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Found 19 results

  1. Background: Kindly old Doctor Coffin owns the Mortimer chain of funeral homes in Hollywood. But he is secretly Del Manning, Hollywood actor and the man of 500 faces who has faked his own death so that he can now act freely to solve crimes. His first few adventures follow a familiar pattern - someone is killed in Hollywood, Doctor Coffin makes himself up as the victim and terrifies the guilty into confessing. In later stories he travels to New York to battle such criminals as The Monster of Manhattan and The Chicken King. Personality: When he lived as Del Manning, he avoided the Hollywood social scene, preferring the company of ‘living dead people,’ people whom society had cast aside; the hunchback Shorty, Madame Jane with the figure and voice of an angel but who wears a mask due to the failed work of a plastic surgeon, etc… Tod Browning’s Freaks had come out in 1932 and the author probably wanted to capture some of the film’s shock value in his stories. This supporting cast is mostly dropped after the first few stories and the concept isn’t developed further. Abilities: Doctor Coffin is an extremely talented actor and makeup artist, as well as an accomplished mimic and is skilled in throwing his voice. For his Tiger Claw abilitiy: “...before Kay was half-way to his draw, Doctor Coffin shot out his left - quick and hooked like a tiger’s claw - and pinched a cord in Kay’s neck. A curious grip - one that could not be shaken off, causing a sort of paralysis… pulled him up by that grip on his neck… Kay was snaked through the room to a back door.” Basically Doc has someone in a grab, and uses his casual strength to maneuver the bad guy through a saloon, so that’s the effect I was going for. Appearance: As Doctor Coffin he resembles a middle aged man, in old fashioned black clothes with a gray beard and mustache, resembling a country minister. In later stories the bad guys being to refer to him as Skullface, because “there was something about his shadowed eyes and lean, strong jaws to suggest the face of a skull.” Presumably he isn’t in his Doctor Coffin guise, but beyond the above his appearance is not described. Limitations: “Why do you think I’ve been playing freak parts ever since I came onto the scene? Did you ever see my photograph so you’d recognize me? I’m the most photographed man in the world. Yet no one, except a few of you old-timers, know what I look like.” Sounds like no need to hide his identity. On the other hand, he makes a big deal of faking his own death. On the other, other hand, he routinely implies to his contacts as well as those he is helping that Del Manning isn’t really dead. The whole thing is just poorly thought through, even for the pulps. I decided to give Doctor Coffin a social complication as most of the narrative seems to support that. Enemies: Doctor Coffin has no recurring villains, they’re all one and done. Aside from crooked studio executives and rather generic mobsters he faced: The Monster of Manhattan - a brilliant scientist who suffers brain damage and becomes criminally insane. He plans to blow up Radio City Music Hall with a hand-held atom bomb of his own design unless the world’s pre-eminient scientist agrees to have his brain placed in the monster’s head, in order that the monster will have a working brain. The Chicken King - a racketeer that wants to take over the poultry industry. I mean, his nom du crime isn’t going to scare anyone, but he has a solid achievable goal. Bibliography: The Doctor Coffin stories ran in Thrilling Detective magazine, from 1932 to 1933, and were written by former screenwriter Perley Poore Sheehan. Eight of these stories are collected here: Doctor Coffin: The Living Dead Man (Thrilling Detective Stories) And one that is not collected in the above book is here: Thrilling Detective v07 n02 [1933-08] (page 81) Content warning: these stories contain some racist depictions and slurs. doc_coffin.pdf
  2. Hi, Everyone! I've been revising/converting my 4th and 5th Edition stuff to 6th Edition as an on-again/off-again project and have trying to come up with a simplified format for characters. I modified a previous template to make it resemble what's published from Hero Designer but can fit on one page. Below is an example of a Power Girl write-up for your feedback in terms of presentation. While quite a bit resource intensive when I commit to printing, I think the final product looks sharp and more importantly, easy to follow for players showing up to my game table to play Champions since it lays out everything in a clean format. Thanks for your help (in advance)! 🙂
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is an updated character sheet template that I developed for Champions, 6th Edition. It's in Microsoft Word format, making it easy to edit and print out.
  4. Doc Fate! from DC's The Multiversity: Society of Super-heroes. (2014) Doc Fate is a mashup of Doc Savage and Doctor Fate, who forms the Society of Super-heroes to repel the Conquerors from the Counter Earth. Lots of pulpy goodness here, scripted by Grant Morrison and drawn by Chris Sprouse. Powers and skills: Drawing from Doc Savage and Doctor Fate, Doc Fate could have just about skill, and plenty of spells, but I tried to list only what was shown in one short comic. Like, we know Doc Fate has low blow because he kicks Felix Faust in the junk: also he likes to carry two guns, so I gave him ambidextrous. He is an actual medical doctor, and can cast a spell to open a portal, allowing him to teleport over an unspecified distance: He does seem to know a few other spells, but it isn't really clear what the effects are. Also, I did not include his bases that are briefly shown, his windowless black skyscraper in manhattan - mixing Doc's office in the Empire State building the Fate's tower in Arkham. Doc Fate also has an 'Impregnable Fortress' somewhere that resembles a meso-american pyramid, moving the Fortress of Solitude to Central America perhaps? Disads: "I'm aware of my reputation as a devil worshipper in some quarters..." Seems awfully specific, but okay. Also, he is being hunted by the forces of Vandal Savage in the last half of the story. Doc Fate : Val Char Cost 15 STR 5 18 DEX 24 15 CON 10 14 BODY 8 20 INT 10 18 EGO 16 28 PRE 8 14 COM 2 6 PD 3 3 ED 0 4 SPD 12 6 REC 0 30 END 0 30 STUN 0 6" RUN 0 2" SWIM 0 3" LEAP 0 Characteristics Cost: 98 Cost Power END 18 The Gate of Fate: Teleportation 5", Usable By Other (+1/4), Area Of Effect (One Hex; +1/2*), Continuous (+1), MegaScale (1" = 1,000 km; +1), Can Be Scaled Down 1" = 1km (+1/4) (40 Active Points); Gate (-1/2), Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2), Incantations (-1/4) 4 8 Unimpressed: +10 PRE (7pts over normal characteristic maxima) (17 Active Points); only vs fear presence attacks Power loses about half of its effectiveness (-1) Powers Cost: 26 Cost Martial Arts Maneuver Brawling 5 1) Roundhouse Punch: 1/2 Phase, -2 OCV, +1 DCV, 7d6 Strike 4 2) Punch: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +2 DCV, 5d6 Strike 4 3) Block: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +2 DCV, Block, Abort 4 4) Low Blow: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, +1 DCV, 2d6 NND 4 5) Disarm: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, +1 DCV, Disarm; 25 STR to Disarm Martial Arts Cost: 21 Cost Skill 3 Paramedics 13- 3 KS: The Occult 13- 3 Inventor 13- 3 PS: Doctor 13- 8 +1 with All Combat Skills Cost: 20 Cost Perk 6 Money: Wealthy 1 Fringe Benefit: License to practice Medicine Perks Cost: 7 Cost Talent 3 Ambidexterity (-2 Off Hand penalty) Talents Cost: 3 Val Disadvantages 0 Normal Characteristic Maxima 15 Reputation: Satanist, 14- (Extreme; Known Only To A Small Group) 20 Hunted: Vandal Savage 14- (As Pow; Harshly Punish) 15 Social Limitation: Secret ID (Frequently; Major) 25 Hero Bonus Disadvantage Points: 75Base Points: 100 Total Character Cost: 175
  5. Version 1.0.2


