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Found 21 results

  1. Hey folx, I'm trying to add the standard combat maneuvers to character sheets to help with their use in Combat Manager. This has generated two questions: Is there a way to add a divider to Martial Arts to group related maneuvers together? For example, how can I group the maneuvers a character knows from aikido separately from those they know from savate? Is there a way to reduce the cost of a martial art maneuver to zero? Many thanks. If I can figure it out, I promise to make a prefab for it.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I got bored. Started writing. Made a PDF of extreme martial arts moves one might find in an episode of Dragon Ball Z (or worse). 12 pages, more than 60 Techniques, some jokes and a hint of a campaign unplayed.
  3. If a character has paid character points for a weapon, do they need to buy a Weapon Element to use martial art maneuvers both barehand and with that weapon? (Assume a superheroic setting, if it makes a difference.)
  4. Hello! I have a player that is making a martial artist character and had questions about the flavor of the legsweep maneuver vs. the takedown maneuver. What are the differences between the two from a visual standpoint? Is there a writeup in one of the books? I tried to find it. Thanks!
  5. If someone cancels to a Flying Dodge (in a segment that is not one of their phases), are they able to move in that same segment as well?
  6. Hello Herophiles, im finally sitting down to post about a game I would love to play in Hero system, Kung Fu 2100. I have the original Pocket Box version and the Gurps version. The premise is simple. In a near future, Clonemasters hold all the power (& technology). You are a super martial artist know as a Terminator, able to Dodge bullets and break down doors with your bare hands! Your mission is to destroy the local Clonemaster. However besides having a local police force, the Clonemaster has his own force of super martial artists which have failed to be Terminators and now work for the enemy, they are derisively known as Jellies. What’s not to love? Gurps does flesh this out a little more. The biggest thing I need to get is to set the power level correctly. On a preivious thread I stated that I keep falling into the trap of trying to do an exact translation instead of a paraphrase of you will. One element I would like to keep if possible is that in the PB version, Terminatora and Jellies can lose their super martial abilities.
  7. I think this is a quick, easy, question... but often there are nuances in Hero that come up, especially in the world of 5th/6th and the naked advantages as well as this allowable build that stacks damage abilities on top of equipment damage. (Extra DCs on top of a gun you didn't pay points for... which has always struck me as breaking a fundamental concept of Hero... powers and equipment don't mix... but anyway...) If a character has Deadly Blow "Headshots only" and Weaponmaster "Pistols" and ranged Martial Arts with added damage classes with his Pistol... it is correct that there is nothing in RAW to stop all this damage from stacking? So a 9mm pistol does 1d6+1K... plus 1d6K if a headshot, +1d6K for being a pistol, plus 2 more damage classes from Far Shot or whatever... pistol does 4d6K? (Not involving hit location multipliers at this point.) Correct? As per RAW, there is no reason these all can't stack together? (I'm not saying there aren't issues of balance here, just checking RAW.) There is also nothing in RAW saying that this only applies to human/soft targets... because now that 9mm isn't just a perfect shot to the eye... even if you take away Deadly Blow, and now only 3d6K, that 9mm is doing hellacious damage to non-headshots as well. Just checking to see if I'm reading this right.
  8. In 6E, I can't seem to find where the rules state the ratio of Martial Art DCs to gain extra damage on Nerve Strike/Choke Hold maneuvers that do NND damage. For example, Mr. Artist has bought Choke Hold (2D6 NND), and then buys four Damage Classes with his art. How much damage does his Choke Hold now do? (Also, it was kinda difficult just to find the rules on *buying* extra Martial DCs...)
  9. Hello everyone, Upon reading the 6th edition Martial Arts HERO book, I noticed that there is a power called Summon Ancestral Spirit (pg. 163) that describes a summon power, but never stats out exactly what the ancestral spirit is. Does anyone have the stats or information for the Ancestral Spirit? If so, please let me know where to find it- or post it here.
