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Found 6 results

  1. My general question is the following How would you people design a power that takes over another persons summon power, transformation power and so on We meet a group of magicians last adventure and that question come up when they started to summon a great demon that they would control. What I wanted to do was to hijack the power and when the summoning was done I would be in charge over the demon instead. Have you people any idéa how to make a power like that ?
  2. One of the players wants their power to be able to summon a truck and/or car at will and wherever they are, as well as make it disappear when not needed. Soooooo, how would you build that? The vehicle would pretty much be a standard vehicle, not suped-up.
  3. Hi all about to start a Cyberpunk Hero campaign (well... at the moment only one one-shot and maybe few adventures but it's still a good start) and wondering how to rule the drones in the settings, drones uses a sofisticated computer-like semi-AI called "robobrain"; this let the drone acting in similar way than already trained animals. Drones are built as automaton-like animals (and i can also use some animal sheets from bestiary to build drones just adding them automaton powers and something else) So long, drone users just have to turn on the drones and then issue some command (using a drone handling skill similar to animal handling) and the drones will act. Obviously, they will follow orders just like animal would and that's means they can do ligical assumption: you can say them "go inside the building and tag the criminal with bigger gun" but can't say "go inside the building and tag the leader"... however, drone operator can "pick up the control" of the drones: this means they can directly control drones actions. i though about using summon for it: you "summon" the drone, and so you can control their actions or it's better using mind control?
  4. As a bit of background information, I will be GM'ing a Champions campaign with 4 11-year-olds. I don't have a GM to look to, and I have no experience with actually playing the game yet. But I've read Champions Complete at least 4 times. We were creating the last of the 4 characters Saturday night and his first ability I don't know how to create. His inspiration is Green Lantern, whom I don't know much about. This player wants his character to create just about anything with energy. OK, so he wants a Summon power with Slavishly loyal since he can only summon (create) inanimate objects with this energy. The area of effect is limited to 1 cubic meter and the range is limited to No Range, since it's always created right in front of him. And he also needs to move his arms around to create it, so that's the gestures limitation. But now where do I go? He wants this creative energy to become ANY inanimate object, but sometimes that object looks like a Power to me. For instance, he wants to be able to create a shield which is Barrier, non-anchored, cannot englobe, restricted shape, no range. He wants to be able to change that shield to a sword, which is hand-to-hand attack, I suppose. But he may opt for a warhammer, club, screwdriver, computer, waste basket, candy, sunglasses, keys, and other objects. I have no idea what to do. I told these guys we could build any character they want, and he comes to me with this. I based my claim off the Champions advertising. That's pretty clever, wanting a character that essentially never needs to buy so much as a pocketknife to get by in life, since he can create a temporary one. But that just seems way over-powered and way too difficult to create. Assuming I allow him to create such a power, how should I go about it? Does this power generate other powers? Do these generated powers get put in a VPP since he can't possibly use them at the same time? I'm at a loss.
  5. Hello everyone, first rules/power building post. I'm trying to find the best, most rules friendly way to build a Summoning power that calls a mystic taxi with driver. The idea is that the character I'm playing uses Summon to hail a taxi that will take my character and the other PCs around if needed. I know how to build the power, but the place where I'm not sure what to do next is if it should be a character of it's own with enough size and strength to carry all of the players, a vehicle and some kind of "autopilot" built in, or if the spell should summon a character that HAS a vehicle. Obviously, this is going to need ALOT of GM input. The concept I have in my head is it's a ghost taxi driver that is it's own personality, but can't leave the car under any circumstances and for all intents and purposes, is part of the car. Thoughts?
  6. Several questions. I'm guiding my players through the initial processes of creating characters, and I've hit some snags. "Jake" and "Rick" are making a tech based minion master and a shadowmancer, respectively. Jake wants to make little hover-drones that work as multi-function allies- he can summon up to 16 of them, and I've placed a (-0) limitation that they can only be summoned 1 at a time, given that each one is a modular vpp automaton, (OAF, only changeable between scenes specifically in his laboratory) and being able to dump 16 of them in one phase strikes me as ludicrously broken, even if they ARE only 100 point automatons. Since they only hover and have no limbs, (1) can he gain extra points for the hover drones by reducing their run, swim, and leap to 0? And (2) the computers that control them, are they paid for with Jake's cp or the drone's cp? As to Rick, he's presented me with a quandary- he has a shadow based power(flailing shadows) that requires 2 handed gestures, but then wants to get the multiple limb advantage, at a cost of 1 END for every 2 extra limbs, to create "Shadow limbs" with which to control multiple instances of (separately paid for) flailing shadows. (3) Would you rule that the option for multiple limbs cancels out the limitation "2 handed gestures" or is this a valid use of the system?
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