    This sheet has form fields! The lined areas are multi-line text fields that allow for rich text formatting. The printed lines were removed to accommodate the text fields. This is a 3 page character sheet I whipped up for HERO 6th Edition. Here is a summary of the pages; Profile - characteristics, movement, senses, points, perks and talents and finally complications. All skills and powers / equipment. Combat profile - vitals tracking, to-hit chart, defenses, combat values, references and maneuvers. Design goals; I wanted a sheet that was more "newb" friendly. So I tried to include the full names of characteristics with abbreviations. I also wanted it to be easier on ink, hence the various watermarks. I also like my personal info at the top of the first sheet. I feel this approach makes it easier to use. During social or interpersonal scenes, you can have sheet 1 and sheet 2 face up. During combat, you can have sheets 2 and 3 face up. This allows for 2 sheets face up side-by-side depending on the focus of the "scene".
  6. Version 1.0.2


    This is a 3 page character sheet I whipped up for HERO 6th Edition. Here is a summary of the pages; Profile - characteristics, movement, senses, points, perks and talents and finally complications. All skills and powers / equipment. Combat profile - vitals tracking, to-hit chart, defenses, combat values, references and maneuvers. Design goals; I wanted a sheet that was more "newb" friendly. So I tried to include the full names of characteristics with abbreviations. I also wanted it to be easier on ink, hence the various watermarks. I also like my personal info at the top of the first sheet. I feel this approach makes it easier to use. During social or interpersonal scenes, you can have sheet 1 and sheet 2 face up. During combat, you can have sheets 2 and 3 face up. This allows for 2 sheets face up side-by-side depending on the focus of the "scene".
  7. I'm looking for two good 5th Edition Champions character sheets that are fillable ones with no calculations or other "aids". The first is just a standard sheet for a Champions character that is fillable The second is a stripped sheet that has zero, none, no points or multiples on the sheet. Just the end values needed for actual play. A very no frills sheet. Anyone know of any? All of the forum threads I could located were archived and the attachment links were broken. Thanks in advance
  8. Greetings Fellows, I'm an old school 4th/5th edition player who left for a decade and I'm returning and I have convinced my 5th Edition D&D players to try out the Hero Mechanics. I'm looking for the following: 1) A 6th edition Form Fillable PDF tailored for Fantasy Hero Character Sheet 2) DM Screen in both Portrait and Horizontal mode. In addition I'm attempting to take the taxonomy from D&D 5th edition and translate it as closely as possible to Hero 6th edition mechanics. My goal is that a D&D player could walk into my group and be handed a character sheet with D&D terms and feel comfortable. For example if the Rogue says I'd like to take my uncanny dodge action I would in turn just say OK and handle the mechanics on my end with my cheat sheet and just give the player the target number to roll on 3d6. The same kind of thing is true for something like a Saving Throw. While these two mechanics don't have a clear mechanic in the world of Hero 6th Edition I want to keep the look and feel there but just use the Hero Mechanics instead. I've read the Killer Shrike Blog fairly heavily and I've taken a lot of inspiration from there. Can someone help me begin my journey and help me find the GM screen and Character Sheet? If you've gone done a similar road in converting D&D players please share any tips/tricks, or examples of things like how you converted the spells to match the thematic of the D&D flavor. Thanks in advance.
  9. Can anyone point me to a write-up/character sheet for a combat vet, ex-military, private security, trained PMC type of character? I'm just looking for alternative takes on the kind of stats and skill sets one might expect to see... of if there is a certain 6th Ed Hero product that has those write-ups in it? Thanks!
  10. Hullo gang been a bit. My group is getting ready to relaunch our old game & we are trying to find some of the old resource sheets from 3rd. Mainly the Character Bio Sheet. I've scoured the nooks & crannies of the Web and no luck. I was hoping maybe someone had copies here. I appreciate any help.
  11. 2,014 downloads

