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Found 53 results

  1. You have a High Magic Campaign where Common magics for NPCs are Shrinking & Growth (10 inches to 4 Meters), teleportation once a day up to 40 meters, and invisibility once a day. How would you defend your homes, castiles, lands, country, etc. from thieves, soldiers, etc. that would be invading, breaking in, etc? What kind of traps would you build? What type of magics would you place to keep things safe? Thanks for the ideas and help.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simplified version of the 6th edition Fantasy HERO Complete rules and is intended for players new to HERO System. It assumes no knowledge of the main rules set, but is playable straight out of the box. To keep things simple this document doesn't use all of the rules as presented in Fantasy HERO Complete, and simplifies others. For example the character creation guidelines use pre-generated templates that can be mixed and matched to create characters. The list of available skills has been reduced, with some skills being rolled into others. It also includes a simple magic system, with lists of spells available for characters, as well as lists of equipment and weapons. All the spells and other templates have been created using, and are compatible with, the rules as presented in Fantasy HERO Complete. I hope you find it a useful introduction to the HERO system.
  3. I haven't seen this yet. Bundle of Holding is offering two more HERO System bundles! Fantasy Hero 4E & 5E Essentials includes in its Core Collection Fantasy Hero for 5e, Fantasy Hero Grimoire I and II, Monsters, Minions and Marauders, and HERO System Sidekick, all for 5th edition; adding the Bonus Collection gives you Fantasy Hero for 4e, the Fantasy Hero Companions I and II for 4e, Asian Bestiary I and II (5e), Fantasy Hero Battlegrounds, and Map Archive I for Martial Arts and Fantasy. Fantasy Hero Settings includes in the Core Collection Urban Fantasy Hero, Nobles, Knights, and Necromancers, The Book of Dragons, and Enchanted Items; the Bonus Collection includes The Turakian Age, The Valdorian Age, The Atlantean Age, and Tuala Morn. Ten percent of each payment (after payment gateway fees) for these two Fantasy Hero offers will be evenly split between the two charities designated by Jason Walters of Hero Games, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Down Home Ranch. Thanks Jason!
  4. Version 1.3


    This is a quick, simple 28-page introduction to the some of the basics of the Hero System, especially as it applies to Fantasy Hero. It attempts to walk a new player through some of the system's principles, showing off why Fantasy Hero is worth digging into, but without getting bogged down in math or rules minutiae. The intended audience is someone new to Hero, especially those coming to Hero from D&D or other class-based fantasy systems. The reader is walked through the basics of character creation, three character examples, a sample combat, and a few other bits.
  5. Has anyone run or played in Fantasy Hero scenarios where the point is to investigate a crashed starship or other science fictional elements? If so how did it go? What source materials did you use?
  6. D&D Beyond Like Tool for Hero Games or something like the Beyond Tool Is there an online website/service that provides something like the Online Character Tools with mouse hover links to more details about the object under the mouse. I've been using the D&D Beyond tool for the last year and my players really like the tool. Is there something similar to that for players and GM's in the Champions/Heroes rules set? It doesn't have to be an all inclusive tool but I'd definitely like something for the following: Online Character Sheet Campaign Notes Rules lookup or maybe a place to store and access PDF's. Bonus Points if there is some kind of tool to manage/store/present maps with Grid/Hex overlay options.
  7. Greetings Fellows, I'm an old school 4th/5th edition player who left for a decade and I'm returning and I have convinced my 5th Edition D&D players to try out the Hero Mechanics. I'm looking for the following: 1) A 6th edition Form Fillable PDF tailored for Fantasy Hero Character Sheet 2) DM Screen in both Portrait and Horizontal mode. In addition I'm attempting to take the taxonomy from D&D 5th edition and translate it as closely as possible to Hero 6th edition mechanics. My goal is that a D&D player could walk into my group and be handed a character sheet with D&D terms and feel comfortable. For example if the Rogue says I'd like to take my uncanny dodge action I would in turn just say OK and handle the mechanics on my end with my cheat sheet and just give the player the target number to roll on 3d6. The same kind of thing is true for something like a Saving Throw. While these two mechanics don't have a clear mechanic in the world of Hero 6th Edition I want to keep the look and feel there but just use the Hero Mechanics instead. I've read the Killer Shrike Blog fairly heavily and I've taken a lot of inspiration from there. Can someone help me begin my journey and help me find the GM screen and Character Sheet? If you've gone done a similar road in converting D&D players please share any tips/tricks, or examples of things like how you converted the spells to match the thematic of the D&D flavor. Thanks in advance.
  8. Version Beta2


