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  1. Version 1.5


    This is a quick, simple 28-page introduction to the some of the basics of the Hero System, especially as it applies to Fantasy Hero. It attempts to walk a new player through some of the system's principles, showing off why Fantasy Hero is worth digging into, but without getting bogged down in math or rules minutiae. The intended audience is someone new to Hero, especially those coming to Hero from D&D or other class-based fantasy systems. The reader is walked through the basics of character creation, three character examples, a sample combat, and a few other bits.
  2. Version 2.0


    These are my writeups for DC Heroes in 6th Edition Hero System. They are in Microsoft Word format with supporting HDC files. They are the following: Aquaman, Batman, Batwoman, Black Canary*, Blue Beetle*, Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Firestorm, Flash* (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Boodikka, Kyle Rayner, Kilowog, Arisia Rrab*), Huntress, Maxima, Power Girl, Superman, Wonder Woman, Zatanna.* The asterisk indicates HDC file only. Enjoy! 🙂
  3. Here's the link to my write-ups for various DC Heroes for 6th Edition. They are in Excel format with supporting HDC files for the following characters: Aquaman, Batman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Firestorm, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan and Arisia Rrab), Maxima, Power Girl, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Enjoy! 🙂 DC Heroes 6th Edition
  4. After many years playing with 4th Edition, I've finally moved over to 6th edition with a purchase of "Champions Complete". I've also just joined the forum, so I suspect this subject has been covered before (and possibly more than once!) I've got a lot of the old 4E books so I can convert any characters etc that I want to, but which setting books, guides etc do people recommend that I should purchase and why? I should note that due to the distance from a FGS (no local for me!) that they should be PDF available. Any help welcome. PaladinAg
  5. Does anyone know if there is book, article, etc. for 6th Edition (or that I could adapt) that covers advanced hacking/programming such as for a Cyberpunk, Modern, or Near Future setting? If not, any suggestions on how to develop a system that would represent cyber 'Combat'? I'm thinking both Cryptography and Analyze: Network Security as complementary skills, but I am also thinking of perhaps a sort of mini-game element that might add to scenarios where the hacker is running in real time parallel to the 'action heroes' like in the movies. I am not opposed to adapting from another system to Hero if required. Any ideas or suggestions welcome.
  6. DC Heroes 6th Edition View File These are my writeups for DC Heroes in 6th Edition Hero System. They are in Excel format with supporting HDC files. They are the following: Aquaman, Batman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Firestorm, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan and Arisia Rrab), Maxima, Power Girl, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Enjoy! 🙂 Submitter fdw3773 Submitted 11/21/2020 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition  
  7. These are military templates, converted to 6th edition from my "Global Task Force Omega vs. the World Terror Front" Danger International game. I haven't run any of these through Hero Designer, so there may be errors. And there may be straight up military errors as well; feedback and corrections from other prior service members here are welcomed. (The document is here and that's what I'll keep most up to date.) Military Hero Adapted from GTFO vs. WTF. Any errors are mine; any assistance correcting them is appreciated! Stat Blocks Choose one from the spreadsheet. Total Cost: 65 points Skills Everyone gets the Basic Military Template. Basic Military Template 3 Breakfall 3 Climbing 3 Concealment 1 Paramedic 8- 1 Stealth 8- 3 Survival 1 KS: Enemy Forces 8- 2 KS: Theater Operations 11- 2 KS: Military Procedure 11- 2 PS: Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Marine 11- 4 WF: Small Arms, Light Machine Guns, Handheld Grenade Launchers 5 +1 with Ranged Combat Total Cost: 30 The Basic Military Template represents a typical combat-oriented troop, especially one that comes out of US Army basic training or US Marine Corps boot camp. The Background Skills listed above are as follows: KS: Enemy Forces. This refers to the general training military members receive about the forces of countries that are opposed to the US. These will usually refer to Russia, China, North Korea, and various Middle Eastern or Central American countries. Coming out of basic training, a character typically has an 8- in this skill; AIT, A-school, or tech school will move this up to 11-, and will usually specialize in forces based in whatever theater the individual is ultimately assigned to. KS: Theater