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Found 4 results

  1. I think there's a fair amount of interest in seeing old, out-of-print Champions adventures being re-released in 6th edition with some new art, updating to modern day, etc. These are from adventures that I own, there are others which people might want to see rebooted. I don't want to redo To Serve and Protect personally, I think that should be done by Scott Heine.
  2. OK I have a basic idea of a Champions campaign in mind that I'd like to build and write up, but this is a bit more ambitious than just a setting or an adventure. My theory is to build a whole campaign story arc sort of like how Pathfinder has its Adventure Paths. So I want to create a campaign setting and series of related adventures that a group can run through start to finish moving from just starting out to finishing a grand storyline in an epic fashion, growing along the way. In theory that would mean starting new characters, just beginner superheroes, who meet up, learn to work together, form a team, grow as the team building up resources, contacts, and so on, and deal with a growing but uncertain threat. Anyone who watched the superb Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Superheroes animated series has an idea of what I have in mind. This would necessarily require a rather large investment of time and effort, bringing together a series of adventures that move toward the conclusion, but more it would require interwoven storylines that aren't obviously part of the main tale. Sort of like how (too many) TV shows work these days, with each individual episode being its own story, but a larger story carried through from show to show until the end. My theory is that you would have 3 basic plots in each adventure: the Main Story that each adventure moves along even if a small amount; at least one character's Character Story focusing on their background, complications, NPCs, or powers, and most obviously, that adventure's primary plot (the bank robbery, protecting a child from PSI, etc). So each adventure would need not just the basic module of fighting and fun, but the ongoing story and at least a few tips on how to run character stories in this session related to the adventure. I like Aaron Allston's description of various player types (Pro From Dover, etc) in Strike Force, and there are certain character archetypes that could be used too - not their powers, but their type (the wolverine type, the ingenue type, etc) such as was laid out in an Adventurer's Club magazine years ago. With these two tools you could just give a few paragraphs about each: the Ingenue runs into a moral dilemma, the Combat Monster is forced to talk a guy off a ledge, etc. However, this is a huge project with a lot to think about and I have a ton of questions and dilemmas to work out. The initial scenario - or rather the one after the training session - is a major concern. How do you get the team together, what's a good starting point that lends to a natural gathering of supers rather than "well we're all in the campaign, I guess we're a team." The other major headache is the huge overarching plot and villain; what will the big storyline be? It has to end up something truly epic that not only tests the PCs to their limits but gives a very satisfying feeling of "wow we really had to be there and saved the world." So any thoughts or ideas on this would be very welcome because I think this would be a fun and exciting project - one that with all the minds around here we could really build into something special.
  3. What kind of fantasy adventures do you like to play or run? If you had control over what was produced for Fantasy Hero what would you like to see published?
  4. My sons are interested in doing a short Star Hero adventure during their summer break with me as their GM. I'm looking for something in the way of a good setting and adventure for their first foray into HERO. They've played a little D&D, so they get the idea of RPGs, but they're 10 and 12, so I'll be doing their character builds and whatnot (even with HD, it's probably a little much for the 10-year old, at least). I've GM'd D&D and Champions in the past. I'm not adverse to buying PDF content off the HERO games site, but there's not enough to get a feel for the contents. My 12 year-old is familiar with some of the tropes of sci-fi, while both are familiar with the tropes of fantasy and superheroes. Any reviews of the Star HERO content at HERO Games or pointers to some pre-written adventures suitable for beginning heroes?
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