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Found 3 results

  1. It's time for the 2021 Master List Superdraft! This draft is a superhero draft of the kind we have seen often on this forum. This particular draft seeks to maximize the event of one player 'sniping' another. To do this, most of your picks will come from a small list that we will jointly create. June 1: everyone drafts 9 characters. Some heroes, some villains, all characters appropriate to the superhero genre. We want everyone's list in QUICKLY, so it doesn't matter if there are duplicates. These characters are sent to me by PM. You are answerable only to your own conscience. Last year I vetoed a number of characters for not being appropriate to the superhero genre. (Elsa from Frozen, for example). Not this year. I ask that you please keep your nine submissions appropriate to the genre, but I won't arbitrate. The submit-9-draft-8 rule should make this flexible enough that we'll be okay if some people submit genre-questionable characters. June 2-5: Stragglers enter their submissions. June 6: NO NEW PLAYERS! I post the Master List: Every character drafted, duplicates reduced to singles. I will replace duplicates with a pre-prepared list of popular characters (there are three picks for Superman? I go to the top two on my list that haven't been picked, and I add them. Now the master list has one Superman and two other people). Players may draft their location at this time. Thereafter: Draft Normally. All your "Character" picks must come from the Master List, and you can't draft anyone you originally submitted. (so, from the example earlier, none of the three players could draft Superman. anyone could draft the two people I replaced his duplicates with). Note that while players submit 9 characters to the master list, they only draw 8. "Option" picks can be anything, including characters not on the Master List. "Option" picks cannot be used for Master List characters, unless everyone else has all their "Character" slots filled. Picks take place at noon Eastern Daylight Savings Time. You can post your Location at the same time you post any Character pick. I just never care about locations, so I don't want them to interfere with the rest of the draft. Options can be used to draft characters that don't appear on the Master List. Options cannot be used to draft characters that ARE on the Master List. Location 8 characters 3 options (can be used for characters not on the Master List) See last year's draft: The Master List Superdraft - Non-Gaming Discussion - HERO Games
  2. Hoy there, true believers! It’s time for the Super Sitcom Superdraft! In this edition of the Superdraft, you will be choosing characters for a sitcom, but with a twist: The focus is on Supers! Heroes, villains, agents, mooks, DNPCs, super-pets, you name it! Bring them all together for a super story of friends, family, and quirky fun. In this Superdraft, you will select the following: The Setting: Choose a time and/or place for your story. As usual, this is the first pick. The Lead: This is your main character. This character should be a super. (Your other characters need not be supers, but this one should be.) The Partner: This is the primary companion to The Lead. This may be a romantic partner, but doesn’t have to be. It might be a roommate (Oscar and Felix from The Odd Couple), a work partner (Max and Agent 99 from Get Smart!), or what have you. The Family/Flatmate: This is someone who shares a home/workplace/whatever with The Lead (and maybe The Partner as well). It could be a child or other family member, an old friend, a nanny, a pet, etc. The Wacky Comic Relief / The Best Friend: Choose one of these two common sitcom tropes for this slot. One character may fill both roles, of course. If you want two different characters in order to fill both roles, use an Option. The Nosy Neighbor: This character is more involved in The Lead’s life than they have any right to be, and certainly more than The Lead would like them to be. Note that while this character is probably an annoyance, it is NOT The Antagonist. That’s another pick. The Guest Star: Choose a character to appear in no more than one or two episodes of your series. In keeping with traditions of the genre, this should be a big name character (to help drive up ratings during Sweeps week, you know). The Antagonist: This is the thorn in the side of The Lead and The Partner. The level of antagonism, from work/romantic interference to attempted homicide, is up to you. The Secret: One thing all supers have in common is secrets. Is there something your lead characters are trying to keep hidden from their neighbors? Is The Lead hiding something from The Partner? Or is there a secret the main characters don’t know about that could cause them difficulty? You also get up to three Options to fill out your story. The usual rules for drafting characters apply. All character picks are exclusive. Once any version of a character is drafted, all other versions of that character are off the table (e.g., you can’t draft Ant-Man Henry Pym if someone has already drafted Yellowjacket Henry Pym). Different characters using the same identity are okay, though (e.g., if someone has already drafted Ant-Man Henry Pym, you can still draft Ant-Man Scott Lang). When drafting a character with many identities (e.g., Carol Danvers: Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird, Captain Marvel) or one of several characters with a given identity (e.g., Captain Marvel: Billy Batson, Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau), please be as specific as possible. The Super Sitcom Superdraft will begin on Monday, April 5th at noon Eastern Daylight Time (check your local listings for exactly when that is where you live). Picks will be made each day at the same time, one pick per day. We will NOT draft on the weekends. (This means you’ll make your final pick on April 20th.) A poll will be posted on or around April 23rd and will remain open until April 30th. Any questions? Let me know.
