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Found 4 results

  1. I'm in the early planning stages of a Fallout Hero (post-apocalyptic) campaign I plan to run after my current Traveller Hero campaign is over. I've got a handle on the details, and have a knowledge of the setting from playing Fallout 1, 2, and 3 extensively; I will run through New Vegas sometime in the next year, so that will also be under my belt. The wiki is a great resource for Fallout gaming, so I'm not too worried about those details. I've got most of the equipment worked out. What I'm trying to get some input on is specific areas or locations for the game. I live in New Jwrsey (as do my players) so I'm thinking of running a Tri-State area Fallout game. That would cover New York City and the lower part of New York State, all of New Jersey and Connecticut, and parts of Pennsylvania and the Northeast. I'm thinking of making the area at least as big as that of Fallout 3, which covered DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. New York is going to be my DC equivalent -- mostly bombed to oblivion. I can easily come up with spot locations: a power substation, a strip mall, etc. What would you guys be looking to visit were you playing this game? Any specific cities or towns in the area? Are there any historically-minded people reading this who have a favorite location that would take special prominence in the alternate-retrofuture of the Fallout universe? Thanks in advance!
  2. We're all familiar, through the Mad Max franchise and others, with the idea of a post-apocalyptic world where all or most of the planet is a scorching hot desert environment. How about a one-eighty on that concept: how about a winter wasteland? The idea is the planet is in a new ice age and even setting foot outside requires you to either be physiologically adapted to intense cold or put on full cold weather gear like an Eskimo. Perils could include raging snow and ice storms, attacks by mutant polar bears, etc.
  3. So, I have a deep and enduring love of Post-Apocalyptic settings. The Fallout series, Mad Max in all of its gonzo absurd glory, Wasteland (which IMO, kind of splits the conceptual difference between those first two), the weirdness of Nier, and so on. I've got a setting that I've been working on for 5 or so years -- when I remember it exists -- that I've never run anything with. Partially because endless tinkering is a thing, and partially because I never really found a system that really clicked for me. One of the types of games I wanted to run was a scrappy, survival-based game with lots of cover-based combat, drawing heavily on the excellent Jagged Alliance 2 in terms of what I wanted combat gameplay to be like. GURPS was recommended, and it's one of those relationships that just didn't work out. I'd been hacking Shadowrun 4th, then 5th into a shape that I liked, but not too seriously. Enter my recent discovery of/infatuation with Champions Complete. So! I've heard a lot of great stuff about PAH, but it's been mostly of the generic "it is so goooooood" variety. What makes it awesome? How much of it is 5th edition-specific mechanical bits? I've heard it's useful as a general campaign/genre guide - if I went the opposite direction of Hero and ran something in Apocalypse World, would it still be useful from a setting/world-building perspective? Related tangent: Heroic-level games: what's different? Advice? Maybe an existing thread that addressed that question thoroughly long ago? Danke!
  4. Found this Wiki through TV Tropes. It describes the world after Doomsday, September 19th, 1983. On that day, in our timeline, disaster was averted when a Soviet Colonel correctly decided that the four US ICBMs the instruments were showing him must have been glitches; in the Doomsday timeline, he was assigned to a different bunker ... The timeline is continually updated, and their now is our now, but in another timeline. I think. Seems very adaptable as a background for a PAH campaign.
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