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Found 2 results

  1. I've always been a fan of the inimitable Foxbat, and he has featured in every one of my various Champions campaigns over the past 3 decades. His current incarnation is as the leader of Foxbat Force, a team of (currently) 9 supervillains plus his quartet of (mostly) yes-man Foxbots. My players have specifically asked that Freddy and Friends put in another appearance soon. I'm cool with that, and am updating the characters and putting together the latest part of his Master Plan. However, this one might well involve his mighty Centipedemobile, and I don't know that I've ever seen the writeup for it. (I understand it's in Foxbat Unhinged, which I don't believe I own.) So I'm trying to come up with something appropriately unique. As I recall, the Centipedemobile looked like a bunch of inter-connected globes with legs, kinda like the old Cootie toy. My current vision is that Freddy will purchase the base vehicle, which will be a single section (Pod) of the vehicle. He'll then pay 15 points to have 8 of them, each unique and with enough STR (I think 40 should do it) to "carry" (pull) all the other Pods. All would have a moderate amount of ground movement (say, 20m) and swimming (4m) so they can scurry about the battlefield reconnecting as needed. Also have Clinging (Only to connect to other Pods) to represent the link-up. Each Pod would also have its own movement (33 points worth): Turbo Legs for +28m Running, 4x NC. Jumpjets for 56m Leaping, 4x NC Wings for 28m Flight, 4x NC Aqua-Jets for 56m Swimming, 4x NC Drills for 17m Tunneling through 8 rPD. Another Pod to go on the back would have only 7m Tunneling with Fill In to close the tunnel behind the Centipedemobile Teleporter for 28m Teleportation, 4x NC I'm trying to decide on the final Pod -- should I go with Extra-Dimensional Movement (any corresponding location in a related group of dimensions)? Clinging (on the feet) and Swinging? Or some other idea I haven't thought of? For example: the Pods might be linked up with the Turbo Legs in front to pull all the rest. Then they might slow down and pull a Chinese fire drill-like scramble to put Wings up front, which will then take off and drag the rest aloft. The Centipedemobile might then land in the river, floundering around in the water until Aqua-Jets is up front, and then dive like a demented U-Boat. We'll reserve other Pod differences (weapons, sensors, etc.) for later posts. How does this sound? Feasible? Insane? Fun? Stupid? I'd welcome some feedback.
  2. Okay, so I'm running a slightly comedic Dark Champions: the animated series game(Hudson City Powers), 5th Edition rules, with a twist: I give them incentive to play batman-types(normal gadgeteers) beyond the usual normal characteristic maxima: They(The PCs) start out with 270 points and normal characteristic maxima and can buy off normal characteristic maxima with their starting points. However, I'm trying to think of a foxbat adventure seed or something, and the other problem is that I'm counting on there being a lot of players(around 12). I wonder... My dad had this idea of the "villain scouts", a villain training camp run by foxbat, but I thought of the idea of Foxbat running into a foxbat convention that does foxbat---with the PCs in hot pursuit.--and wondering if they lost him would be bad. Any ideas?
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