Operations. This refers to specific operational knowledge of the theater the individual will ultimately be assigned to, and refers as much to unwritten rules and customs as it does to anything learned in a classroom. "FNGs" or "newbies" straight out of secondary training might not have this skill at all, or if they do it will be at 8-. KS: Military Procedure. This includes general knowledge about the military the individual learns in basic and secondary training. It usually refers more specifically to the individual's home service, but most characters will learn a fair amount about other services, especially regarding their officer ranks and when to salute. Any character coming out of secondary training should have this at 11-; most characters will have 11- in this by the time they complete basic training. PS: Soldier/Sailor/Airman/Marine. This represents the character's day to day ability to function as a professionally trained member of their branch. It includes things like drilling/marching, the wearing of the uniform, grooming standards, military bearing, and so forth. Career military members might have this at 12- or 13-. Taking one stat block and the Basic Military Template puts a character at 95 total points. Everyone also gets up to 15 points worth of options from the Personal Skills Template: Personal Skills Template Options: 5 Additional Skill +1 3 One of: Brawling (Talent: +1d6 HA), Additional Skill, or Skill Enhancer 2 KS: _____ (interest or academic study) 11- 2 PS: _____ (hobby or past job skill) 11- 1 One of: Language (1 point) or Weapon Familiarity (choice) 2 Additional Skills or Characteristics (choice) This template is largely optional, and represents skills, knowledges, or abilities the character may have brought with them from their time before enlisting. Sometimes these will prove helpful to the character in their MOS. If the character doesn't take these specific skills, they may spend up to 15 points on similar items, or ignore them entirely. Stopping here leaves the character at 110 points, assuming they spend the full 15 points from the Personal Skills Template. MOS's The most expensive MOS package is the Navy Seal at 45 points, bringing the character to a total of 155 points. Decide how many total points characters will be (150-175, depending on the campaign). Everyone gets at least one MOS. 11B MOS 11B refers to an Army infantryman. In the Army, every soldier is considered infantry at their core; the Basic Military template above refers to a bog standard infantryman. The following MOS templates represent other MOS's that are often assigned to infantry platoons. Armourer/Mechanic Comms Demolitions Expert Driver Heavy Weapons Expert Leadership Marksman Medic Research/Intelligence Armourer/Mechanic 5 Gunsmith +1 5 Mechanic +1 2 +1 to one of the above 3 +1 with Crafting Skills 3 +3 STR (max 20) Total Cost: 18 Comms and/or Hacking 5 Bugging +1 3 Computer Programming 7 Electronics +2 5 Security Systems +1 3 System Operation 2 KS: Electronic Surveillance 2 KS: Radio Communications 11- 3 +1 with Electronics & Security Skills Total cost: 30 Demolitions expert 5 1d6 Luck 7 Demolitions +2 1 Electronics 8- 1 Lockpicking 8- 1 Mechanic 8- 3 PS: EOD 12- 10 +1 Overall Level 3 +3 EGO 3 +1 Enhanced Perception Total cost: 34 Driver 2 Area Knowledge (area of operations) 11- 5 Combat Driving +1 1 Mechanic 8- 3 Navigation 1 PS: Loadmaster 8- 2 TF: Wheeled Military Vehicles, Tracked Military Vehicles, Large Motorized Ground Vehicles, Two-Wheeled Motorized Ground Vehicles (choose two) 5 +1 with Ranged Combat 1 WF: Vehicle Mounted Weapons Total Cost: 20 points Heavy Weapons expert 3 Gunsmith 1 WF: Light Machine Guns 1 WF: Mortars 1 WF: Heavy Machine Guns 5 +1 with Ranged Combat 3 +1 with one of the above 6 +3 STR, +1 PD, +5 END, +2 STUN Total Cost: 20 points Interrogator 3 Interrogation 3 Persuasion 3 Charm 5 Language (4 points plus Literacy) 3 Streetwise 2 PS: Intelligence Collection 11- 4 +1 with Interaction Skills 3 +3 PRE (max 20) 3 Perk: Security Clearance Total Cost: 29 points Medic 4 Paramedic (full skill) +1 2 KS: Anatomy & Physiology 11- 3 KS: Emergency Medical Protocols 12- 3 PS: Diagnosis 12- 2 +1 DEX 6 +3 EGO 4 Movement Skill Levels: +2 with Running Total Cost: 24 points Navy SEAL (combat plus underwater) 20 Commando Training 3 KS: Scuba 3 PS: Scuba Instructor 5 +1 with Ranged Combat 6 +6m Swimming 8 +2 CON, +3 EGO, +1 PD, +5 END, +2 STUN Total Cost: 45 points Pilot 2 Area Knowledge (area of operations) 11- 7 Combat Piloting +2 1 Mechanic 8- 3 Navigation 1 PS: Loadmaster 8- 2 TF: Small Fixed Wing, Large Fixed Wing, Rotary (choose one) 5 +1 with Ranged Combat 1 WF: Vehicle Mounted Weapons 3 Rank (officer) Total Cost: 25 points Research/Intelligence 2 AK: (area of operations) 11- 5 Languages 3 Linguist 3 Scholar 3 Three KS's relating to enemy forces/disposition/techniques at 11- 3 +1 to Perception 3 +3 INT 5 Speed Reading 3 Perk: Security Clearance Total Cost: 30 points Search and Rescue As