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Found 6 results

  1. I was looking at the books to see if there was a female mastermind-type villain to build a campaign around, and I came back with only only 3.5 choices. Are there really that few canon choices? For the purposes of this exercise, I'm looking for villains likely to run a big scheme that takes multiple adventures to fully stop. Just having a lot of points isn't what I want - Galaxia is strong, but she doesn't have the resources & contacts for a grand scheme. I would also accept a villain team, but that doesn't seem to give me any more choices when sticking to canon. I mean, GRAB has the highest female membership of the teams I can think of, but they're just thieves in it for the money. 1. Istvatha V'han - Yes, but she's a bit too large-scale for my tastes. 2. Gravitar - She's the half I mentioned. Has most of the characteristics, I'm looking for, except that it explicitely says that she's generally not a schemer - she's going to conquer the world with her own two hands, or not at all. 3. The Engineer - My top choice of what I can find. Her biggest let down is the canon write-up says that she under-invests in her infrastructure, so she's a little light on bases and followers to beat up. While I can just give her more, it does deviate from canon... 4. Duchess Henrietta von Drotte - This is a bit of a stretch, but one of the top 5 in VIPER, who is a fabulously wealthy industrialist? She has a lot of the right attributes, but it needs some explaining as to why she's the main target, and not just VIPER. Is that it? I'd like to make sure I've considered all the canon choices before I start gender-flipping or inventing new villains.
  2. Not that anyone here needs a distraction or anything right now, but I have a Champions Universe setting-related quesdtion to put out to the assembled great minds of Herodom assembled. I've got to the point where my teen superheroes are chasing someone or something through the storage area under an old superhero team's trophy hall. (Champions Universe, right now is 2013, the team in question was active in Philadelphia from the late '50s to the late '70s. No-one ever comes down here these days but a part-time caretaker) One level up, you've got the spectacular stuff that everyone sees and maybe even uses, or at least studies. You've got your art deco space ship, your replica Stonehenge, the dead tree that's way more creepy than a dead tree should be. But what's down here? In a museum, the storage area is filled with duplicates, but also the stuff that hasn't been categorised, or is just too weird for public viewing, or that the staff can't really make heads or tails of. Any ideas? Doctor Destroyer's baby pictures? A complete download of Mechanon's operating system on 8" floppies? Something else?
  3. Hey folx! For those of you who know about Storium, or are interested in learning more about this intriguing online gaming platform/method, don't forget that Steve wrote up the Champions Universe as a setting you can choose for it! The art's not all in place yet, but you can still play I believe. Here's what ya do: 1. Head over to https://storium.com/ and log in (or create an account). 2. Click on "Start A Game" 3. Click on "Browse Our Library of Kickstarter worlds." 4. Choose Champions Universe (there are plenty of other cool ones too). Steve's other world, "The Heroes Return," isn't up yet, but keep checkin' back.
  4. Hello, heroes, and Happy New Year! I spent a portion of my end of year time off re-reading my Champions books. I started with the three Villains books and read through Champions Universe when I started to wonder: Have we seen the last Champions book covering the Champions Universe? Like a good comic book, I have been reading about Defender, Grond, Ripper, Black Paladin and a rich tapestry of stories for decades. My intrepid group of second-string heroes have been fighting Doctor Destroyer and Mechanon since the 80's. Occasionally I see Champions supplements in the Hero store or on Kickstarter but nothing in the Champions Universe proper. I'll be honest, the thought of never seeing another Champions U story makes me a little sad.
  5. I was surprised to discover that the PDF of the Champions Universe setting source book for HERO Fifth Edition is still on sale in the Hero Games website store: http://www.herogames.com/forums/store/product/495-champions-universe-5th-ed-pdf/ While this book has for the most part been superceded by the Sixth Edition volume of the same name, the 5E version contains material which has not been reprinted since. This includes full write-ups for official NPC heroes: the first Black Mask; Captain Patriot, America's first superhero; the third and still-active MeteorMan; Shugoshin; Stalwart; and Binary Man. There are also write-ups of the Silver Age villain, Dr. Macabre; and the IHA's Minuteman mutant-hunting robot. The book describes the small town of Haynesville, Kansas, the unlikely nexus for significant super-related events. It also features a short adventure, Return Of The Destroyer, the original reintroduction of Dr. Destroyer to the setting after his post-Battle of Detroit hiatus. There are a few maps showing the locations of most of the fictional countries on Champions Earth, and various alien civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy. Aside from some artwork, the rest of CU 5E's contents are reproduced elsewhere, but the above are unique to this book.
  6. Giant brains of Herodom Assemble! For my own amusement, I am about to start in on a fourth Champions Universe serialised "Oh my God, what kind of amateur would call that a novel?" So, I'm brainstorming. i) The Setting: Tatammy High, a highschool with a secret superhero programme in an underground annex. It's in one of those pre-WWI "tram suburbs" that I assume they have in West Philadelphia. (I made a very dumb choice of setting, as I don't know West Philadelphia from a hole in the ground. Hints from people who do would be awesome.) Three members of the faculty are either retired Silver Age superheroes or similar, and teach about 30 kids. ii) The Protagonists: the incoming 9th grade: Kung fu princess/orphan Charlotte Wong, speedster/cyberpath/refugee from a dark, postapocalyptic future, Rose; magic girl/feisty Latina/nerdy principal's daughter, Dora Guzman, and totally, like immature boys Bruce (latest grandson of the Hobgoblin, progenitor of a long dynasty of local Batman-imitator family), Brian (dark, moody recipient of half-understood ancient Elvish wild magic), and Twelve (escaped superclone project of Teleios. Thinks that individualism is a sickness of the modern American condition. "I'm a number, not a name!") iii) The major adventure milieu is going to be Babylon, City of Art and Man. The quest is going to be a foray into the Library of Babylon in search of information about the lost sword Auralia, Light of Dawn, Bane of Times A-Gone. iv) So the basic concept is junior high school students going downtown to the library to research, hang out, flirt, gossip, only turned up to 11. I have some idea of what I want to include street racing in the City of Man; creepy graduate student carrels deep in crumbling wings; ancient eugenic experiments coming to horrifying fruition; the gathering menace of Powerful Forces; dark magic of worm yellow and shining darkness. That kind of stuff. The question I have, after this wall of words, what kind of things would you like to see in the City of Man, or its library in particular?
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