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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys, first time poster and first time reading the books. One friend of mine has this game, Hero 6th Core Book I & II, but, since he doesn't like to GM, it was sitting on his desk for a time. As he knows that I do like to GM, and like to learn new rules, he borrowed me the books for a week for me to see if our party would like to play with it. Since I only got the book yesterday, I did not had the time to give more than a precursory read on it, but one thing caught my attention: what are the attributes for? I mean things like Body, Presence, Strenght... I noted that their "rolls" are a
  2. So, I'm curious on a couple points. Firstly, the Character Ability Guidelines Table (6E1, p.35) is a really handy thing that frankly, I wish was in Champions Complete. But I was curious on a couple points: How closely does that fit with people's experiences of play? Do you use those guidelines in your own games? If not, what do you do, and why? How does the feel of the game change at different levels? I've read the stuff on the distinction between Heroic and Superheroic, but I'm curious what changes, if any, there are between a game where everybody starts at SPD 5, and one where they star
  3. I know I'm starting a massive pile of new threads, but I couldn't really find something that fit what I was looking for, and the community has been super rad in enabling my obsession here Anyway! What I'm kind of missing out is something like The Class Guides from Pathfinder, which might seem a touch misleading at first. Those guides are purportedly about how to build effective, powergamy characters, and in a sense, they are. What I've actually found, however, is that they're really love letters to certain build types. So what I'd like to know, is what kinds of things have peopl
  4. Hi! So, I've been increasingly interested in a game that plays fast, but has very detailed and granular characters; it's something of a Maltese Falcon/Holy Grail situation for me. I played in a Hero 5th game back in the mid-aughts, in which I had basically no idea how my character worked, but playing Teenage Gypsy Hulk was more fun than it had any right to be, so I went out and got a copy of Hero 5th. After a couple years of trying to get into it, I eventually sold it. It just seemed... dense to me. But I've been looking for something in this range for some time now, and ov
  5. Ok so everyone i live with has convinced me to run a Hero system 6th edition campaign. Its based off x-men and a few other things i like all rolled into one. My biggest issue is i really am bad at math, rolling dice, an have NO freaking clue what i should be reading, or doing from the book perspective. Can someone simplify things out for this first time GM? I need a dummies book on this but i dont think those exist... i really want to get this going Dec 3rd an have been writing dialogue and ideas and havin gthem create their characters for over a month now. Ive got the 5th ed resou
  6. Version 2


    This is a simple sheet inspired by one from Savage Worlds, offering some ideas on what to do in combat given Hero's vast options. It has very simplified information, leaving the bookwork up to the GM, and includes a quick and dirty combat maneuver chart on page 2. The Combat Survival Guide is designed to be printed front and back on a page and handed out to players so they can check it between phases and see what they might find helpful.
  7. My sons are interested in doing a short Star Hero adventure during their summer break with me as their GM. I'm looking for something in the way of a good setting and adventure for their first foray into HERO. They've played a little D&D, so they get the idea of RPGs, but they're 10 and 12, so I'll be doing their character builds and whatnot (even with HD, it's probably a little much for the 10-year old, at least). I've GM'd D&D and Champions in the past. I'm not adverse to buying PDF content off the HERO games site, but there's not enough to get a feel for the contents. My 12 year-
  8. Hello! Having been engaged by loads of good folk with the question, "Why play Hero 6e?", I have decided to give running a game a go. It seemed most logical to try and build elements for the existing Fantasy-genre game that my group is already playing, albeit with our own OSR-derived system. I've moved the posting here because it seemed better to separate the "help the newbie build stuff" thread from the previous topic. If you want to join in, I'd be grateful because... well, it's all new and I get the feeling that I need a lot of advice. --- My First Drax (Dwarf) Continuin
  9. Bizaare duplicate of post... sorry.
  10. Hi all; long time lurker, first time poster. I remember fooling around with an old as hell version of the game back in like 2003? I guess things have really advanced in the world of HERO System since then; I wasn't even aware the game was still around! was introduced to the HERO system by a helpful person on another forum because of a very specific game idea I had. It's based on the Persona series of video games. Gameplay in Persona is a mix of standard dungeon crawls with turn-based combat, and visual novel or dating-sim style segments no wait come back. What I really wanted was a sy
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