Medic, plus: 4 +2 to Survival Skill 3 PS: Parachuting 12- 3 +3 STR 2 +2m Running 1 +2m Swimming Total Cost: 13 points Stealth expert 2 +1 to Concealment +1 4 Full Stealth +1 2 WF: Bows/Crossbows 3 +1 with Bows/Crossbows 5 +1 with Ranged Combat 2 +2m Running Total Cost: 18 points Finally, one or more of the following (not MOS's, but official or unofficial additions to any of the above): Leadership 2 PS: Leadership 11- 1 Rank Gym Rat 10 +3 STR, +3 CON, +1 PD, +3 REC Hand-to-hand Combat Expert 5 +1 with Hand-to-hand Combat Lucky 5 1d6 Luck Marksman 6 +2 with a Small Arms weapon group Runner 2 +2m Running 2 +2 REC 4 Movement Skill Levels: +2 with Running Weapons Expert 5 +1 with ranged combat Tough 5 +2 PD, +1 ED, +1 REC, +2 STUN Fast 10 +1 SPD Cool 6 +3 PRE, +3 EGO Primary MOS 5 +1 with Primary MOS Skills MWR Specialist 3 Bureaucratics 3 Charm 3 Streetwise 2 KS: Mixology 2 KS: Who Knows Who 1 PS: Barber, Tailor, or similar 8- (from before service) 3 Well Connected 5 Contacts (MWR = Morale, Welfare, and Recreation. This usually refers to recreational facilities on base, but here it's used as an inside joke to refer to the unit's horse trader, dog robber, wheeler dealer; this person usually ends up serving drinks at parties and giving their buddies emergency haircuts at $5 a pop the night before an inspection.) Complications The military works very hard at weeding out individuals with Complications, especially Physical, Psychological, or Social, that would tend to be disruptive to military discipline and unit cohesion. That's not to say that some don't sneak through, but the character will likely have to work to keep them a secret. All active duty military characters will have the following Complications: Distinctive Features: Uniform, Grooming, Military Bearing (conc.) Hunted: Branch of service (more pow, frequently, NCI, large group, watching) Social Complication: Subject to Orders
  8. This work started it in the early 1990’s with the goal of using Robot Warriors mecha construction and combat rules with 4th edition Champions and the HERO System Rulesbook. It has been updated and enhanced to help you do the same—with any current edition of HERO! Convert Robot Warriors characters to the 4th, 5th, or 6th editions of the HERO System! Use Robot Warriors robot writeups—as is—in current editions! Build new robots using the old rules and take advantage of new rules! Convert robots from Robot Warriors to the Vehicle rules of the HERO edition of your choice! https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/327714/Robot-Warriors-to-HERO-System-Current-Editions Now available as Pay What You Want through DriveThruRPG!
  9. Well I've wrapped up the 4th edition Champions and Strike Force conversions, any others people would like to see from olden Champs days converted to 6th edition? Stuff not in more recent products like Enemies, I mean. OK I'm going to list all the character groups completed in this thread so newcomers can find them easily and not have to dig through the whole thread as it gets bigger and bigger. As I do more stuff, this will expand. Aesisinos from 4th edition Champions BBB Champions of the North 4th edition Zodiac Conspiracy, from the module To Serve And Protect module Ninja Hero 4th edition characters New Knights of the Round Table (part one) Atlas Unleashed module Deathstroke module (characters not covered by rjd59, below) Wings of the Valkyrie module European Enemies by GrandmasterGM Challenges for Champions Champions Presents, interwoven with characters from Watchers of the Dragon Also, here's the other threads containing various write ups by other folks: Crusader, Starburst, and the 4th edition Champions by me - the one that started up this madness for me in the first place Deathstroke by rjd59 The Blood by rjd59 Some Enemies for Hire and Mutant File rebuilds by Dr Mid-Nite Roadkill by rjd59 Several different write ups for The Guardians, the original team featured in the earliest Champions books.
  10. This may have been discussed before but, since nothing came up when I searched, here's something I've been pondering: At this point I think it's fair to say that we are not going to see 6E versions of, say, Lucha Libre Hero or Dark Champions. The economics clearly aren't in favour. In many cases, though, the parts of the 5E books requiring an update are not the bulk of the volume, so they still work as excellent sourcebooks if you don't mind doing a bit of work on the numbers. With that in mind, what about producing update PDFs for older books specifically to bring them in line with the current edition? There's no rewriting, reformatting and reprinting of the originals involved, simply a downloadable document providing updated stats etc. I can't think of an easier way to make old stock relevant again and to open up earlier material for people who aren't really in a position to rejig everything themselves. Does that sound like a reasonable idea, something worth pursuing?
  11. Gauntlet