    Fillable Fantasy Hero Complete Character Sheet. See Changelog for changes to this version.
  9. Does anyone run, or play in, games where ambient mana levels make a difference to spellcasting? I'm curious as to how you do it. I wrote something up a long time ago on the subject, and if I can find it I'll post it somewhere. I'd like to see what other people do. Edit to add: I found it at archive.org; it's pretty embarrassingly bad, so I'm not actually going to post it anywhere.
  10. Hello folks, After a long absence here because of a serious medical emergency, and a very looooooong hospital stay, I am back. This same emergency, somewhat resolved, has forcibly retired me, giving me a lot of free time. In that free time I have been with a group on Roll20.net happily playing games on weekends. Discussions with a friend, and a few players, motivated me, to take the remains fo a failed comic idea from a few years ago, and use the ideas for a Fantasy Race. So I floated the idea to the other players, and managed to make them work in Pathfinder (1), and and D&D5e. The results worked better than expected and they became an appealing choice for several of the players in both game systems. The race were "The Lupines" , a race of "beast men" based on Wolves, though their origins were obscure. We had Lupine Barbarians, Magic Users, a unique rogue, and a rather successful Paladin. Discussions lead to the possibility of making this an RPG book, with the stats a bit of write up in each system, and including example characters. Well, my first love is the Herosystem, and I wanted to include Hero stats. his leads me to some questions for those that are Herosystem experts. The current idea is to put the states and write ups for each system in their own sections, For ther Hero Section( and for prospective players), what would be most useful in a book that details a fantasy race? My deepest familiarity in the Herosystem myself, is The Big Blue Book, and before. I may own 5th edition, but it was at the tail end of my old Gaming period ( that ended in 1996) and I don't think I ever used the books. 6th Edition came out and faded from store shelves before I came to Revisit the table top hobby. Would it be acceptable to release the racial package deals in BBB format? What point levels are people mostly playing Fantasy Hero these days? In general most "racial Package Deals". would be 0-5 points, with cultural package deals around 10-15 points, or so. Other than a general descriptive text, what else would people like? We have had some successful PCs and those might become example characters (and NPCs). If so, How many? the page look, layout and formatting of Pathfinder and D&D are known and often generally dupicated for effect on Imgur, and Deviantart. These tend to be specific fonts, backgrounds and "painted" art. On the pages for D&D5e and Pathfinder, I will follow the "look" of the parent systems. That means full color digital paintings of the NPCs and example. What format for Herosystem should I follow? As it was in print in 1995? Is there a preferred formatting for the "current year"? Should I go full color? The Objective is a high quality, though probably not very long PDF. If I wanted to charge for it: Should I?, If so, How much? ($12.00 US too much?). And if I finish this PDF, what sort of distribution is there available? I have heard of Drivethrough RPG, but have never shopped there. Any hints? Hopefully my co-author, and myself will be able to put out an attractive package for Hero as well as other systems. We may use this as the cover, depicting the previous mentioned Paladin.
  11. I'm in the (very slow) process of designing a setting for Fantasy Hero and one of the things I'm including is different fighting styles for different regions. For instance, a traditional early middle ages land might have warriors wearing chain armor or the equivalent and trained mostly in sword and shield, while another region might have developed a fighting style based on lighter armor and using a long weapon in the primary hand and a shorter one in the off hand and so on. The issue I'm facing is that I've always disliked how HERO automatically uses martial maneuvers to build fighting styles. I think it works fine for "traditional" martial arts but for something like a sword and shield style I've always wondered why not just buy bonuses to the regular combat maneuvers along with designing things like a "shield bash" attack. Other than the martial maneuvers giving a cost break, combining several bonuses (and sometimes a penalty) to a single maneuver and allowing the purchase of damage classes, all of which result in a lower cost than buying all of those individually, I don't see a compelling reason for me not to design the styles without using Martial Maneuvers. For instance a character might buy +3 OCV Only to Block with Sword or the like. So am I right? Does doing it my way mean the ability to create more customization by modifying existing maneuvers with the only drawback being that it costs more points? Thoughts? Comments? Observations? Thanks.
  12. Norfressa Fro Wizards View File updated: Removed typo to print appearance twice Submitter dlapine Submitted 06/04/2018 Category Export Formats Output Format HTML (Browser) Rules Version HERO System 5th Edition  
  13. Version 5.0.2