  10. A question for interpretation vs. RAW: How do you rule on Martial Dodge vs. multiple different kinds of attacks? For example: Scenario 1: Character has Martial Dodge, uses it, gets +5 vs. all attacks until his next action. Ok... pretty typical. Whether being shot at, electrified, punched... his DCV is +5 with dodge. Scenario 2: Character has Martial Dodge AND +3 levels with Martial Arts. Uses dodge, gets +8 vs. all attacks until his next action. Hmmm... really? How are levels with Martial Arts helping with avoiding bullets and energy blasts? But maybe... Scenario 3: Character has Martial Dodge AND +3 levels with HtH Combat. Uses dodge, gets +8 vs. all attacks... or wait... these are HtH levels, so only vs. HtH attacks? This is weird... because HtH levels cost more than levels with Martial Arts, but wouldn't give as much benefit to Dodge? That seems wrong. But it also seems wrong to have levels with HtH be effective against Ranged Attacks, right? So... what this seems to be indicating is that either Martial Dodge was, all along, ONLY supposed to be vs. HtH attacks and I've been interpreting it wrong all along... but that seems incorrect, because the basic Dodge maneuver is flat +3 vs. all attacks, so why would Martial Dodge be worse? New Scenario 1: character has Martial dodge, +3 with Martial Arts and +2 with swords (3 pt levels). Uses dodge without sword in hand, gets +8 DCV... draws sword and dodges, gets +10 DCV... hmmm... weird... - now, in a HtH fight, having the sword out and using to help deflect or keep distance from HtH attackers totally makes sense, so I could see the extra +2 DCV. Having the sword out vs. guns and energy blasts... I don't see how that should help? - so... do 3pt levels used for Defense only count for either HtH or Ranged? Do you have to define such when you buy them? Essentially, when playing supers, most of this doesn't matter as much, but for more "realistic" Danger International level games, it makes no sense why a samurai is suddenly harder to hit with a machine gun when he has his sword in hand. And yes, I've been playing Hero since 1st Edition and I get the basic rules, but changes in 5th and 6th Ed, especially around the whole "ranged Martial arts" vs. "hth martial arts" starts to confuse the issue... so I'm more interested in how people interpret/rule on these things in their games... not just the RAW interpretation. Thanks
  11. Currently a version 5 player but looking to upgrade to version 6 but wanted to know the differences.
  12. I don't have 6e (yet). Did I correctly read somewhere in these forums that extra DCs for Martial Arts cost 4 points each? Is that the correct price? And if so, why? What does HtH Attack cost in 6e? Maybe I've misunderstood. +1d6 with STR costs 5 points, costs END to use, and adds to Lifting capacity. +1d6 HA costs ?, costs END to use, does not add to lifting capacity, and can only be used for normal damage strikes. +1 DC with Martial Arts costs ??, does not cost END to use, does not add to lifting capacity, and can be used with any Martial maneuver, including those that don't do damage, like grabs, disarms, shoves, escapes, etc. And if you have Martial maneuvers, you're never going to be using the corresponding standard maneuvers. As I understand it, the only differences between STR and MA DC are: 1. STR costs END, and DCs don't 2. STR adds to lifting/throwing, and DCs don't 3. DCs are used only with the (better) MA maneuvers Anything else? It seems to me that #3 doesn't really matter to the cost, since you're going to be using the better maneuvers if you have them anyway. #1 should make DCs cost more (0 END is a +1/2 advantage). And #2 is at most a -1/4 limitation on DCs. Thus, MA DCs should cost about 6 each, by my calculations. So what's the deal? What are these costs in 6e? Are they what they should be? I suspect that (if there's a problem here) this topic would have come up before. I searched for it, but didn't find one.