  3. The return of the superdraft! Why? I kind of miss it and I need a distraction from the politics Welcome to the completely unasked for "I want to be a-" Fantasy (?) Draft! Starting Monday, January 11, Noon US EST , if we get at least a few people interested anyway. The basic theme is, as the pick descriptions will elaborate on, is the protagnoist hero you draft has ambitions to join a fictional organization or institution for training and/or membership. It's a staple of Romantic Fantasy but, while I did put fantasy in the title, knowing that if I tell folks, metaphorically speaking, they can have any color but blue, they'll want blue most of all even up to and including calling it azure or cerulean and saying it's not REALLY Blue... or maybe pout in text. Nobody needs that headache (or guilt) SO.. yeah, if you prefer your sci fi or what not, you can do that instead. Starting the 11th, each day until options run out, each participant makes their pick. Only the first pick is set in stone order wise (See below) the others can go in any order you like. That said, here's the picks you'll be making if you play The Organization/Institution: Be it an Elite fighting unit, a school of the arcane, a guild of thieves, or an order of knights , this the place/organization/etc your Protagonist will want to join. Obviously it must be fictional, or at least highly fictionalized if based on a real group. This must be your first pick. This also covers location. Obviously if you pick 'The Round Table' then you've got the setting of Camelot (Though Camelot from which source is up to you) The Protagonist /Applicant: Enter our hero, often in his or her teens, but any age is possible. For one reason or another, idealism, a desire for glory, a better life, control over some curse/gift, or just plain survival, this protagonist finds him/herself racing eager to join up with some order, organization, magic school or what have have you. They are often not yet ready, but hope to get the training from that organization. Pick any character from fiction, they need not have any special supernatural powers or combat skills, after all, they're going to learn? The character need not be from the fantasy genre, rather they might be translated to it. For example. if you want one of the Von Trap family from the Sound of Music to be protagonist, there's no reason you can't pick Louisa Von Trapp and plop her down ready for lessons at Hogwartz or whatever. The Bestie/True Friend: This character, usually a peer, is the best friend and most boon companion of your protagonist. Again, almost any published fiction, TV show or movie is legit as a source and the character translates. You want your buddy to be Tom Sawyer as he and your protagonist learn from the faceless men? Sure let's go with that. The Crush/Love interest: Just what it says on the tin. For added drama, he or she is probably too good for your hero. Or maybe they are lowborn or something and it tarnishes the hero to associate? For story purposes, they might come across as merely the 'object' of affection, but they have their own interests too. And the protagonist will often have to hustle in helping them with their own goals. Of course, they could be another peer who just appeals on a level beyond just friend. The looming threat: Our hero has decided to join on just in time to make a difference. Something 'bad' is coming, or someone. Be it a warlord gathering a monstrous horde just outside the borders, a dark prophecy that will soon begin, or even the inevitable sinking of the land into the sea; there is something that casts a shadow (Figuratively mostly) over things. Implied in this selection are various agents or portents that will appear to rile things up or endanger folks on a smaller scale before the looming threat is done looming. The Antagonist/Bad Guy: Oddly, this is NOT the looming threat. This character a major and usually in your face place of the hero's life. They could be a peer who is also trying to join whatever the hero is and doesn't appreciate competition. They could be a threat JUST outside school grounds or in the wrong part of town waiting. Might be an authority figure who has to think creatively to mess your hero over within the rules. Their methods can be brutal as a club over the head, or as subtle as death by bureaucracy. A mentor/instructor/old hand: Be it a powerful wizard teaching spell casting, a veteran of some Royal Guard, or a has been whose skills have faded but can teach a trick or two, this is a source of wisdom, knowledge, and perhaps even power for others including the protagonists. Special note... this mentor also adjusts to fit the setting. If you decide "The Dude" (aka the Abider) is a mentor at your Earthbending temple that you picked as your institution/organization, then boom... The Dude abides AND Earthbends. 3 Options: This can be other characters, other locations, objects of power, or a way to empower folks when the setting won't. (Edit: Special note on options, you may spend an option to reset the ages of any of your picks even if they never appeared in any official work at that age. If they DID appear in a flashback scene or whatever as a younger age, then the option isn't necessary for that particular character. For example, if you want James T. Kirk as a kid, well, at least in one movie he was) Anyone interested? And, any questions? EDIT: I should stress that all picks are exclusive. If you select Dick Grayson from DC comics to join the Musketeers, then all Dick Graysons are off limits for others as are all versions of the Musketeers etc.
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