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Found 9 results

  1. During the discussion on the thread, The Turakian Age is Seriously Underrated, it was brought to my attention that not only were many folks unfamiliar with that fantasy setting published by Hero Games, but the degree to which other books in the Fantasy Hero line were directly connected to it, providing supporting elaboration for various facets of its world. It occurred to me that Hero's signature sci-fi setting might also suffer from a similar misconception. Just as with the Turakian Age, most of Hero's science-fiction books use the Terran Empire as their default reference, in some cases even more than their fantasy books do for TA. The centerpiece of the line is, or course, the Terran Empire source book. While the majority of the book details this future era when Humanity has forged a major interstellar empire from a human perspective, it also spends considerable time surveying the history, culture, and technology of other races of the galaxy, major and minor, including character templates. Not everyone has noticed that Steve Long co-wrote TE with sci-fi author and game designer, James Cambias, who brings his rich imagination and narrative style to the project. Scourges Of The Galaxy, written by Jason Walters, provides extensive backgrounds and full games stats for a host of NPCs, solo or part of organizations, drawn directly from the galaxy of the TE era. In many cases they're elaborations of people or groups mentioned in Terran Empire. Another book, Worlds Of Empire, surveys nearly two dozen alien planets both within and outside the Empire. Quite a few of those are notably exotic compared to Earth. The environment and geography of each planet is laid out, including planetary Mercator projection maps. In a number of cases the planets have native inhabitants, whose history and culture are spelled out in even richer detail than in the core book. Spacers Toolkit provides descriptions, stats and, often, illustrations for even more weapons, equipment, and vehicles used during the Terran Empire era, both by humans and aliens. Other Hero books, while not set in the TE era, build on precedents established for the Hero Universe's future. Alien Wars by Allen Thomas rolls the timeline back a few centuries, to the human race's protracted war for survival versus the horrific Xenovores. Besides providing a less "imperial" human society, the book adds even more alien races to the galaxy's population. Shifting out of the Star Hero line, Champions Beyond elaborates the "space/cosmic" side of the company's present-day, superhero-dominated Earth, by infusing most of the aliens from their sci-fi books (adjusted for this earlier period in their history), and adding even more. Nearly eighty species are mentioned in that book, with details ranging from a couple of paragraphs up to multi-page chapters which include home world description comparable to what's in Worlds Of Empire, history, culture, technology, and representative individuals. CB also introduces such classic comic-book sci-fi features as super-advanced aliens, planet-eaters, and "cosmic entities." For a "Legion of Superheroes" - type campaign, Galactic Champions moves the time line forward past the Terran Empire period, to when Mankind and other interstellar civilizations have formed a vast Galactic Federation. Various "superheroes" and "supervillains" are provided, again based on the history and races established throughout Hero's space books. The Hero Games website used to host several free supplements to its Star Hero line, which can still be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Several forms for help creating and recording info about alien species, planets, and star sectors are linked to here. You can also download a simple application to randomly generate sectors of your own galaxy, based on the tables from the Star Hero genre book, from here. Finally, on this webpage you'll find links to free color "astropolitical" maps of the Milky Way galaxy at the time of the Terran Empire, in several sizes/resolutions.
  2. Greetings Herophiles, I've wanted to do an homage to the Dark Sun world for some time now. I've also been hearing more about Zachariah Sitchen's Annunaki mythos. In short, Sitchen posits that ancient alien gods came to Earth, created modern humans via genetic manipulation as a slave race and then hopped on their wandering planet (Niberu) for a quick jaunt across the galaxy. I took that idea and ran with it. So first draft of back cover blurb: In Ulum's pre-history, the Annuki came down from the skies and mingled their blood with the people of Uhlrum. They created Man to mine the precious ores from the planet and then left, leaving the world fresh for the conquest of self-proclaimed God-Kings . Just a few short generations later, the Sun began to heat up, destroying all but the most hardy vegetation and inexorably driving civilization northward and southward to cooler climates. Then the great serpent, Khuladine was cast from the sky and his coming brought ruin upon what was left of the world. Civilization retreated to a few strongholds, the city-states of the God-Kings. Magic, long an unintended gift of the Annuki, became corrupted. The more a population used it, the more likely that Khuladine would be roused to move against it. Wherever he goes, ruin and tragedy follow. The Ashghuls rise from the dreaded ash seas to serve as his dread army and drag the souls that they slay back to the ever-burning embers. But magic is the key to power. The God-Kings have learned to use the perverted magic in ceremonies that have made them immortal. Most of them have ruled for thousands of years, distant in their towering temples and deaf to the plight of the common folk. Ash Storms blow in periodically, raining fire down upon the city-states, but hope rides behind the ashes. When the ash storms come, rain follows. It is from these waters that civilization continues to toil on. Merchants travel from city-state to city-state, the blood of mercenaries stain the sands, treasure hunters seek the ruins of fallen city-states and remnants of ancient cities, and the wizards huddle in secret places, perfecting their arts away from the fear of the ignorant masses. It is a world where the bold and clever can make a mighty legacy for themselves. As you may guess from the above, I am starting to construct a mini-campaign setting for Fantasy Hero as I've kind of outlined in the 2017 Gaming Projects thread. My first step was to create a map. I always like to have a map handy. It allows me to visualize the world as I go through the creation process. A map that fits the theme of the world is just invaluable. This map was actually a treat to make. After some initial disappointments, I was finally able to get Wilbur (a terrain generation program) to give me something interesting to work with. Once that happened the rest just started falling into place. The texture on the map, concepts for the world, and even the coins used to represent each city-state. I want to share the creation process as I develop things and this map is the first concrete thing I've done in the process. It will be good for viewing on a computer monitor, but will not print well. When I get everything completed, I will have a fully printable product. As always, I welcome constructive comments. I have a pretty good idea of the high concept and some of the (super)natural mechanisms of the world but that doesn't mean that I would not like to see your opinions. Thanks, James
  3. I don't care what settings they were meant for, I want to know if there's a book which simply contains all the skills, characteristics, powers, advantages, and disadvantages, talents, magic, whatever that have ever appeared in any books. All the raw materials that I could ever need to build any of my own settings. I don't like the feeling of these things being tucked away in different genre books, I just want all the character building tools extant within the system. I feel like the splatbooks should exclusively contain package deals that, no matter the setting or genre, only reference a single book worth of raw building materials. Does such a book exist? Am I an idiot, and that's already what the 6e core book is?
