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Found 2 results

  1. Shipping: The fine art (and ubiquitous internet hobby) of taking two notably different fictional characters and making them a couple. Here’s your opportunity to do the same, for fun and votes. The Premise: You have been placed in charge of creating a new romantic comedy--TV series, movie, whatever. Copyright law has been suspended (since the same two or three corporations own all the world’s fictional characters anyway), so you are free to choose whatever characters you would like for your show. The Twist: To keep it interesting for your potential viewers, you may use existing characters from any genre except romantic comedy. Science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, pirate movies, period pieces, horror, animation, whatever. Go nuts. But we don’t need (or want!) to see Ross and Rachel 2.0. You’ve probably all seen the video from the Black Widow thread. This is something like the feel we’re looking for. Or, imagine that John Crighton and Aeryn Sun have finally retired from fighting and settled down on a nice, peaceful planet somewhere...only to discover that their new neighbors are Wash and Zoe. Hilarity ensues. You get the idea. The Tone: Light-hearted and playful. Humorous. Have a ball with it. Imagine serious characters in silly situations. Plant your tongue firmly in cheek. Make it fun. Add some romance. This isn’t about saving the world; it’s about escapism and guilty pleasures. Laugh it up, fuzzball. Draft Details: The draft will begin on Monday, February 5th at 5:00 p.m. EST (which should be 10:00 p.m. in London and 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in Darwin). Picks will be made each day at that time; there will be 10 draft picks total. This places the final pick on Valentine’s Day. (Awwww.) The usual rules about different versions of a character apply: Selecting one version of a character removes all other versions of the character from consideration. Once the original Ant-Man is selected, all other versions of Henry Pym (Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, etc.) are off the table. Ant Man Scott Lang could still be selected, though. Draft the man (or woman), not the mask. Picks for this draft will consist of the following: Location: This could be literally anywhere, any time period. Location picks are exclusive, although different versions of the same location (Marvel New York City vs. “West Side Story” New York City) are fine. This must be the first pick. Alpha Couple (2 picks): These are the main protagonists. Think Robert & Helen Parr, Rick O’Connell & Evie Carnahan, John Sheridan & Delenn. They need not be a couple in canon! Want to pair up Lockjaw & Yankee Poodle, or Marty McFly & River Song? That’s what we’re here for. Use two days to pick these characters. Beta Couple (2 picks): This is the Barney & Betty to Fred & Wilma, the Fred & Ethel to Lucy & Ricky. Again, they need not be a couple in canon. Use two additional days to pick these characters. Wacky Neighbors (1-3 picks): These are the other colorful characters in your neighborhood: the friendly beat cop, the Latina lady who runs the local laundry, the quiet kid who’s secretly a superhero, the irritable guy at the coffee shop, the arms dealer next door, or whatever. These are the characters the Alpha and Beta couples will interact with most. Choose at least one. Any picks not used on Wacky Neighbors will be shifted to Options. Options (2-4 picks): Use these for pretty much anything else you can think of for your story. Additional characters or locations, MacGuffins, theme music, whatever. These picks are exclusive, unless there’s a good reason for them not to be. Title: You don't need to use a pick for this, and you can announce your title at any time. Again, you will end up with a total of up to 10 picks. The first pick is the Location; all other picks may be chosen in any order. All right, who’s interested?
