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Found 10 results

  1. Version 1


    This is a GM screen I created using a combination of tables from Champions Complete (mostly), and Hero System 6E Volume 2. I made minor tweaks to some tables because of spacing needs, but otherwise the tables are straight from those sources. The pages are laid out to use in a landscape 11" x 8 1/2" format. I use a four panel vinyl landscape 11" x 8 1/2" screen I bought online. Of course you can also use the tables on a laptop during play. Enjoy!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This spreadsheet is my attempt to make a workable 'Rule of X' for my own personal campaign use (and personal edification). I'm sharing it for others to use (or not use) as they see fit. The 'Rule of X' basically states that given a set of input parameters (OCV, Damage Dice, etc.) you should be able to calculate some number to represent a character's combat effectiveness. Read HS62.282 for a more in depth explanation. Personally, I found the official rules vague and hand-wavy so I thought this would be a fun project to take on and see if I could make something interesting. This is one of many tools and techniques GMs have to bring some hard and fast rules in to balance their campaign. This is not meant as a substitute for a GM's critical analysis of a character; it's an experiment that's attempting to make the 'Rule of X' workable for my own campaign. Consider this a tool in your toolkit and like any other tool it can be used and abused...munchkins will be munchkins. Campaign baselines are vitally important to the equation and the impact of them should not be underestimated! Everything is configurable; so if you don't agree with how I've weighted abilities, then change it to what you feel is reasonable. The same goes for your own campaign baselines. Disclaimer: I didn't invent the 'Rule of X' and I'm not interested in arguing it's merits endlessly on the interwebs, if you don't like it don't use it! Theory of Operation All campaigns have some notion of baseline stats like DEX, SPD, CVs, etc The spreadsheet takes those baseline statistics as adjustable parameters and assigns a weight to each The Rule of X is the sum of all weights Characters who deviate from the norm are affected like this: Going above the campaign average costs the character proportionally more depending on how much more they exceed the norm Going below the norm discounts the stat for the character in the same manner as going above it does (ie. proportionally) There's a column labelled "+/- %" that tells you how close a character is the campaign Rule of X I recommend trying to keep characters within +/-5% of the Rule of X, max Notes: All input variables (CON, DCV, oAP, etc) assume the highest possible values a character can generate (without pushing) it's not about what a character is likely to be at on any given segment of combat it is about what they could theoretically achieve if they had to put everything into a given task (like hitting a target or evading attacks) Do not factor in standard or optional combat maneuvers into the variables if anyone can perform the maneuver then it's not relevant to the calculation (everyone can Dodge so we don't include that in the DCV entry, for example) For Martial Arts: pick the greatest OCV bonus from your list of offensive maneuvers do the same for DCV except Martial Dodge counts as +2 only (the other +3 everyone has access to via standard Dodge)
  3. So, I'm looking at possibly running a Supers game starting up this fall. And even though I'm working on another RPG that (should hopefully) provide robust support for the genre, I'd like to run this game in Hero. Mainly because: The project I'm working on isn't done yet I like Hero At least one of my potential players is super into Hero People have been playing Supers games in Hero for years - there's a lot of wheels I don't have to invent So, Hero. Specifically, Champions Complete. Hooray! Problem: I'm having serous anxiety about running HERO. My GM'ing style is highly improvisational. Even when I prep things, I have a tendency to discard them once the game is truly flowing. I'm a little nervous about the highly granular nature of HERO playing poorly with that tendency, and I have neither the time nor inclination to drill myself on the mechanics until I know them inside and out. Being a player is one thing, I only have to manage my bits, and I can decide how complicated I want them to be. But GMing has an awful lot more complexity; I'm likely to get things wrong, and I cannot stand fighting about mechanics. So that's pretty much the situation: I want to run HERO, I like HERO, I'm intimidated by the thought of running it long-term in an actual campaign. Help?
  4. So! This came up in my "what is HERO combat like" thread, and I wanted to expound upon it further. So game aides! Physical tools and peripherals. Some of us use them, some of us don't, but I imagine there's a range. What I want to know is, what kinds of tools do people use? Christopher Taylor made an awesome sheet regarding different options in combat, and the situations they apply to. In my brief experience, I used one of those big chessex roll-up hex mats; which kind of to my surprise, was super-useful. I'm thinking of making a SPD chart printout, for ease of tracking who's going where. Also, Hero Designer. I can't speak to Hero Combat Manager, but with some more funds, that might change. I recently ordered some damage trackers from the card game Sentinels of the Multiverse that I plan to use for keeping tabs on END and STUN, maybe BOD too. So, I suppose what I'd like to know is: what do people use when they're running HERO? What have you found useful? What would you find useful, if it existed?
  5. So there is a location in my campaign world, that I expect the players will one day visit. It is a place where the god who is known as the benign god of magic, shadow, mysteries, and dreams. I would like the experience to be altering for the characters and players. The world is a high fantasy world - magic is known and has an impact on people's lives; there are magical creatures of various types; and the campaign world is 'gray morally'. A game mechanic for magic in my campaign is that magical ability comes in two flavors. One is a learned skill that allows anyone to learn a spell or two. They might be pretty good with that spell but they tend to lack the versatility and power of someone who was born with a talent for magic. Those with the talent for magic have a VPP. Those without a talent do not have a VPP (or any other framework). Here are some ideas I have: Mages with a VPP and have the xp can increase their VPP power and control pools. Mages without a VPP can increase the maximum active points of one spell by up to 2x, again they have to have the xp to do this. Potential raw and special components that could have value to a mage Allow the temporary enchantment of a single item Ideas, comments, criticisms....
  6. For years, I didn’t have monsters in Caleon. I had Demons, Trolls and Ogres, but no monsters. Bandits, Brigands, evil Mercenaries and awful people of all races and temperaments. No Monsters. They don’t make sense. Maybe it’s that they don’t make sense in Caleon. Perhaps they make sense in your world. If they do, cool. This article is for you. I wrote this a long time ago, using various resources and games.. Traveller.. a lot of HERO Products, and my own research into how life changes over time. I updated it yesterday and thought I'd share. It's not really a bestiary, but it could be used to create one. Monsters and Animals.pdf Animal Traits 6E.hdp
  7. Ok so everyone i live with has convinced me to run a Hero system 6th edition campaign. Its based off x-men and a few other things i like all rolled into one. My biggest issue is i really am bad at math, rolling dice, an have NO freaking clue what i should be reading, or doing from the book perspective. Can someone simplify things out for this first time GM? I need a dummies book on this but i dont think those exist... i really want to get this going Dec 3rd an have been writing dialogue and ideas and havin gthem create their characters for over a month now. Ive got the 5th ed resource kit, and a bunch of other 6th ed books but... theres SO much in there i know i dont actually need an its overwhelming to the point of im close to backing out less someone can help me. please email me @ Anailaigh@gmail.com or post here... Thanks, Daenerys EDIT: No one? over 35 views an no assist? =\ im drowning here guys... EDIT 2: i dont need ideas on scenarios, i need actual GM how to. Math stuff, dice rolls.. im going in completely blind x.x Edit 3: Thank you Ghost-Angel (im still on post restriction for being new...) this helps, my issue is everyone else knows how to play it.. and if i asked them itd ruin the game for them. :3 everything im using except the resource kit is 6e Edit 4: lol Hyper i appreciate it, i have a pretty good x-men/pandoras box+ scenario planned just needed to not be lost in all the GM stuff. links helped Edit 5: Christopher - thank you :3 Edit 6: bigdamnhero - im running a heros system, not champions system o.O last i checked they werent one in the same. But some of your points have been taken into consideration ty Edit 7: Blues - ty but i already have that Edit 8: Steve - thank you =3 Edit 9: big damn hero =3 yea i wasnt aware of that thank you
  8. Version First