    Version HERO Designer 6


    When in his mother's womb he was damaging her but his mother would not abort her child. She died 6th months into her pregnancy and her child was taken from her womb after her death and surprised the doctors to find that he was fully grown to a baby and in great health. His father took him in but started blaming him for the death of his wife. As time went on he started drinking and started abusing his child. Eventually when in a angry fit he locked his son in a freezer. The boy found the space becoming unbearable (his power activated and made the space sterile) and started pounding on the door. Getting angry his father got a stick to beat his child and opened the freezer. The child jumped out at him and grabbed his face with his hands. The touch did hurt his father but the father then died of a heart attack. Blaming himself for his father's death the boy ran away and began living homeless. Gauntlet is an NPC that can either be a villain or a friend to the heroes. He has a power that he has no control over, a power that will kill people that he has skin to skin contact with, and this means any person with a cellular structure. Because of this he considers himself to be a monster (and may even be one) and is very protective of the homeless of which he is one as well.
  12. I am currently attempting to create a character based on the world setting in the game Aberrant. I'm not trying to solicit advice on how to do this (though I would be thankful for your input) but one of the things about that game is that it is possible for the characters utilizing the power to be Tainted. Now, I was thinking to have it that if the character used powers over a certain point(50 APs is my go to number for now) then the character must attempt a check to maintain control or receive Taint which I'm attempting to simulate with a Limitation:Side Effect that uses a Transform that risks Transforming the character to gain further aberrations. The powers that have any effect beyond 50APs to partially limited with the side effect in question. Now, I was looking to put the character's powers into a Multipower with an 80 point Reserve but since all the powers would be similarly limited with the Side Effect I was thinking I should partially limit the Multipower itself. Is this allowable? An example image has been provided of a potential writeup.
  13. I was hoping to attempt to simulate a critical hit for a particular attack with the idea that if you hit the attack with either: an 8- or a roll that was 1/2 of what you needed to hit an attack with Whichever is lower You would get some extra dice to add to the damage Meaning if an attacker had an OCV of 5 vs a target with a DCV of 3, you could hit with a 13- so 1/2 of that is 7. Would you allow it? If not, would you allow it if it could do no more damage than the base attack the dice were attached to? What sort of limitation would you give it?
  14. Version 1.0


    Evelyn Patterson has been an ER Medical Doctor for around 5 years. One day when she was on the job a super-fight broke in the hospital. She tried to evacuate everyone she could during the fight. As she was trying to save a child in who was trapped by a steel beam. She was able to get the child loose but not before a huge explosion sent her flying. She ended up landing in the research wing of the medical college next door into the Entomology lab. Where they were experimenting with insect DNA. She knocked into a container of altered cricket DNA and a gene splicing agent. After it splashed all over her infusing with her DNA with insect DNA making her more powerful. In seconds she was transformed and her whole body burned she could think of nothing but wanting to sleep to get away from the burning. She walked out of the lab somehow made it all the way home where she fell on her bed and slept. When she awoke she felt different her senses were sharper she was faster and stronger than she ever was. She didn't know how strong she was and ended up breaking her bathroom to pieces. After a few days of experimenting she found she could leap 3 storey buildings with great ease and pushing it she could jump around 100 meters but when she hits the ground he has a habit of damaging property. Her strength has become incredibly enhanced and can easily lift 800 pounds with ease and when trying she can lift 25 tons she also found she could manipulate sound waves and see in the dark. She spent weeks testing her powers. Evelyn was forced into using them when her best friend came to visit her and they went out to dinner. On their way home, a man pulled a gun on them and threatened them even after giving everything over to the man. The assailant fearing that the two women would describe him to the police and shot at them. Evelyn new heightened reflexes allowed her to instinctively feel the path of the shot and get in the way in time to deflect the shots. Before she knew it she had broken the gun and knocked the man out by punching him through a wall in plain view of her best friend who freaked out and saw that her friend has power. So Evelyn told her everything that happened her best friends eye lit up and said to her "You know what you have to do now right you have to fight crime and be a superhero." They argued for a few days till Evelyn gave up and told her she would do it and her best friend said: "See I knew you would come around and being I knew you would I made you something." Her best friend being a tailor for superhumans made her a costume. Even though the costume is a little to form fitting for Evelyn's taste it does help provide her some more protection then her body already does.
  15. Version Beta2


