive and forced. Would that kind of concept help? I personally think that a well-built, consistent setting and lots of adventures to help support it is the way to go - its how D&D built its popularity. But that was in the 1980s and maybe new gamers are looking for or expect something different.
  25. Kestrel Arts is especially proud to present the Jolrhos Bestiary, a tome packed with monsters and more. Available for pdf download on the Hero catalog! I've been posting samples from the Bestiary in the "Monster of the Day" post on here, but that's just a part of what you can find in the book. I put a lot of effort into trying to create a product with more to offer than just more targets for PCs to hit. For example, I've listed the "body loot" from various creatures - things you can loot, skin, pluck, and otherwise harvest from the creatures such as leather, scales, feathers, alchemical components, and so on. The time it takes to collect this, what it sells for, how much it weighs, what skill is required, and so on are all there. This attercop: Can be skinned for its chitin, which can be made into armor. But be aware, it weighs quite a bit and takes up a lot of space! Further, the book has information on training pets and mounts. You can teach your pet special talents and skills, and what's more there's an optional list of suggested positive and negative traits that a creature can be assigned by the GM. Maybe your mount is especially bold, but he tends to chew on things nearby. Maybe your pet Griffcat is particularly loyal, but has an allergy that you have to work around for feeding it. The Jolrhos Bestiary is useful for your campaign whatever game you play, but especially Fantasy Hero. Packed with over 250 new and unique monsters, and loaded with tables and indices to make finding creatures especially easy, you will find this a valuable addition to your gaming library!
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