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Found 5 results

  1. We're still several weeks away from starting a new season, but I wanted to start a new discussion thread since the old one was getting huge and unwieldy. I also wanted to let you guys know that I am thinking about it and the Arena is undergoing reconstruction. There are going to be some big changes. We may lose a few of you as a result. I hope that we don't, but some things really need to change in the structure. For my sanity and yours as well, I hope. In the meantime, be good and don't hurt any orange supercats.
  2. Let's get this show on the road! Here are the round themes and points again for reference. Here we go! ======================================================= Rosters Round 1 Summary bigbywolfe The Thing Steve Power Girl Bazza The Hulk CaptnStrawberry Black Bolt Lady Pariah Thor SKJAM! Nemesis Kid Enforcer84 Big Barda The Rose Godzilla Psybolt Captain America Pariah Carol Danvers BlueCloud2k2 Beta Ray Bill Hermit Nightwing Round 2 Summary bigbywolfe Destroyer (Marlow) Steve Blonde Phantom Bazza Hercules CaptnStrawberry Man Thing Lady Pariah Captain Mar-Vell SKJAM! Wonder Woman (Mendoza) Enforcer84 Hippolyta (Marvel) The Rose Groot Psybolt She-Hulk Pariah Tigra BlueCloud2k2 The Super-Skrull Hermit Hawkeye Round 3 Summary bigbywolfe Sunspot Steve Dream Girl Bazza Martian Manhunter CaptnStrawberry Lobo Lady Pariah Queen Elsa SKJAM! Spider-Girl Enforcer84 Mister Miracle The Rose Nightcrawler Psybolt Squirrel Girl Pariah Marvel Girl BlueCloud2k2 Rogue Hermit Aquaman Round 4 Summary bigbywolfe Black Adam Steve Sinestro Bazza Dr. Doom CaptnStrawberry Emma Frost Lady Pariah Karnilla SKJAM! Magneto Enforcer84 Silver Samurai The Rose Mystique Psybolt Darth Vader Pariah Juggernaut BlueCloud2k2 Mimic Hermit Maxima Round 5 Summary bigbywolfe Hawkgirl Steve Huntress Bazza Batman CaptnStrawberry Misty Knight Lady Pariah Mockingbird SKJAM! War Machine Enforcer84 Tech Jacket The Rose Rocket Raccoon Psybolt Michonne Pariah Goldstar BlueCloud2k2 Larfleeze Hermit Star Sapphire Round 6 Summary bigbywolfe Red Hulk Steve Booster Gold Bazza Black Canary CaptnStrawberry Purple Man Lady Pariah Golden Girl SKJAM! Star Platinum Enforcer84 Sapphire The Rose Scarlet Spider (Kaine) Psybolt Scarlet Witch Pariah Blue Beetle III BlueCloud2k2 Indigo (Brainiac 8) Hermit Black Crow Round 7 Summary bigbywolfe Buttercup Steve The Rocketeer Bazza Plastic Man CaptnStrawberry Groo Lady Pariah Green Arrow SKJAM! Static Enforcer84 Amazing Grace The Rose Hellboy Psybolt The Tick Pariah Elastigirl BlueCloud2k2 Ditto Hermit Mary Marvel Round 8 Summary bigbywolfe Miss Martian Steve Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight) Bazza The Invisible Woman CaptnStrawberry Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) Lady Pariah Saturn Girl SKJAM! Photon Enforcer84 Zatanna The Rose Solomon Grundy Psybolt Ms. Marvel Pariah The Phantom Reporter BlueCloud2k2 Prime Hermit XS .
  3. With season two winding down for me I am starting to think of team themes for next season. Things that I have learned to be great bonuses: When in doubt, go for a cute or sexy female. Fame is far more important than power. Good guys play better than vllains. Points are important but can be hard to gain in the draft. I personly prefer having a theme rather than a random association but it can be hard to have a narrow theme when drafting as it makes snipes a bigger problem. ___ So thinking of the above I want to find a theme that let's me have a good chance next time while satisfying as many of my above observations as I can. To aid in that I thought I would outsource it a bit. Does anyone have any thoughts? My first theme was Japan. My second was monstrous characters. For my third some ideas I have now are: Mind over Magic: Only Science based characters who have advance degrees. Thus characters like the good Dr. Light or Peter Parker. No characters like Doom as he also has magic. Pan Asia Power: Only characters from Asia in general. This should ease my need to find specific matches from as narrow a field as 'Japan'. Villains Unleashed: Only bad guys for each pick. Lots of variety and many power houses but they are limited in their popular support so points will matter a ton. Spring Time of Youth OR New Kids on the Block: The former is only children or youths. The latter is only children or youth who have a pedigree for heroism or villainy. Any other ideas you all have? Or suggestions for how to fill one of those ideas? La Rose.
  4. And so it begins ... Here we go, folks, the game is afoot! First up is Orchid with two selections. Please PM the next person in line when you make your choice. Round two order: Foreign Orchid Psybolt Enforcer84 SKJAM! Steve bigbywolfe Lady Pariah Pariah Psybolt and Enforcer84 both have two keepers, so they won't select in round two. This means SKJAM is after Foreign Orchid. Orchid, the stage is yours ============================================= Points and Rounds
  5. I'm reading Dragons of Autumn Twilight again, and there was a statement made that Raistlin cares only for acquiring power and does not care who he hurts to get it. That, naturally, reminded me of Xykon. Two black-robed mages of the power=power variety. In a head-to-head battle, who would win? Raistlin Majere: Power level at the top of his game just before he challenges Takhisis. He is the master of past and present. Few, if any, magic user on Krynn has commanded the powers of Raistlin. He defeated Fistandantilus in the past and would have defeated Takhisis if he had chosen to continue his fight. While completely ruthless, Raistlin adheres to a strict code of conduct: he repays all debts and protects the disadvantaged and downtrodden. He can also be cruel and will use others to achieve his ends. Neutral(?) Evil. As a wizard of Krynn, Raistlin's magic has to be prepared before hand. However, with his levels, this isn't much of a disadvantage. He will use whatever spell is necessary for the job at hand. Xykon: As he currently is in the OotS, as he has never been stronger. A lich. Not a mage, not a wizard, a sorceror. He didn't crib his magic from "Spell Casting for Dummies"; it's in his bones. He doesn't have to prepare his spell slots at the beginning of the day. He can use any spell in his arsenal as long as he has a spell slot for that level and knows the spell. Xykon is at least 21st level and has cast epic-level magic included maximized 9th-level spells.* He lives up to the stereotypical evil overlord from fantasy and is genuinely cruel and sadistic. He typically avoids finesse for shock and awe. Getting the job done right the first time is his goal. Chaotic evil. *His exact levels and abilities have never been revealed by Burlew as this would hamper him too much in writing.
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