  2. All Your Earths are Belong to V'han! Istvatha V'han, Empress of a Billion Dimensions, has come for your reality! It's full on assault as a council of her best generals have told her now is the time and each strives to prove him or herself by delivering to her an Earth! And that Earth is.. dun dun dun! Yours! This will be a 12 pick Superdraft. Fun bit, because we are dealing with multi-dimensional spill over, the usual rule of 'once you make a pick all versions of them are off the table are gone' does NOT apply as it usually does. If someone gets typical Superman/Clark Kent, someone else may draft Red Son Superman! However, two things. This is still limited to two. Once there are say two of someone on the picked the rest of you have to pick someone else because darn it, we want some variety. Can you pick the same character twice for yourself? Yes. Yes you may. V'han tries not to send any special soldiers against their own alternate selves, but hey, snafus in assignment happen. And sometimes a hero teams up with his elseworld or what if self to protect a place, Just don't be surprised if someone snipes you. Oh, Istvatha herself is beyond drafting, peasants. Location- Pick your Earth. This must be an Earth but can be ANY Earth except the real one (or whatever you call this orb we're on). Not just a superhero one. It can be one of the DC universe Earths (they've got like at least 52 of them), the Marvel universes (Loads), or…oh wait, any Earth. It can be an Earth without superpowers even. Do you want the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer under attack? Fine. Do you want the Earth from the Walking Dead under attack? Fine. Do you want the Earth were it's still the Korean War and Hawkeye Pierce and BJ Hunnicut are trying to save lives in a MASH unit? Fine. We’re in a cross dimensional crisis here, folks from other worlds will end up in the rescue of Earths not their own. No more than 3 posters may share an Earth though. So, while three lucky folks might be going Make mine Marvel, someone else might be sighing as Batman defends Springfield where the Simpsons live etc. This must be your first pick. The General: This is your big bad, who will act as the head of V'han's vanguard in your setting. He, she, or it, can be anyone you want as long as they appeared in official fiction. It's up to you to find the balance you want. If you want Darth Vader serving V'han, then go for it. If you want Cobra Commander? Go for it. The General can be a badass, but they're mostly there for leadership and tactics (Whether they suck at that or not is your call). Good news, every General has under their command anywhere between thousands and millions of D Troopers! Loads of ships, and toys that would make any VIPER Agent giddy. Consider the grunts freebies. The Dragon: Remember when I said the General doesn't have to be a bad ass? Well, the Dragon has to be. The Dragon is under some modicum of control by the General (Probably because V'han assigned him,her, or it to serve) but can be as dedicated or wildly unpredictable once set to a task as you like. This is not a literal Dragon (Though you know, setting Smaug on Angel Grove could be cool), but a powerful combatant or threat. Sometimes the Dragon is a bodyguard of sorts for the General. It's like Black Tom may often call the shots in old X-Men comics, but to get to him you have to face the Juggernaut. Protagonists: I'd like to say heroes, but let's face it, when Invasions come in, even the scumballs can find their desire to resist rising. Temporary alliances are forged in the face of the outsider. Sooo… this is your chance to have Zorro agree to work with Ras Al Ghul, or the like. Unlike the setting which has to be an Earth, your protagonists can come from any fictional location be it Kyrpton, Equesteria, Westeroes, or whatever. They must come from PUBLISHED Fiction sources (So I could not, for example, draft Fish Guy or his crew yet) . You get five of them. See the notes above about duplicates. Options: Want some elite agents for V'han? Want more team members for the Protagonists? Would you like a Death Star? King Arthur's sword? an organization? That's what options are for. There are three of them. Yay. You may also pick another location off Earth as an option if you prefer to bring in another planet etc. The Honor System Card pick factor- This pick is not under your control (or shouldn't be), and it's not under my control either. You pick a single card from a typical deck, and depending on what suit you get, you must adjust your story. This only happens one and you're on the honor system. I mean, you could lie, but you're only cheating yourself blah blah and I think we're a pretty good bunch. You must have at least three protagonists, your General, and your dragon picked before you have your card draw day. If you draw … A Club Card- Curse your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal. One of your picks has changed sides! A defender of the Earth may try to sell it out to V'han. A V'hanian Dragon might turn on the General he /she serves! Maybe they take their own side and betray everyone? Gasp. A Diamond Card- Let he with the most toys, win! Congrats, you get your pick of one McGuffin from the following list: Power Ring with Battery, A kick ass vehicle, a magic sword, or theme music no one else can claim! A Heart Card- Love Conquers All! You get a free bonus pick to ship with one of your protagonists. Somewhere in this crazy multiverse one of your heroes has found the one for them, and vice versa! And through the power of love, Victory will surely be found! Spades- Nooooo… one of your protagonists must make the ultimate sacrifice and either dies, loses their powers/abilities, or gets married. Okay, just kidding on that last one. But you get the idea. That said, feel free to have it turn the tide in a beneficial way to reward their sacrifice if you wish. John Williams will play the tear jerking music as the others remember their comrades' sacrifice. (PS if you get the joker or something without a suit, just draw again) We START Wednesday , January 17th, Picks will be a noon US EST time. Any questions?
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