    form fillable 6e character sheet (pdf) Not sure who created this but I noticed it was not in the current download section. Enjoy. HM
  12. 774 downloads

    This is an editable character sheet for 5th edition, built in Excel to resemble the original sheet in form and function as much as possible. There are a few calculated values built into the sheet, which are protected, but it still allows for most areas to be edited by the user.
  13. I was looking for images on the web of the 2nd edition character sheets because I did not want to remove them from my book. I found topics here an other forums where no one seemed to be able to find them. I decided this morning that I would remove them from the centre of the book and scan them so that everyone would have them to use. I love Champions 1,2,3 books, and the 2nd edition. I never found a reason to go beyond this in the Champions game.. just like people have found their fav version of D&D.. so this is mine for Champions. I now get to play this game again with my 10 year old son.. my last son. The last time I played it was with my now 21y old stepson. So as you can see this game has a special place for me. Imagination is king in life I think, and nothing brings out the kid in you more than Superhero fun. James In the Misc. section of the downloads you will find the file Champshts - this contains all 8 sheets.
  14. Version 1.1


    This spreadsheet presents a possibility for tracking serious injuries in Heroic campaigns, with a suggested extra sheet for tracking injuries. It includes the ideas presented in 6E2 (incapacitation, disabling and destruction of a body part).
  15. OK based on some ideas by people such as Teh Ebil Bunneh and others, I've been working on a super simplified Champions character sheet. The idea is to present a stripped down, basic sheet with only the basics for new players to use. There are no point values, everything is trimmed down to its simplest form. Powers and other abilities are listed in a basic format with only the most critical information. Attack maneuvers are listed as a skill roll (using the OCV+11-3d6 roll formula to result in a x or less roll), and complications are listed simply and some are referred to as "quirks" that are intended to help the player run that character. The Quirks also give personality and background information for easier role play. I've color coded various parts of the sheet so the GM can help people find things "Your OCV is in the bottom of the red section!" In the end, it looks like this when filled out (in this case with a classic villain Brick, who was the origin of the "tough guy with strength" archetype for Champions: This is intended for beginners, to help them get used to the character, but it would work well for convention games as well. If I were to publish a Champions boxed set, it would include 10 or 15 of these printed out in various basic and familiar archetypes, at least some highly suggestive of familiar and well-liked established superheroes. Attached is the blank pdf for printout if desired. CharacterSheet.pdf
  16. 115 downloads

    This is an alternative way of presenting character information.
  17. Version 1.0


    A couple of quick and easy Hero Sheet templates, one is a full page sheet, the other is formatted to a 2 column setting for a more 'rule book' feel. My first uploads I guess, didn't see anything like this on here yet.
  18. Version First


    Not a lot of people use pencil and paper to fill out character sheets those days, but for those who want that nostalgic feel and enjoy the fun of filling out a sheet, here's a mockup of the old 4th edition character sheet updated for 6th edition.
  19. Hi All, I'm a newbie to the Hero System, mostly intrigued by it as a contrast to more "light-weight," games, such as HeroQuest and Fate. I also happen to be totally blind, and thus depend primarily on my Mac and iOS devices for digesting rules and information in general. I was wondering if any alternative formats for the character sheet, for instance, exist? MS Excel on the Mac is not accessible at all, and Numbers seems to dislike some of the formulas in the 6E sheet I downloaded from the resources section. Hero Designer is not accessible either. PDF, in general, produces a sub-par accessibility experience, certainly on OS X. So I'm wondering how much work has been done to present the material in alternate formats? Something like a Word document would be ideal. I have a friend who has been willing to convert other RPG systems into formats I can handle, most recently GURPS, but Hero is large enough I'm hesitant to ask how much he'd charge. Any thoughts on this general topic would be appreciated. Thanks much for input
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