  13. So I have two questions: If there were no "Martial Arts" as they currently exist in the system, how would you go about inventing them? And, is there anything that the Martial Arts subsystem does that can't be duplicated with Powers and Skills (possibly at greater cost?) I will assert that the answer to the second question is "no" and will probably post some ideas on the first question as well. Lucius Alexander And I'll definitely post some palindromedary taglines
  14. Most peachwood swords are made for practice. This one, however, was made from wood from a peach tree that grew at Mount Longhu in the shadow of the Hanging Coffins, cut by a Doashi of the Seventh Ordination. He carved the Seven Stars into its blade, and danced their power. This weapon damages most targets, including astral, ethereal, phantasmal and the like. When magical characters are written on the blade with grease, the damage vs. intangible targets is changed to Killing (HKA). These magical characters must be renewed from time to time, as they wear off. 15 30 point Multipower, 0 END, vs. Desolid, OAF u1 3d6 HA u1 1d6 HKA Of course, a Heroic Level version would include STR Min and possibly Real Weapon Limitations. from The Girl with Ghost Eyes, by M. H. Boroson, more fun than any novel I've read for years
  15. I find repeated references to Close Quarters Battle in my reading, in some it is referred to in the same breath as unarmed self defence, bayonet drill or other techniques. DC has the option of applying a penalty to DEX for purposes of determining who shoots first, based on weapon length. The background reading on Commando Training (Fairbairn, Sykes etc.) describes methods of shooting on the move, unarmed combat, etc. Options I can think of for defining CQB: The DC optional Rule a KS and/or PS a variant of a particular martial art (Commando Training, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, or Gunf-Fu) one or more custom martial art manoeuvres a combination of CSL's and PSL's a combination of some or all of the above. How would you define CQB in game terms?
  16. I’ve enjoyed Steve Long’s new Martial Enemies supplements so much they inspired me to take another look at some of the martial artist villains I’ve written up for my own campaigns. Here’s El Rasgador, the Ripper, one of the more vicious residents of the Martial Arts World. (Regarding the reference to “Aran training”: In my new campaign world, the Arans are an alien race that developed incredibly advanced martial arts. Humans have learned and published some of their simpler training techniques for strengthening both body and Qi. Self-training isn’t as reliable or effective as learning from an Aran sifu, but with persistence and a little luck a determined student can develop nigh-superhuman physical and martial arts prowess, producing a wave of martial arts origins — while people who already have great natural talent and a strong Qi push their skills to wuxia extremes. For other settings, Rasgador simply began with unusual natural talent but squandered it turning down his dark and bloody path.) Rasgador Val Char Cost Roll Notes 25 STR 15 14- Lift 800 kg; 5d6 HTH damage [2] 24 DEX 28 14- 25 CON 15 14- 10 INT — 11- PER Roll 11- 8 EGO -2 11- 20 PRE 10 13- PRE Attack: 4d6 8 OCV 25 8 DCV 25 3 OMCV — 3 DMCV — 6 SPD 40 Phases: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 25 PD 23 Total: 25 PD (5 rPD) 25 ED 23 Total: 25 ED (5 rED) 12 REC 8 50 END 6 14 BODY 4 40 STUN 10 Characteristics Cost: 230 Movement: Running: 24m Swinging: 24m Cost Powers END Martial Arts: Eagle Claw Kung Fu Maneuver OCV DCV Notes 4 Block +2 +2 Block, Abort 5 Defensive Strike +1 +3 5d6/1d6 AP KA Strike 4 Eagle Claw +0 +0 9d6/1½d6 AP KA Crush, Must Follow Grab (13d6 normal/4d6 AP KA with STR and Deadly Blow) 3 Joint Lock/Grab -1 -1 Grab 2 Limbs, 35 STR Hold 3 Legsweep +2 -1 6d6, Target Falls 1 Use Art with Claws 26 Steel Claw Implants: HKA 1d6 (2d6+1 with STR) 0 Armor Piercing (+1/4), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) 5 Subdermal Ballistic Cloth: Resistant (+1/2) on 5 PD, 5 ED 0 5 Synthetic Eye Lens: Sight Group Flash Defense (5 points) 0 5 Synthetic Eye Lens: UV Perception 0 12 Fleetfoot: Running +12m (total 24m) 2 8 Swingline Bracer: Swinging 24m 2 OIF (-1/2) 5 Another Swingline