  4. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Do you play in the Supers genre? If so, what setting do you use? Champions? Marvel/DC? Something still licensed, but less mainstream like Robert Kirkman's Invincible, or Brian Michael Bendis' Powers? Perhaps a custom setting of your own design? Or maybe a mishmash of the above, multiverse style? I'm sort of under the assumption that people play a lot of Champions, and I'm curious what the setting has going for it. In general, there are pros & cons to all the above approaches; I'm curious what people have found enjoyment in. Thanks!
  5. I am opening a new thread as things are progressing at a decent rate on this project now. This is a continuation of an old mostly unnecessary to read threat: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/86228-cross-secret-agents-of-the-vatican-source-book/ I hear the book has changed names. You heard right, it is called Secret Agents of CROSS and it now has a logo so there is no going back. What is Secret Agents of CROSS, you ask? Here is the shortest possible description: Secret Agents of CROSS is a tabletop RPG where agents are tasked to stop terrorists, ancient evils and recover dangerous artifacts. Besides the logo is there any other interesting news? Sure. We have also taken on a regular artist and a second writer to help me move things forward. One new facet of the project is that my new writer writes a lot of material in Savage Worlds so we will be creating two separate editions of CROSS with one still being HERO System and the other being Savage Worlds. Is that it? Goodness no, but a good spy has to have patience. Stay tuned for the next .communiqué. --end transmission--
  6. It occurs to me that there is a jumble of ideas just rolling around in my head at any given moment. It also occurs to me that I haven't actually done anything towards running or designing a setting in a long time. I don't know if I can keep anything cohesive in my brain, but I really feel that it is time to start putting ideas out onto the table. I don't know where these ideas are going or what my end game, if I even truly have such a thing, is. All I know is that my brain, though active, has been stagnant with the lack of expression. So I am starting with Space Opera as a setting. It is always been my second favorite genre and my favorite genre to run. I tend towards Star Wars more than Star Trek in terms of character abilities. I have baseline assumptions about playable races from my time running Gemini Ascendant. I want to add more. I am also shifting the mechanics more towards superhero than heroic. Mostly, that is going to be for character generation. Characters will be built using points to buy their signature weapons and powers. To take an example from Star Wars, Luke would buy all of his Force powers and Lightsaber with points. Boba Fett would buy his Mandalorian Battle Armor. That sort of thing. Keep in mind that this is not Star Wars. I am pretty sure that Star Wars, Mass Effect, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek and a bunch more IPs will be inspiring me. They always do. I choose to post ideas here, instead of a blog, to elicit comment and feedback. I work better with constructive criticism than in a vacuum. Wish me luck.
  7. I have the book, and have ben looking for an opportunity to run it for awhile now, but my long-timr group was already established in the standard Champs setting. But, there's a Con coming up (well, we call it a Con, but it's really just a yearly gathering of friends.), and I'm thinking I may run a session of Gestalt. So, let me ask some questions of the collective Champions brain trust. Have you run/played in the setting? Are there things you learned during play that might help a newbie to the setting? Suggestions? Tips? How was it for you? Did you enjoy it, or would you recommend a different setting? Thanks, Storyarama
  8. Hello! Having been engaged by loads of good folk with the question, "Why play Hero 6e?", I have decided to give running a game a go. It seemed most logical to try and build elements for the existing Fantasy-genre game that my group is already playing, albeit with our own OSR-derived system. I've moved the posting here because it seemed better to separate the "help the newbie build stuff" thread from the previous topic. If you want to join in, I'd be grateful because... well, it's all new and I get the feeling that I need a lot of advice. --- My First Drax (Dwarf) Continuing the saga of Aelfrik, my first stab at a Dwarf hero, I've modified the character as advised. To help folk visualise what I am after, here are bits from the background my gaming group has constructed so far: For a more full understanding of what I'm trying to convert, I've also pulled an extract from our setting guide for the existing d100-based game. If you focus on the Race and Role Traits / Advancements, you can get a feel for what I'm trying to emulate. It's very classical fantasy in feel... Mountain Dwarf Barbarian (UbiRPG extract).pdf So far... I've lowered the DCV (and OMCV) and equipped him with Battleaxe, Bronze Panoply, and Bronze Shield. I've altered his Complications to emulate the Dwarfish lust for Shiny Things. I've also removed the inappropriate "Small" template. That leaves quite a few points to play with. What I'd like to look at is how to emulate the Mountain Dwarf racial traits "Hard as Granite", and "Defensive Expertise (Giants & Ogres)". I'd also like to emulate the Mountain Barbarian's "Intimidate" trait. Advice welcome. Here's the updated sheet... with many points still to spend: Aelfrik.pdf In the meantime, I'm going to work on an Uruk Warrior...
  9. Bizaare duplicate of post... sorry.
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