    updated: Removed typo to print appearance twice
  14. Norfressa For Wizards View File 4 page Template for Fantasy Hero 5th edition. Based on the default template. Designed for two-sided printing. Prints the real costs for items in a VPP, so that spell casters can immediately see what real points each slot is using. Includes point totals for each section in the header and Total Equipment costs in SP Includes a PSL section in the combat summary Pg1 Characteristics/combat tables Pg2 Skills/Powers Pg3 Martial Arts/Perks/Talents Pg4 Disads/Equipment NOTE: use the first 2 lines of skills for PSL or leave them blank! The template will print the first two skills as PSL's Submitter dlapine Submitted 06/04/2018 Category Export Formats Output Format HTML (Browser) Rules Version HERO System 5th Edition  
  15. Version 5.0.1


    4 page Template for Fantasy Hero 5th edition. Based on the default template. Designed for two-sided printing. Prints the real costs for items in a VPP, so that spell casters can immediately see what real points each slot is using. Includes point totals for each section in the header and Total Equipment costs in SP Includes a PSL section in the combat summary Pg1 Characteristics/combat tables Pg2 Skills/Powers Pg3 Martial Arts/Perks/Talents Pg4 Disads/Equipment NOTE: use the first 2 lines of skills for PSL or leave them blank! The template will print the first two skills as PSL's
  16. 56 downloads

    A clear and thorough PDF reference guide to the setting detailed in Hero Games' Tuala Morn fantasy world setting source book, combining the functions of index and glossary. Previously offered for free on the HG website.
  17. Version 1


    This is for campaigns where the point cost of the spell to the character is not the "correct" real cost. Example: The actual real cost of a spell is 30 real point (100 active cost). If, in the campaign, all spells cost 3 characters points then when the character buys this new spell then the spell from this prefab is added to the regular character sheet to reflect/track the expenditure of 3 character points. A second character sheet/HD file is used to track the actual spell and mechanical information (power, limitations, advantages, etc) plus END cost. Designed for 5e and 6e, This is a list of the spells names from the Hero System Grimoire I. They have been converted to 3 point Custom Powers and POWER skills for campaigns that treat spells as either individual skills or charge a fixed cost for each spell. These default to treat all spells skills as INT based and all CUSTOM POWER spells as 3 point spells. Instructions are included that hopefully make it easy to change the skill base characteristics and point costs in mass. You will still need the Hero Designer Grimoire I HD pack and/or Grimoire I book for the mechanics/descriptions of the spells.
  18. Version 1.2