Bracer Perks 15 Contacts: 3 Narco-Barons, 11- each (Contact has very useful resources, access to major institutions, &/or significant Contacts of his own) 3 Membership: Medellin Cartel Talents 16 Deadly Blow: +8 levels with Kung Fu Only to add damage to Eagle Claw (+4 DC normal damage, +3 DC AP KA damage) Skills 6 +2 with Eagle Claw Kung Fu 4 +2 OCV with Joint Lock/Grab 3 Acrobatics 14- 3 Breakfall 14- 3 Climbing 14- 3 Interrogation 13- 2 KS: Aran Training 11- 2 KS: Kung Fu 11- 2 KS: Latin American Organized Crime 11- 2 KS: Martial World 11- 1 L: English (Basic Conversation; Spanish is native) 1 L: Mandarin (Basic Conversation) 3 Stealth 14- 3 Streetwise 13- Total Powers & Skills Cost: 161 Total Cost: 388 400 Matching Complications (75) 10 Distinctive Features: Metal Claws (Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable) 10 Distinctive Features: Style (Not Concealable, Noticed and Recognizable, Detectable By Large Group) 20 Hunted: Various Governments (Infrequently, More Pow, NCI, Capture/Kill) 10 Negative Reputation: Murderous Disgrace (Infrequently, Extreme) 20 Psychological Complication: Bloodthirsty (Very Common, Strong) 15 Psychological Complication: Gunslinger Mentality (Common, Strong) Total Complications Points: 75 Background/History: Leandro Bardem comes from an upper middle class Mestizo family in Cali, Colombia. His family worked hard to be respectable; Leandro found it stifling. His passions were kung fu and getting in trouble with street kids. Leandro was still a teenager when Aran martial arts teachings reached the Internet, and his dojo. Leandro excelled. He combined his interests by becoming the youngest leg-breaker for a small gang affiliated with the city’s drug cartel. His sifu saw Leandro’s growing brutality and expelled him, but by then Leandro didn’t care. Eager to build his gang reputation, Leandro adopted claw-tipped gloves to make his Eagle Claw attacks deadlier and more intimidating. Then a fight went further than expected and Leandro ripped open a man’s belly. First Leandro threw up. Then he whooped and laughed in wild exultation at his own lethal power. The cartel leaders dubbed him El Rasgador, “The Ripper,” and he graduated to the higher tiers of gang enforcement. Leandro reveled in the violence and the fear he inspired, as well as the women, wealth and drugs the cartel gave him. On the other hand, Leandro found that he faced stiffer competition from other elite enforcers as well as the occasional hero. He was no longer getting better at kung fu, either. So Leandro paid a shady doctor to cyborg him: ballistic cloth under his skin to make him bullet-resistant, artificial lenses in his eyes to shield them from flash/bang grenades, and diamond-coated, case-hardened steel claws on his fingertips. As a living weapon, the Ripper was now ready to kill at any time. Personality/Motivation: Leandro is utterly psychotic. He loves killing up close and personal: The spurt of blood, the stink of guts ripped from a man’s belly, and the shock and horror on the face of a dying victim. El Rasgador believes he can take anything he wants and kill anyone who gets in his way. So far, it’s worked pretty well for him. Leandro particularly wants to fight other skilled martial artists for the glory of killing them. Quote: “I will rip out your guts and show you your heart as you die. Ha!” Powers/Tactics: The Ripper’s claws are exceptionally hard and sharp, and Leandro’s martial arts skill enables him to rip through stronger materials and inflict greater wounds than would seem possible for such small blades. The combination of martial training and subdermal kevlar also make El Rasgador tougher than should be humanly possible. The artificial lenses in his eyes incidentally let him see ultraviolet light. Bracers that shoot grapnel-tipped lines enhance his mobility. Most importantly, though, Leandro is superhumanly strong, fast and agile. Apart from that, his martial arts skill is… not that great. A true master can tell that while Leandro’s Qi is strong, his technique is sloppy and his range of maneuvers is limited. He could have been a great fighter, if he cared more about perfecting his skills than killing people. Getting cyborged also interferes with the natural flow of his Qi and prevents him from ever