    This is a great old sheet that was put into the 3rd Edition Champions Rules to help remember how adventures went and special events that took place. Organize your notes with this useful Adventure Log
  9. story and combat is what make a table top the story is something I got but being new to champions I need a little help with the combat part -like creation cap for characteristic and powers (like dice pool, flash attack and mental attacks); there characters will be between 300-400 point superheroes 6 edition this is an example of the average boss I plan for them to face that I got from the villains volume one p. 107 (not a solo boss, but one with minions at play point level) avar-7 (will mod hit a bit to fit the story) 820 points paired with 2 400 point allies for a four man or 3 for five man 20 str/ 22 dex/ 30 con/ 20 int/ 20 ego/ 20 pre/ 8 ocv/ 8 dcv/ 3 omcv/ 7 dmcv/ 6 spd/ 20 pd/ 20 ed/ 10rec/ 60 end/ 20 body/ 50 stun (20 rPD/ 20 rED) md 10 powers and skills of note (at least the ones I caught) -density increase (+60 str, +12 pd/ed, -24 kb (not sure what kb is) -desolidification -blasts 12d6, 10d6 aoe 8m radius, 10d6 armor pierce, 8d6 hits desoildfied -+3 to all combat a thanks to all readers and special thanks to all repliers (also thank you Halloween for the extra time it build)
  10. You've all been there. Your hero has the defenses to take a punch from the big bad and stay on his/her feet but the dice and your CON conspire against you. You've been CON stunned. As a GM, especially since I tend to play with people unfamiliar to the game, I try my best to narrate the shenanigans and goings-on using as little game talk as possible. Some things are easier than others to do this with. One aspect of Hero System gaming that is easy to describe in game mechanical terms but not so easy in plain english is being stunned. Let's put on our GM caps (I know you have one) and discuss how you describe to your players how their intrepid heroes have been stunned. From seeing stars to "taking a knee" to taking a moment to get your bearings, there has got to be some novel ways to tell them why they have to spend their next phase shaking off an attack that didn't knock 'em the hell out. Talk amongst yourselves
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