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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.2


    I could not find a Prefab for Fantasy Hero money, so I decided to create one for my Hyborian Era campaign. I found a table online listing different currencies for the Hyborian Kingdoms, so I made some modifications and created this Prefab. So far, the Prefab has currencies for Aquilonia, Corinthia, Argos, and Stygia. Listed for each coin: Official Name, Common Name, Conversion Value to Silver Pieces, and Engraving. Weights are included in the statistics. I will be uploading future versions which will include currencies for additional Kingdoms. Feel free to modify this for your own campaign.
  2. Hi all my players really hate bookkeeping and they asked me to get rid of money bookkeeping; that's mean don't keep track of how much money they have, how much they need to use buying new clips, new clothing, paying for taxi and like That's could give a narrative advantage: i don't care how much money i throw at them, how much corpse they sell to body bank, how much they loot from slaugthered enemies, they start every new adventure in the same economic condition (unless they buy a new wealth perk and that's possible only with GM permission) However, campaign will be a cyberpunk heroic campaign, where money can, and actually do, the difference from a misfit who barely manage to do something useful in his life to a well equipped professional get totally rid of money could give a serious advantage: even illegal equipment can be bought at the black market paying higher wage, and that's not a problem if you got no money and just "can buy everything your wealth can access" Hero System already has a built in system for removing money count, but that's means using characther points or resource point to "buy" equipment options, and i really don't like it for an heroic campaign also "the GM decide every time if i can or can't buy something" it's not a solution i like, 'cause force me to choose, and possibly argue with them, and also put at the GM on the position to decide power level of the players a friend of mine adviced me to keep money tracking but letting the GM keep track of them and inform the player. and that's also is something i don't like because force the GM to do something the player should (and also: keeping track of own money is not really difficult, BUT keeping track of 4-5 player's money is tedious) so long i'm searching for an alternative way to solve this; does someone else had this same problem? and how did you solved it? i got an idea reading an old d6 adventure book: a fund roll "fund" is a special roll and start at 3d6; every level of wealth perk is +1d6, every level of wealth complication is -1d6 to buy something you did just roll your fund dice, add toghether the result, and beat the difficulty based on item cost and (ie 5 if the item cost 100$, 30 if it cost 5000$ etc.) or, something similar: you roll the dice and count body, and need to score 1 body every 300$ or less of the item; or roll the dice and score one "money success" on 5+, and every item need a fixed amount of "money success", etc using a roll to decide if player can or cannot buy the item let them getting rid of money tracking and give the GM the narrative advantage BUT at the same time it prevents from destroying game setting balance 'cause they will always need to roll to buy items (i can also state they can reroll a failed roll but with less dice, or decide they can always succeed where difficulty is less than 2x number of dice, to prevent dice rolling) does someone else used a similar system? it could work or unbalance thing pretty faster? does anyone have ideas on "how to make the fund roll system" compatible with hero mechanics (like a lucky roll, or a standard skill roll, for example)? thanks for help
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