developing the more refined, mystical aspects of kung fu. El Rasgador begins a fight with Defensive Strikes while he feels out his opponent’s skill… or to toy with a victim by inflicting minor wounds. If an opponent can fight back effectively, Leandro uses Blocks to act first on subsequent Phases, and Legsweeps in hopes of putting his foe on the ground and at a disadvantage. This is to set up his foe for a Joint Lock. Once Leandro his target Grabbed he uses his Eagle Claw maneuver, trying to rip his enemy’s guts out. El Rasgador always fights to kill unless his employer pays him extra to leave someone alive. Campaign Use: If you need a homicidal and utterly vile Mob enforcer for a scenario, El Rasgador can fill the bill. To make the Ripper more powerful, increase his Dexterity and Speed, expand his Skill Levels to All HTH, and add Damage Classes to his Eagle Claw King Fu. (Don’t add maneuvers; the Ripper is supposed to be a one-trick pony.) To make him less powerful, remove his Flash Defense and Skill Levels, and reduce his Deadly Blow bonus damage. El Rasgador Hunts people when his employer pays him to. He might also Hunt another martial artial out of rivalry; he won’t fight fair. Associates, Allies, and Adversaries: The Ripper specificially works for the Medellin Cartel in Colombia, but the cartel rents his services to the Cali Cartel, the Mexican Mafia, and other narco-traffickers. In this way he might turn up far from Colombia and working with other Mob super-enforcers. He has no genuine allies, though — and many people in the Martial Arts World despise him for killing respected, though not superhuman, athletes, fighters and teachers (including his own teacher). It wouldn’t take much for this Negative Reputation to flip into a second Hunted. Appearance: El Rasgador is a young man with bronzed skin, short, spiky black hair and dark brown eyes. He wears tight black vinyl pants and boots, with black enameled bracers on his forearms. Leandro goes shirtless to flaunt his ultra-ripped, Aran-trained physique, just as he makes no effort to hide the half-inch, hooked claws of gleaming steel that replace his fingernails. Rasgador Facts Here are some facts that characters and NPCs might know about El Rasgador if they succeed with an appropriate Skill Roll: K/R: Colombian drug cartels have an enforcer who is called the Ripper because he rips people’s guts out with his bare hands. -1: El Rasgador has metal claws on his fingers. His strength and speed place him at the limit of human athletic potential, or beyond. He’s been active throughout Latin America and occasionally further afield. -2: The Ripper’s name is Leandro Bardem. He practices some form of kung fu and has been surgically altered. Bardem doesn’t just kill for money: He seeks out and kills other martial artists just to show that he can. -4: Leandro Bardem practices Eagle Claw kung fu. His remarkable strength and speed come from Aran training techniques, but his actual skill is not great. ----------- Dean Shomshak
  17. The big question after watching the Phantom Blood section of the first season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is this: how would you write up the Harmon abilitys? Their seems to be two rules about them. One: the user must be able to breathe to use them. Two: the user's blood must be able to flow freely inside the user's body. What I seen the Harmon do? From memory, have the power to destroy vampires and 'zombies' (lesser vampires created by Dio), able to split a rock without harming the frog which sat upon it, heal a broken arm, walk slowly on water, able to dislocate the user's shoulder - punch - then relocate said shoulder without (much) pain, send a tremor up a shear cliff to bring a young boy off said cliff (safely even), give the remaining amount of Harmon to another while the user dies (slowly from being cut in half from a chain), and keep from laughing the user's ass off with all the music puns floating around (last one I made up).
  18. In Martial Arts 6E, several of the Martial Art Abilities, include in their game information section, (e.g. Throwing Master p.128),references to common Limitations, such as: "1f 1) Blunt Objects: Blast 6d6; common Limitations (-1 1⁄4)" What are common Limitations? Have I missed a rule or something?
