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Found 18 results

  1. who ere plans to watch/DVR tonight's affl game ? any questions or comments ? here is the thread for them
  2. if the indoor football league has ceased operation why do the Predators have a new owner ?
  3. Can anyone tell me the total points of Durak (member of Eurostar) from the most recent 6e villain book? I recently did a conversion from his 4e Classic Enemies entry and the total points went from 436 up to 571! I am curious how close this is to what's in the book. Thanks! HM
  4. 1. Should all characters with a CvK be required to use the Pulling a Punch maneuver? 2. If not, what additional Psychological Complication would be necessary to require it when there is doubt about an opponents toughness?
  5. First up Hulk I know that he has LS: Intense Cold and Intense Heat because the Marvel guide says he's not effected by temperature extremes. Does he have High Radiation? I know his cousin She Hulk is effected by Radiation in regards to her transformations. Can he survive in outer space or in deep seas (Low Pressure/Vacuum and/or High Pressure). How long can he hold his breath?
  6. Superman is just one example. There are plenty of characters in comics that do not have any extra obviousness (visible or audible) to their ability to fly. There are also plenty of examples of flying characters that ARE obvious when flying (Wings, Rockets, Repulsers, Flames, Green Glow or just a generic 'energy trail'. The question is whether a character's Flight should automatically get thrown into the second category when they don't have IPE or any Limitations that deal with obviousness? This would only come into play when the character wants to be Stealthy while Flying. From Hero System 6e1 page 228
  7. VIPER is the most powerful criminal organization in the Champions Universe. It's green clad thugs and super villains are world famous. Is this the right way to go in taking over the world? RAVEN is far more subtle, dividing itself into a number of criminal enterprises that can't be traced to the main organization. Each base operating independently on it's own diabolical device that will allow it to take over the world. When the device is completed, RAVEN makes contact with the World Leaders secretly and makes it's demands known only to them. Which type of organization do you prefer fighting?
  8. Hi, I've been busy over at RPGgeek.com requesting updates to their HERO System and Champions database and this is one of a few 'logo' images that I cannot find a 'clean' version of (with no background art clutter) that's in color. This is what they currently have showing at http://rpggeek.com/rpgfamily/399/champions#linkeditems Can anyone do better? HM
  9. Teleport 1", Megascale 10000km (+1 1/5), Safe Blind Teleport (+1/4) Does the above mean you can teleport anywhere within 10000km, as in anywhere on Earth? I'm trying to build the Justice League Transporter.
  10. I was doing a build of the Atom at my Templates thread, and found that as far as character conception his powers work OIHID (Only in Hero ID). That got me thinking, do other heroes have to change into their costumes in order to use their powers. It might not be because the costumes are the source of their powers, but rather the psychological need to be in costume. It could also be a necessary step to perverse their secret identities. So, do your heroes and villains always fight in costume?
  11. For those who've played or seen Injustice: Gods Among Us, Batman can defeat Superman. In the Champions system, with both characters built on the same number of points, can the Dark Knight truly defeat the Man of Steel?
  12. Are there more the one race? Is there a "Green Lantern Corps" like organization? How are they aliens different then humans? Has there been an invasion of Earth?
  13. How many points are they built on? Do they carry conventional or superpowerful weapons? What kind of defenses to they have? What kind of skills do they have?
  14. What superpowers or abilities would you like to have? And what would you call yourself as a Superhero or Villain (No Judgement)?
  15. What Skills Do All Superheroes Need? There are exceptions, of course, but there are some Skills that are common to the majority of Heroes?
  16. I rented the movie ripd from movies in demand today has anyone used the rest in peace dept in their ufH games
  17. How fast is your Superhero's Noncombat Movement? Do they have their own means of transportation, or do they rely on a group vehicle? What is their area of operation (city, country, world, space?)
  18. What are your heroes flaws? What are the things about your hero that might annoy people? How do villains exploit these flaws? My heroine Liberty never volunteers personal information (no one knows her real first name). She tends to keep people at a distance because she doesn't want to get hurt. Oh, and she's a cannibal (just kidding).
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