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Found 4 results

  1. So working in my Champions Campaign and my group has received a base of my version of SHIELD (UNTIL in Champions universe). I got a copy of The Ultimate Base and saw this photo. It looks a lot like a Helicarrier but I can't seem to find stats for it. I looked in The Ultimate Base and my UNTIL guides and didn't find it. So where do I find it's stats or if there is no stats, has anyone made stats for it? It would be useful info for my campaign.
  2. For some reason I was under the impression that when you used a shield's DCV value as OCV to Block it functioned only as OCV. Essentially since you were actively using the shield as OCV you lost the passive DCV it offered. Now I just read a combat example that counted the shield for OCV in a Block and still counted in the character's DCV at the same time. Have I had this wrong in my head this whole time? Or is the combat example incorrect?
  3. How to make Star Trek like shields in comes up in quite often. Both for spaceships and for characters. People quickly learn it is not as easy as it sounds. I think this is not an issue with HERO however. I think it is an issue with trying to copy something from another medium too exactly. Compounded by machinery generally having Stun damage immunity in HERO. There are a few ways to do it, but all of them have caveeats: - Ablative is only designed for armor that repairs about as often as charges recover. Shields need to regenerate a lot faster - Force Wall works like the most direct translation. But quickly get's expensive as you need stuff like one-sided transparency or indirect to use your own weapons. Not to mention you need to account for regeneration and somebody just re-using the power. - one of the APG adds "damage based endurance cost". If you combine that with a dedicated shield-only Endurance Reserve you get a pretty good translation. However unlike 5E, 6E End Reserve is quite expensive. It is like a more detailed verson of charges or no Endurance cost. I believe in order to translate anything from one system to another - or even stuff from other works of fiction into a game - we need to understand why it works the way it does. For example D&D saving throws do not need to be copied from D&D to HERO because Hero lacks the designflaw they are are designed to adress - armor does not reduce damage in D&D. So: Why are shields working as sort of ablative, regenerating energy armor with percentile values in Star Trek and practicaly every computer game that has them? What are shields purpose? Answer: To build a dramatically tense situation, without permanent damage. We don't need to know how much energy the shields can resist or how much the energy an enemy attack projects. We don't even need to know the physics of the shields. If an attack (salvo) leads to shields falling from 100% to 40% that is bad! 100% to 80% in a few minutes? There has been worse. I believe HERO does not need ablating shields to create the same "dramatic tension". We already have something much better - Stun damage. Make shields something that costs endurance or at least non-knockout to be kept active. And your stun suddenly works like your Shield percentage. Lossing stun, how much stun you loose and how close you get to loosing body already builds all the tension you need. 5-10 Stun past shield and armor is not much. 30 on the other hand sounds like serious trouble. The only issue is that most machine like stuff in HERO (inlcuding vehciles, robots and many undead writeups) are build with "takes no stun". We just need to stop doing that. Keep "can not be stunned" around isntead. Give it extra stun equal to how many CP have been invested in body. And you should get somewhere quite interesting. So, what do you think of this idea?
  4. Hi, Heroes. As one who mostly sets my campaigns in the established Champions Universe, I have been thinking lately about the events unfolding in the Marvel cinematic universe and how it could be reflected in my games. If UNTIL is like SHIELD (in my games, it is) and VIPER is HYDRA, how much effect on the rest of the world would it have to have a full-blown attack from within? Also, where can I get me a used helicarrier? Has anyone done something similar in your games?
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