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Found 3 results

  1. I was reading the rules on Healing and Adjustment Powers, and noticed something odd. Under the general rules about Adjustment Powers, it says Defense Powers: To balance the usefulness of defenses in the HERO System, the effect of any Adjustment Power that increases or decreases any of the following is halved: any Defense Power; the Characteristics CON, DCV, DMCV, PD, ED, REC, END, BODY, and STUN Healing is listed as an Adjustment Power, so would Healing have half effect on BODY? That doesn't sound right, and it contradicts multiple examples in the description of Healing. Suppose a character has 2d6 of Healing that is bought as applying simultaneously to STR, BODY, END, and STUN. If I roll 8 on the dice, does it then heal 8 points of STR, but only 4 points worth of BODY (= 2 BODY), 4 points worth of END (= 8 END), and 4 points worth of STUN (=4 STUN)?
  2. Hey Folks, I am looking for a 3 column template for 6e, but following the 4e 3 column format (i.e. Not including Background or quotes on the first page.). It should have the stats in the proper order, for 6e, and should in most cases, fit on one page with a small sans-serif font (like 4e). It would be nice to include the martial moves , and hit location information, but not necessary. I have tried the Derek Heimforth 3 column and the Compressed 3 column, but the stat orders were messed up and the compressed was missing the STR stat. Any help would be gratefully accepted, and there is no major rush for this, but i wanted something to display as a PDF Character sheet, that was reasonably complete to reference while playing on Table Top Simulator. Not a lot of negative (wasted) space on the sheet, and density is not a problem as long as it remains legible. Thank you in advance.
  3. So, something bothers me with Autofire : using autofire against a single target very much does not increase hit chances, despite the increased volume of fire... So I was wondering, what would break if, let's say... Autofire on a single target gave you a flat -2 OCV for the shots included in the attack but you rolled once for each shot? Instead of the "for each 2 above the enemy's DCV you hit with one more shot", obviously...
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