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Found 63 results

  1. 695 downloads

    These are 10 main characters of the homonimous game (launched in 2005) by EA. The characters have been made very carefully. Enjoy!
  2. 167 downloads

    These are some of the common enemies found in the homonimous game by EA.
  3. 130 downloads

    This is a packet of the other main supergroup in the Strike Force book called the Shadow Warriors. These were 3rd edition builds, now updated as literally and directly as possible to 6th edition Champions.
  4. 162 downloads

    The 6th edition rebuilds of the Toronto Sentinels, from the Champions of the North sourcebook by Jon Mattson in 1992, with digitally colored images by Patrick Zircher and Christopher Taylor
  5. 153 downloads

    The five members of the Pacific Sentinels out of Vancouver Canada, second of Canada's three official superhero teams
  6. 152 downloads

    The third official Canadian team from the Champions of the North sourcebook, updated to 6th edition: the Atlantic Sentinels, out of Halifax.
  7. 102 downloads

    This packet contains conversions of the Japanese villain group Yoosoo (elements) from the original Ninja Hero for 4th edition by Aaron Allston to 6th edition Champions. Includes paper miniatures for the Yoosoo!
  8. 190 downloads

    The villain group Aesisinos, from the 4th edition Champions book (BBB), offered as a sample for GMs to use in the adventure provided in the back. They've been updated to 6th edition here.
  9. 240 downloads

    This is the combined zip file with all the Strike Force character conversions for 6th edition. Only characters with full character sheets and illustrations are included. This is the Strike Force main supergroup in the book, and it is done in the memory and appreciation of Aaron Allston. If you haven't seen or bought the Strike Force book, run out and find a copy today.
  10. 309 downloads

    Iron Man Mark 06 from Iron Man 2 and Avengers
  11. 139 downloads

    Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man Mark 01 Armor
  12. Version HD6


    NPC for "New World Order Academy": Michiko has never formally studied or trained in martial arts, but spontaneously exhibited an innate, natural ability which has no natural explanation! Michiko likes to act like "the baby' (when she's not acting like a rabbit), and adores rabbits and baby animals, most of all baby rabbits! "SO SOFT!" Michiko tends to fight defensively, hoarding her limited END until she sees a clear opening. She tends to stay very aware of all potential opponents and doesn't generally get "tunnel" vision in a fight. Trap. Seriously, there could not be a more innocuous seeming juggernaught of hand to hand punishment for a mean spirited criminal to take hostage to their peril! Michiko does tend to wear down quickly in any kind of sustained fighting, and one hit of even glancing strength tends to put her down for the count. Michiko is an adorable little girl with Asian features, dark hair, and big, chocolate brown eyes who is prone to giggle and hop around.
  13. Kaze9999


    Version HD v6; Champions 5th edi


    Johnny Nash was well known as the ultimate competitor, willing to do anything to prepare himself for competition. No one trained harder. Then, after winning the final Championship match of the 1999 'Ultimate Fighting Championship' held in St. Louis, Missouri, an act of heroism ended his career in competitive sports. The same night that he'd won the championship, Johnny partied until the early morning hours, and finally found himself walking back to his hotel, alone. He'd outlasted all of his entourage, leaving them at various bars around town or putting them in cabs back to the hotel during the night. It was then that he saw some 'bad guys', running out of a bank, alarms blaring behind them. Without thinking, a little drunk, he went after them. He was able to disarm one and then put down another before they could act at all! Then they activated some sort of teleport belts, and were gone. One of them had disappeared right out of Johnny's best 'sleeper hold'! Immediately Johnny's body ached and itched all over, and tingled. Then it glowed. Suddenly cold stone sober, Johnny turned around and tried to run, anywhere! Instead he disappeared and in a flash of light appeared across the street! Somehow the experience had caused dormant super powers to activate within Johnny's body! He managed to stumble back to the hotel and fell into his bed, instantly asleep. His life as 'Johnny Nash' came to an end the morning after his much celebrated victory. He woke up thinking he'd fallen out of the bed and slept on the floor, until he heard the pigeons and felt the breeze. He was on the roof! And when he wondered how to get back down to his roof, suddenly he was there! He was one of 'them'. A mutie. As a 'nat' he'd hated the muties, for their abilities which put his hard won conditioning and training to shame. Now he was one. What if he wasn't allowed to fight anymore!? It turned out to be worse then he'd thought. Not only was Johnny barred from competitive fighting in the future, but his many enemies within the sports commission got his previous honors declared 'void', by saying that he'd been a mutant all along, and had therefore had had an unknown and unfair advantage. Johnny was crushed, and went into an emotional hole, checking out on life and losing what money and friends he had left after the sudden end of his career. Over the years he lost himself in the bottle, and anyone who thought of him at all, even in passing, figured he was dead in the gutter somewhere. Ironically his mutant physiology carried him through seven years of hard living. And eventually, it got caught up with all that damage and neglect had done to Johnny, and even got ahead a bit. Johnny found to his dismay that he could no longer stay drunk for more then a few minutes, and that was if he drank hard and fast! That day his apartment building was robbed. A whacked out speed-head broke into the next door apartment, expecting no one to be in. The woman screamed, and Johnny simply 'ported over, and easily took down the burgler despite his gun. It felt good. And the incident got Johnny thinking. Maybe he could be a different kind of Champion, using his 'freak' powers to help people. Maybe he could hear cheers again. Now, a year later, Johnny has been fighting crime on his own, and has managed to irritate if not seriously hamper 'the forces of evil'. He is now looking for some public redemption, wanting to graduate up from being a minor, solo super hero to being a part of something larger. As his mutant physiology has seemingly 'kicked into high gear', Johnny has found that even when he walks around without being 'powered up', no one recognizes him. His voice is no longer roughened by hard living. His broken nose isn't broken any longer. And all his scars are gone, at least on the surface. In fact, much to his disgust, he looks like a punk kid of no more then eighteen! All this worked out to the good in his opinion, once mutants got real unpopular. Now, when he is 'being a big damn hero!', an aura of phase energy obscures his features and distorts his voice. But even when he's just walking around, he is completely unrecognizable to anyone looking for the failed disgraced former champion. He goes by the same name, but if pressed claims to be his illegitimate son with the same name, and loudly declares his disdain--ironically sincere--for mutants, and his complete lack of knowledge as to the whereabouts of his father.
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