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Found 8 results

  1. Is it possible to create a Power based on this ? https://nanatsu-no-taizai.fandom.com/wiki/Combo_Star If so, could I perhaps have some help crafting the Power? I wanna tone down the attack force though. & The limitation would be that the consecutive blows can be disrupted, resetting the Combo.
  2. Hello! I would like to preface that I am new to the HERO system. I have read the books, multiple times, and I have a long way to master this amazing system. This is my first post and I hope I do not offend or post this in the incorrect place. Now, I need help with a unique character build. I am beginning a sci-fi campaign soon where my players are heroic builds with 225 points and 50 in complications. One player wants to be a realistic hologram that can interact with the physical world. We used Desolidification as a constant power with other advantages and limitations, but I keep thinking there is a better way. I attached the character sheet we made in hopes that someone may be willing to steer us in a better direction. Here are some of the character details. He wants to be a realistic hologram that is projected from a badge that he is wearing on his arm. He can interact with the physical world and only has strength 3. Since the projection emits from the badge on his arm he is unable to pass through walls or the like. The character is difficult to hit because damage only affects the badge/hologram projector. If the badge is struck he will take damage along with becoming stunned and/or losing the ability to interact with the physical world for a short period (2-3 phases). If the badge is destroyed he is lost forever. Finally, the projector needs to be charged daily, and he will suffer negative affects after a day with no charge. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! H.O.M.O.N.C.U.L.O.S mark III.HTML
  3. We were play testing new characters this Tue. night and one of the players unveiled the following attack as the basis of his character... Passing Strike to two targets in same hex, no velocity on attacks. Two weapon fighting negates -2 overall attack on both prone enemies. Rapid Autofire skill allows both attacks to unleash an autofire, armor piercing attack. Both attacks hit all three times (the maximum of the autofire) = 6 hits for 10d6 Armor Piercing in 1 attack against 2 individuals. Questions: Can anyone find anything illegal with this? Assuming it's legal, would you allow it in your campaign? I haven't often been befuddled in my long career as a HERO System GM, but this one has me stumped. I could sure use some different perspectives.
  4. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I have not seen it. How do you build a literal trip wire (cord or rope strung across the road at ankle height). There is no clean way that I can see, though I am considering using Change Environment with an 5 point Adder to force a Dex (Acrobatics, Breakfall) roll or fall prone. Damage would be velocity based like the attacker on a Move Through. Any thoughts?
  5. I'd like to build a wall of fire power: the character is a fire-user and can generate a wall of fire. The wall can be several hexes long but cannot be moved once created (I'm not totally set on the 'cannot be moved once created' part, yet). Also, the power is not disrupted if someone wants to jump through it - they'll just take damage. Energy attacks can go through it as well without disrupting it. However, commonsense things like water, fire retardant, etc can disrupt/neutralize the wall of fire. I haven't decided if the character will need to keep burning END for it, or if the wall will run off it's own amount of End (or charges lasting a certain time). So, how would you build this?
  6. One of the players wants their power to be able to summon a truck and/or car at will and wherever they are, as well as make it disappear when not needed. Soooooo, how would you build that? The vehicle would pretty much be a standard vehicle, not suped-up.
  7. I am new to the Hero system and the Champions universe. I have the new Champions Complete book and am struggling with matching character concepts to rules. Please help me help a player to create his character. This player wants a robot character that looks and acts human. This robot can sprout rockets out the back of his thighs and wings out his back in order to fly. This robot can also sprout laser guns from his forceps. He can fly and shoot at the same time or choose to only use one. He must drink motor oil three times a day to keep his robotic parts lubed. He is wanted by the secret federal organization that created him so that they can remove his A.I. and produce more of him. In game terms, I am sensing he needs Flight, but is there a Power Modifier to represent that he needs to sprout those wings and thrusters before flying? I think I can model the laser guns, but does the required sprouting considered a Transform or maybe a partial Multiform? He obviously can't Transform others, and I see no Power Modifier to limit the Transform to himself, but it's not a full Multiform either. Once those are decided, do I group them in Unified Power and/or Multipower, since he is a robot with this ability to change into a flying, fighting machine? Does the Transform get Linked to Blast and Flight somehow? Any help you can give this noobie would be great.
  8. I have a question about Hero 5th edition Revised Usable On Other Advantage for Powers. I want to modify either the Aid Power or Find Weakness Power to allow it to effect a groups but have the Owner of the Power to make the Activation Roll for the group. The Usable On Others Advantage seems to be the closest way to do that but I don't see an option under Usable On Others that allows Owner of the Power to make the Activation Roll for the group. Has anyone seen a way to do what I want using the Usable On Others Advantage or other Power Advantage?
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