    I could not find a Prefab for Fantasy Hero money, so I decided to create one for my Hyborian Era campaign. I found a table online listing different currencies for the Hyborian Kingdoms, so I made some modifications and created this Prefab. So far, the Prefab has currencies for Aquilonia, Corinthia, Argos, and Stygia. Listed for each coin: Official Name, Common Name, Conversion Value to Silver Pieces, and Engraving. Weights are included in the statistics. I will be uploading future versions which will include currencies for additional Kingdoms. Feel free to modify this for your own campaign.
  19. Version 1


    A black/white world map - this is as high a resolution as I have. I have been working on overlaying the colour versions of the map but the scales are different - perhaps the source files will be able to allow someone to do this - I don't have Adobe Illustrator nor Photoshop.
  20. Version 1


    This is a zip of the TIF files used in the book itself.
  21. 129 downloads

    This file contains the conversion I did of Skyrim's spells into Hero 6th edition. Included is the Hero Designer files for each level of mastery for the spells.
  22. Version 1.3


    This Export Formats should be used to create output similar to the Summary Format from Legendsmiths's Narosia: Sea of Tears game. The export places Sensory Powers, Attack Powers, and Defense Powers in the appropriate categories, but then repeats them in the Additional Powers and Addtional Equipment section — you will need to edit/delete the duplicates. The format does recognized "CARRIED" items and will only list carried items in the Sensory, Offense, or Defense sections. I've uploaded 2 sample files. The first is the raw output. There are always some things that you will want to clean up, or rearrange. This can be accomplished quickly, and you can see that even 30 seconds of rearranging can get you to the layout you want. Especially with multipowers, VPPs, equipment, etc, there just is no right way to automatically arrange all the things. HD's handling of images limits support of images to JPEGs. Additionally, image size definition from HD is in pixels while RTF requires twips and there is no way that I have discovered to perform the necessary x15 conversion to get the dimensions right. However, the image is output onto a single page for various reasons and as part of the post output touch-up can simply be resized. Pages 1-2 actually work well as a vertical "tent" of sorts. If printed double-sided, fold it in half and place the image side towards the other players. That leaves pages 3-4 as the character reference sheet and puts the character's Complications front and center. Shields, and multipowers in general, are impossible to put into the proper categories. I probably spent way too much time fiddling with REGEX to try and get the Shield to fall under Defenses on its own and I just can't do it reliably. Only those Powers not listed elsewhere (PERCEPTION, MOVEMENT, DEFENSE, OFFENSE) are listed here. For Narosia, this works out pretty well and keeps the sheet clean. Equipment is listed in a summary and a complete format. Delete the one you don't want. Weapons and Armor should show up under Offense and Defense, as well as magic items related to Senses and Movement. The complete Shield output in MP style is included as well so you can just copy/past it under Defense (the only solution I could come up with). Skill levels are another tricky beast that I decided it wasn't worth the potential errors in logic to try and solve. Combat-related levels show up under offense but then get duplicated under Skills. Delete as you like. This format does work in LibreOffice (pretty well)with the exception of font specification. MS Word and LO handle font tags slightly differently and do not agree that Lithos Pro Bold and Lithos Pro (Bold) are the same font. If you don't have Lithos Pro, it should use Arial instead.
  23. Version 1


    The 1992 computer game Darklands had an interesting alchemy system. This prefab replicates that system tor Fantasy Hero, using the Alternate Enchanted Item Creation Rules from page 320 of the Fantasy Hero 6E book. The package contains the prefab file, an alchemy document (giving real point costs, Alchemy Skill roll modifications, and Long Term END costs for all of the formulas) and a potions document (giving the effects of each potion, price and weight). In a game adhering closely to Darklands, only one or two potions should be for sale in any given city.
  24. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Tarterans, a hybrid species of humanoid reputed to be half-devil and half-man.
  25. Version 1


    Talislanta is a fantasy setting by Stephen Michael Sechi, which eschews vanilla generic fantasy tropes in favor of the exotic. This package contains a package deal and race template for the Ebonites, spectral beings who come from the ruined city of Ebon, an ancient port on the dark shores of the Underworld.
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