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Found 6 results

  1. After many years playing with 4th Edition, I've finally moved over to 6th edition with a purchase of "Champions Complete". I've also just joined the forum, so I suspect this subject has been covered before (and possibly more than once!) I've got a lot of the old 4E books so I can convert any characters etc that I want to, but which setting books, guides etc do people recommend that I should purchase and why? I should note that due to the distance from a FGS (no local for me!) that they should be PDF available. Any help welcome. PaladinAg
  2. Oh grab. How I love and despise you. As the subject said is there any other move in the game as slanted towards the aggressor as grab, or have I been misinterpreting it? Two str 60 bricks (Gilgamesh and Enkidu!) lock horns. Enkidu goes first and makes his grab check. He hits and immediately rolls his full strength (12d6) vs Gilgamesh's half strength (6d6). Surprising nobody he wins despite a bad roll (10 vs 7). He then gets a free action to crush for 12d6. Gilgamesh is up. He roars and throws his grabber off him, despite the full strength vs strength contest (12 vs 11). Since he didn't double his attacker (and can't) this takes his full phase. Next phase Enkidu attacks again and suceeds (13 vs 4). Crush for another 12d6. At this point Gilgamesh starts headbutting him instead, thankful he spent 5 points on a naked adder that lets him use his strength from Alternate Origin Points ... because he's never staying free. This scenario comes up all the time in my games. A suspicious number of both heroes and villains have a few meters of teleport for some mysterious and totally unrelated reason... What has been anyone else's experience with grab? Does it change how you design things (for good or bad)? Do you have house rules about it (I had grab vs full str for a while but it was rendering the poor telekinetic completely useless against anything even slightly stronger than human maximum)?
  3. Hy everybody, I'm an Italian newbie GM of Champions: Complete and I would have some miscellanea questions about this beautiful RPG: 1) is the handbook "Champions: Powers" compatible with the system "Champions: complete" or some modification is required? 2) In general could I use all the material flagged "6th edition" with "Champions: Complete"? 3) Help needed to understand the best first approach to the system: to start with Marvel/DC well known heroes (like Daredevil, Spiderman ect,) or with completely original and new heroes? Thanks for your collaboration and understanding. Riccardo
  4. SAT Agent Template Cost Ability 5 Autofire Skills: At least one 3 Breakfall 3 Climbing 3 Concelment 10 Defense Maneuver (all) 3 Demolitions 2 KS: The Millitary/Mercnary World: 11- 2 KS: The Terrorist World: 11- 2 KS: The Superhero/Supervillian World: 11- 6 Languages: Two other languages other than English, on a Fluent w/Accent and littery basics 21 Martial Arts: 21 points worth, usaly Comando Training (Hero System Martial Arts page 26) or Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (Hero System Martial Arts page 54) 3 Paramedics 3 Stealth 3 Survival 3 Tactics 3 Teamwork 4 TF: Any four CP worth of Transport Familiatly 2 WF: Small Arms 1 WF: Blades 3 WF: At least three other 1 CP worth WF, or one 1 CP worth and one 2 CP worth WF 2 Fringe Benefit: Concealed Weapions Perment 4 Fringe Benefit: SAT Membership 92 Total Points Complications 15 Hunted by United States Goverment, As Powerful, Very Frenquently, NCI, Watching (Pentigon Generals, SAT Leadership, and above) 15 Hunted by enimies of SAT (VIPER, ARGENT, DEMON, varreous terrorist orginzations, ect, ect,), As Powerful, Frequently, Kill 20 Social Complication: Subject To Orders, Very Frequently, Major 20 Social Complication: Military Code Of Silence (Expected to keep the existance of SAT a secret from anyone non-military, including vareous police ornginzations like PRIMUS and UNTIL, forever), Infrequent, Major I removed Rapid Attack, and reduced Autofire Skill and Martial Arts, but added a floating WF slot (to be used for whatever fits the charater concept). I gave the benifit of a doubth, and added the full cost of all four Defensive Manuvers. I uped the value of the Social Complication: Military Code Of Silence form 15 points to 20, as it is one of the two biggest things about a SAT Agent. And fixed the spelling mistake on 'Subject To Orders' (What The Heck ARE Porders Anyways?).
  5. I've decided vehicles and barriers have to be the bane of any new GM. (Using Champions Complete) Hamster ball number 1: A size one enclosed vehicle - the dreaded power armor. Why is vehicle armor so cheap, and not increased in cost like automatons immune to stun are? The DC cap in the game is 12, and 16 points of hardened and impenetrable PD/ED makes the thing basically indestructible. I understand why the player wanted to go in that direction (aside from avoiding the stun) - he wanted to spend a hundred points on skills and other things and not be at a disadvantage in combat when compared to the other brick, who has ... demolitions and breakfall ... and a vehicle is a stupidly effective way to do so. The vehicle also has flash defense, power defense, and mental defense, and can teleport - he's a long term champions player and has had some savage "GM vs Player" GMs before - so is paranoid that the moment he doesn't have those defenses they'll be exploited, as they always have been. Which is why I straddle the line when I wish he didn't have some of those defenses ... so I could challenge the team (ie 'exploit them'). He can't always be responding to another distress call - the player wants to play the game with his friends, not just be at the same table as them doing his own thing. Hamster ball number 2: A mobile, dismissable, unanchored, fixed shape (globe) barrier with no range. He uses Telekinisis and Mental Blast as his attacks, so being unable to attack through his own barrier isn't a problem. A near literal hamster ball. He didn't go the usual 'highest pd/ed I can afford, 1 body' route - he went 1 pd/ed and as much body as he could afford (because he thought the other way was 'overpowered'). I kind of like this one. Strictly speaking, it's not as effective - it can be burned down by a handful of enemies using submachine guns in a hurry - but he's got some resistant defense underneath to take the edge off of overflow damage before he can recreate the globe, and at speed 6 he's fast enough to put it back up before real harm is done most of the time. Hamster ball number 1 I'm at a loss to challenge in a fight (I can't in good conscience throw Entangles or englobing Barriers with cannot be escaped with Teleport at him every session of his existence, after all). While that's fine (there's more to a game than fighting, and a reason he wanted his skills, contacts, bases, and everything else that was previously 'hindering' his character in a fight) to a certain extent it's making the other brick feel redundant (he joined the group after her), as she is tough as nails but still takes stun damage from max DC attacks and has been overwhelmed and stunned by combined attacks a few times, whereas the suit has never taken body (and has regen 1/turn just in case). (At a loss to challenge in a fight without completely overwhelming the very human pilot within, that is - as a GM it's easy enough to destroy any character ... such as fielding an enemy like Shrinker, with phasing and an affect physical world power who phases through the vehicle into the cockpit and knocks out / kills the pilot. That would get old really fast and is no different than saying 'rocks fall, you die') Hamster ball number 2 I'm just wondering if it's legitimate. I can't see any reason it's not, but again in certain situations (facing down a single supervillain or two using a cap level attack) it nearly completely removes any sense of 'peril' from the enemy (his 'under-armor' is sufficient to make taking body or even stun from any kind of overflow unlikely). Though a 1 pd / 1 end 37 body Barrier did have one unexpected surprise for him one session - Armadillo tunneled through it like it wasn't even there and nearly knocked his block off.
  6. Version 1


    Converting old characters to Champions Complete Writing and Design: Derek Hiemforth Development: Jason Walters Errata Layout: Thomas Rafalski
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