  19. Version 1


    These martial arts are from the Talislanta game, originally published by Bard Games in 1987. Talislanta was an attempt to make a fantasy setting very different from the vanilla fantasy settings then dominating the market -- the tagline for the game/setting is "Talislanta. Still No Elves!" Among the many elements of the setting are martial arts systems. Back in the 90s, I converted several of them for the 4th edition Hero System, then when 5th edition was published I uploaded several of them to the Hero Games webpage Digital Hero ezine. Sadly, those submissions are lost to the Internet Archive. When 6th edition was made, I updated the martial arts yet again (adding Aerial Combat and renaming Zandir Bladesmanship to Swordsmanship, as per the then-recently-updated Talislanta rules), and uploaded them to the boards. They didn't survive the changeover, but I see that they're still popular enough to warrant being resurrected. So, here they are. The prefab file contains: Aerial Combat: The fighting art of skilled warriors of the flying races (Aerdians, Stryx, Gryphs, etc.) Arimite Knife-Fighting: Provided in both melee and ranged flavors, the lethal fighting style of the dour Arimites is presented. Swordsmanship: The flamboyant fencing style of the Cymril swordsmages, Zandir bravos, and Gao-Dinian corsairs. Tazian Combat: The brutal and effective hand-to-hand style of the Thralls of Taz. If you want to try a different setting (it's based on an easy-to-learn rules system, but can readily be converted to Hero System), I recommend you give it a try. Most of the books for it are available for free on-line, by the grace of setting creator Stephen Michael Sechi. A pdf of the martial arts styles, formatted in standard Hero style, can be found here.
  20. This is a martial arts 'style' designed for use in a cinimatic campain with lots of vehical interaction. It dosen't have a "style disavantage". It repersents skills stunt drivers and other people who live and die by there vehicals pick up in the corse of there life. Note: This Martial Art was created using the Hero System Martial Arts book for the 6ed. Advance Combat Driving Martial Art Use Art w/Small Motorized Ground Vehiclas: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles Weapon Element is Free Manuver Points OCV DCV Damage/Effect Advance Rundown 4 +0 -2 STR+ v/6 Damage, FMove Advance Sideswipe 4 +2 -2 STR+ v/10 Damage, FMove Defensive Driving Experties 4 - +4 Dodge, Abort, FMove Love Tap 5 +0 +0 STR+ 10 to Shove, FMove Moveing Blockade 5 +0 +0 Block, STR+ 10 to Resist Shove, FMove Skills: Combat Driving * Defense Maneuver TF: Small Motorized Ground Vehicles * TF: Large Mortorized Ground Vehicles Elements: Use Art w/Large Motorized Ground Vehicles: +1 Advance Rundown uses the STR of the vehical, as opose to the charater's own STR, for damage calculations. This is your typical ramming attack. The GM is free to turn it into a Killing Attack against soft targets (pedestrins). Advance Sideswipe again uses the STR of the vehical, as opose to the charater's own STR, for damage calculations. This is your advance sideswipe attack (doing damage by just going past the target at close range). Defensive Driving Experties is basicly a motorised dodge. Love Tap uses the vehicals STR to shove. This is the clasic 'tap' to send another car off the side of a cliff. Moveing Blockade can be used to prevent other cars from passing. It is also used to resist the Love Tap. Note that the driver can't abort to the Moveing Blockade...he must be shure that he dosen't want the guy behind him to pass or that he is going to knock him off the cliff before using the manuver. The OCV/DCV uses the vehical's own OCV/DCV, or the charaters OCV/DCV, whichever is lowest, just like normal vehical combat.
  21. I'm building a melee specialist. Several martial maneuvers, plus weapon elements of Blades and Ninja Weapons. And I've got a couple nice blades defined. If I add martial arts DCs, do these add to the damage done with the blades, which are weapon elements? It would seem so, and it would seem that it does it cheaper and better than the Weaponmaster talent. I can be 3 HTH DCs for 12 points in my martial arts, and it clearly applies to my open-hand strikes and my weapon strikes (+1d6 K). +1d6 K from Weaponmaster is 20 for swords and daggers...ergo, not the open-hand strikes. Thanks...
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