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Found 5 results

  1. Nevermind. I found the following on page 107 of Champions Complete. INCREASED MAXIMUM EFFECT Applies To: Positive Adjustment Powers and Cumulative powers Value: +¼ per doubling Doubles the Power’s maximum effect. Is there a way in Hero 6th Edition to increase the maximum amount you can Aid with the Aid power without increasing the number of dice. For Example: You purchase Aid STR which can aid the character a maximum amount of STR of 18. Is there any advantage you can use to perhaps increase the maximum amount of the Aid to say 36 without increasing the number of dice. The reason is I am looking for a way that a character can aid someone a large amount but can only do it a little at a time, having to use the power multiple times to get a maximum effect.
  2. I've noticed a couple things can happen during Post Segment 12, but I can't find anywhere that explains in what order these things happen. Say I build a Power that Drains Recovery, and I Drain 10 points of Recovery from somebody. Post Segment 12 rolls around, Do they take their Free Recovery then Fade the Drain, or do they Fade the Drain then Take the Free Recovery? I'm sure other things can happen in Post Segment 12 also, how do you decide what order it all happens?
  3. Questions: AID Usable on others Only while touching Delayed Return Rate Expanded Effect (2x Characteristics) "A character with AID may increase of of his or someone else's Characteristics or powers" 1. Usable on Others: Does AID natively have ability to target others? Meaning the character can both target themselves OR (just as easily) target a friendly character with AID without purchasing usable on others? If I take "Usable on Others" with AID, does this mean I can grant someone else the ability to AID themselves or a 3rd Party? Dr. Aid has the power "AID" with "usable on others," modifier He could grant Max Strongman the ability to use AID. Max Strongman could then use AID to grant bonus to an ability to his pal Robo-Ghost. (Max Strongman pays the Endurance cost?) Robo-Ghost benefits from enhanced XX characteristic. Dr. Aid pay nothing in endurance, because he granted the power (via Usable on others) to Max, but didn't "use" it.. 2. AID while Touching: If I wanted to be able to AID others, but only while in physical contact with the Target, what modifiers would I need to add to AID Power? a. Duration = while in physical contact (modifier constant, plus some other modifier?) b. What is the most affordable way to make this happen? c. Is there a better / cheaper alternative that would have similar effects but perhaps not while in contact contact? Possible modifiers: Constant Delayed Return rate Others that should be considered? 4. Delayed Return rate: (Lets assume I were to I purchase delayed return rate: 5 per minute) If I purchase delayed return rate, can I use the power on one character and then use it again the next round on someone else? Now 2 characters are benefiting from the same AID power. On another phase I use AID on yet another character... I can continue this as long as I can pay the Endurance cost? It seems the endurance cost set at the time of use, and independent of the Return rate? So I might pay 5 or 10 endurance to AID/ Boost each target, but then they would stay boosted for a extended period of time... For example: Dr. AID uses AID (5D6) Strength on Max Strongman. (Dr. Aid pays ~4 to 10 endurance depending on modifiers) Max Strongman gains 18 Strength. The return rate is 5 per minute.On his next phase Dr. Aid targets his friend Robo-Ghost with AID + 5d6 Strength. Robo-Ghost gains 16 Strength, return rate 5 per minuteDr. Aid (on some phase) Aids his sidekick the Superfly with 5d6 Strength. (15 points) Dr. Aid has paid 3x endurance cost 3x (over 3 phases) and granted 49 points of strength to 3 separate characters/ targets. These strength bonuses will begin to drop down to 0 at the rate of 5 per minute, but that gives his team time to get the upper hand on evil... EXPANDED EFFECT: If I purchase AID for 5D6 and expanded effect x2 characteristics, then does it provide the full 5d6 to each characteristic? (5D6 to Strength + 5D6 to Con) for instance? Thank you for your help. KC
  4. Just looking for a discussion around this one. Here is the only text I found referencing the combination in 6e, p 346 So in this case, I would be the GM, but I would like the things I am creating to be generally acceptable to the community, understanding that individuals can always adjust to taste. The effect I am after here is an aid that does one of two things: 1. Raises some characteristic(s) for a period (may or may not tick down some, depending on how the return rate is bought) and then suddenly goes away after a fix period. 2. Raises some characteristic for a set period (may or may not tick down some, depending on how the return rate is bought) and then suddenly goes away inside of some window (based on skill roll, random dice roll or other determining factor). In case 1 the expiration is generally a known quantity to the player (I can make you stronger, but it will gradually weaken and then wear off in exactly 20 minutes). In case two the player is dealing with some amount of unknown, from fixed plus random to completely random (The Gods will grant you the strength of 3 men.... but I don't know how long their favor will last). Notes: These generally come in the form of spells or granted abilities from some patron so the GM can easily control which (if any) of them are offered. And is in control of creating or modifying them as needed. Now, after all that, my question. Would you say that Time Limit should be used at it's published values or modified to be off less value? If the latter, what are your thoughts on how and why to adjust? - E
  5. If a character is bestowed power defense with the usable by other advantage and then gets aided by an aid to power defense, if they lose the power defense, do they lose the aid?
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