    Fillable Fantasy Hero Complete Character Sheet. See Changelog for changes to this version.
  16. The original topic about rebuilding the Guardians is now archived and cannot be commented on, but you can find it here. We went through and tried to rebuild a few of the characters from what we knew, and managed to get a few done. Because some of the original Champions players who created the Guardians are now playtesting a new Superhero game called Prowlers and Paragons, and they have printed versions of their first characters in that game set, I've gotten an insight into some of the missing ones. So far, only Dove, Marksman, and Goliath have been posted, but they were missing from our data to recreate them in the other thread. Here's what I came up with for Dove based on that info: I don't have a nifty colored image for this one, but you can see the original Mark Williams art for the character at least. Some of the abilties and builds in P&P aren't exactly clear or certain, so I had to guess but this should be reasonably close.
  17. I was looking over my characters when I reached a character of mine named Psi-kick. She is a combat precog martial arts practitioner with telepathy, but what happens if she ends up in a position where her precognitive foresight shows her very few options. This came up in a roleplay session where Psi-kick was captured by a villain that wanted to test the extent of her combat precognition. She is strapped down and completely immobilized and she can see a display. If she calls out the number that will be shown on that display she can avoid being shocked. The villain then gradually increases the time between when the shock would be delivered and when the display reveals the code to avoid being shocked. I came up with this as she didn't have any other distractions so she could focus on the most immediate threat. Are there any Complications or other comments that might be appropriate for the character?
  18. Hi, M apologies if this has been asked before. I want to build an electrified sword. The character is a storm mage and can 'charge' the weapon with lightning. Here's the thing, it only goes off when hitting someone (linked energy KA) or when the sword is used to block, or is blocked. Is that simply a damage shield with a trigger (with the previously mentioned triggers). Or is it a trigger on the linked KA (with the triggers, when blocked or used to block). It's a high fantasy, anime style game, so it's a bit ridiculous some times.
  19. Dears, I hope this is the right place for this kind of question. One premise: I don't want to put in discussion the effectiveness of the design of the 6th edition but just to know your preferences or your approach. In the creation of a character "martial artist" do you prefer to buy the classic martial maneuvers or do you prefer generate the maneuvers with a power framework? I'm asking this because, from a certain point of view, the martial arts as they are conceived (maneuvers that can cost 4-5 CP) seem something "separated" or not well integrated with the rest of the core rules... In your opinion which is the most satisfying approach? Thanks in advance
  20. 983 downloads

    A large number of low powered heroes (250 Pts; 50 Complications). I created them as I am starting a new game with a number of players who have never played Hero. If you take a look at them please feel free to let me know what you think about them. I feel that they are rather powerful even for low point characters.
  21. Ni'aal Garthan View File The team's token orc, Ni'aal Garthan has the life gift of strength (but don't ask him to do any stealth). He is a MHI character built on 300 character points, 60 complications, and 100 equipment points. Submitter grandmastergm Submitted 11/27/2017 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition
  22. Version 1.0.0


    The team's token orc, Ni'aal Garthan has the life gift of strength (but don't ask him to do any stealth). He is a MHI character built on 300 character points, 60 complications, and 100 equipment points.
  23. Max Covington View File A security guard turned Monster Hunter, Max Covington is a MHI character built on 300 character points, 60 complications, and 100 equipment points. Submitter grandmastergm Submitted 11/27/2017 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition
  24. Version 1.0.0


    A security guard turned Monster Hunter, Max Covington is a MHI character built on 300 character points, 60 complications, and 100 equipment points.
  25. Jake Olsson View File A former MCB Agent and US Army Ranger who serves as a Team Leader with MHI, Bruce Rollins is a MHI character built on 300 character points, 60 complications, and 100 equipment points. Submitter grandmastergm Submitted 11/27/2017 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition
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