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Found 8 results

  1. I'm reading the Star HERO 6e Warship example (p. 250) and I'm a bit confused about the warp drive multipower. I see that the Costs Endurance limitation was put on the multipower reserve, and then applied to each power slot. But wait, flight already costs endurance as per the power. So this appears to me to be one of those "limitations that doesn't limit the character" situations. Wouldn't the Costs Endurance limitation be prohibited on the multipower reserve because not every power slot costs no endurance, and be applied only to the FTL travel power? This would mean the reserve costs the full 28 points, standard flight cost 2f, and FTL flight cost 1f. Thanks!
  2. Greetings all, I'd like to pick you brains on pricing a disad. I'm looking for some input on a power disadvantage. I have in mind a power that loses effectiveness the more it is used. Not Burnout as long as you have charges it still works, but charges that are less effective as they are used. Each use drops the effectiveness of the power by 10 active points. The idea is simple. I can use a custom power disad. I'm trying to figure out how to price it properly. Should it be costed similarly to Burnout, or should the disad be worth more? After 5 uses the player would be out of charges, but charges 4 and 5 are not going to be nearly as effective. And a blanket disad worth -X/Y is a whole lot easier than tiering each individual charge. Any input is welcome. ?
  3. I'd love for the community to weigh in on an argument I just had with a player. The character in question is a person possessed by a witch. The player has selected the Limitation, "Half Active Points During the Day" on most of the powers. He claims that refusing to play the character during daytime scenarios is a valid application of that Limitation, that the character is limited by only playing at night. I call BS by pointing to the rulebook which says that a Limitation that the character/player can choose to avoid isn't limiting, and thus worth no points. I say his interpretation effectively places the limitation on the player, not the character. I'm curious as to the consensus of the fine folks on this forum. Thank you, -Tony
  4. As a rules lawyer in the other games I play, I have such a hard time with character creation when it comes to costing things that the real world normally provides. I still have not wrapped my head around these key concepts. I don't have the Hero System books, but I have CC6, Powers, and one Villains book. My latest headache is in regards to electricity. I have consulted CC6 and read about Electricity. I have looked at the preface to Electrical powers in the Powers book. I've searched this forums for answers, but can't find any with my search terms. So I still don't get it! I am creating a character that can shock, but with the No Range limitation, since he has to touch his target. But electricity also flows through metal, water, and other conductors. Do I *buy* advantages and/or limitations to reflect this natural phenomena, or does the special effect alone justify the character's use of electricity through such mediums? Do I buy different powers (or a power framework) that represents his attack through each kind of medium, like Shock Through Water, or Shock Through Metal? Are the different kinds of conductors considered to be foci? I have spent time enough trying to research this on my own--it was time for a question. And that's another weakness of mine. Instead of being creative and accepting my own answer, I'm always looking to cannon or official resources for answers.
  5. For a while now I've been toying with the idea of how to run limitations in my campaigns. I haven't messed with it much because usually I just end up having what happens reasonably in the story take place rather than trying to impose specific events but it seems like it could be at least a useful rule of thumb. Basically the idea is to use the limitation modifier as a rule of thumb for when it takes place. So if someone has an OAF (-1) then it hinders the character at least once a game session (it is awkward, gets taken away, broken, etc). The limitation total would guide this; so a -1/4 limitation would be once per four sessions, a -2 twice a session, etc. Has anyone tried something like this, and does it end up being too contrived or awkward or does it work well?
  6. I have tried and failed to locate in my 6th edition books any definition for the "Spell" Limitation. It appears as a Limitation on many spells in the HSG, but I can't locate info about it in the books -- 6E1 or 6E2, FH, or the Grimoire. Can I get an indication where to locate a definition for this Limitation? Thanks!
  7. Several questions. I'm guiding my players through the initial processes of creating characters, and I've hit some snags. "Jake" and "Rick" are making a tech based minion master and a shadowmancer, respectively. Jake wants to make little hover-drones that work as multi-function allies- he can summon up to 16 of them, and I've placed a (-0) limitation that they can only be summoned 1 at a time, given that each one is a modular vpp automaton, (OAF, only changeable between scenes specifically in his laboratory) and being able to dump 16 of them in one phase strikes me as ludicrously broken, even if they ARE only 100 point automatons. Since they only hover and have no limbs, (1) can he gain extra points for the hover drones by reducing their run, swim, and leap to 0? And (2) the computers that control them, are they paid for with Jake's cp or the drone's cp? As to Rick, he's presented me with a quandary- he has a shadow based power(flailing shadows) that requires 2 handed gestures, but then wants to get the multiple limb advantage, at a cost of 1 END for every 2 extra limbs, to create "Shadow limbs" with which to control multiple instances of (separately paid for) flailing shadows. (3) Would you rule that the option for multiple limbs cancels out the limitation "2 handed gestures" or is this a valid use of the system?
  8. Can Vehicles (or bases I guess) be purchased with limitations? I would normally say "no", but someone had an interesting idea to have a vehicle linked to themselves through a damage feedback loop... Whenever the vehicle takes damage, so do they. Whenever they take damage, so does the vehicle. I think this is worth some points, but I think giving limitations to vehicles can make a single CP go way too far. What do you think? Sorry if this has been discussed, but I could not find a thread on the topic.
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