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Found 4 results

  1. It is the King Kirby Superdraft. Rules - Usual Superdraft rules apply. - Eligibility: Any character created or co-created by Jack "King" Kirby. - Any character not created or co-created by The King but drawn by him requires an Option pick. - Location is drafted first, and any subsequent picks in any order. Roster: Location: 1 Heroes: 6 Villain: 1 Options: 3 New Rule: Commissioner Bonus Pick If the Commissioner loves a draft pick, he can award that player a Bonus Pick. Bonus Picks are just that, a bonus, and once awarded can be redeemed at any time. Bonus Picks can also be awarded for creative or obscure draft picks that the Commissioner feels warrant the awarding of one. A maximum of 5 Bonus Picks can be awarded during the draft. When do we start? Pariah decides. Not to. Edit: Okay, the time to start is 9 pm GMT/UTC this Thursday. Google says this is 4 pm Eastern Time. So Friday in Australia.
  2. Ye gawds, it's the World Creation SuperDraft! You are a god. We are building a new fantasy mythology from scratch. Working with all of the other gods, you are going to create a new world. The setting is completely blank. You will need to contribute your divine ideas to build the lands and populate them with a variety of life. Here's what you'll need in your divine portfolio. Domains of Influence. These are special realms of control and responsibility for which you are known and prayed to. You will have one primary domain and three secondary domains. Secondary domains can be a new area of influence or can recreate any of the other divine contributions (including Interference). Geography. You are the patron and builder of certain locales. It can be as broad as a continent or an ocean, or it can be as specific as a city. Sentient Life. Humans are not here by default. You can build entire races from scratch or offshoots of another race already created. (Example, God A creates centaurs. God B likes centaurs, too, so he builds an offshoot race, dark centaurs.) Gift to Civilization. Whomever the races may be, they are extremely primitive. As gods, you must guide them. Contribute skills or knowledge to the population. You can specify a particular people for your gift, which will make them the best at it, but it will spread to others. Flora or Fauna. Create one of the following, either a special plant or crop for the world OR a special animal or livestock for the world. You dictate use, danger, locality, power, etc. These can be real world things (roses, corn, horses, etc.) or mythic (walking trees, Audrey II, Godzilla, etc.) Interference. Bestow a Blessing or curse to an existing place or people. The gods were often family, working together. They were also competitive, and sometimes downright petty. This is your chance to enact your will upon a fellow gods' creation. Mythic Monster or Guardian. You have singular representation in the world, a special, magical creature, benevolent or deadly. This creature is unique, named, and intelligent. Round one will be your Primary Domain, but the rest can be selected in any order. This is a grand experiment. I will not be participating because I don't want to influence where the world goes. We will begin Thursday June 1, Noon Eastern.
  3. I'll start the conversation, since nobody else has. How much interest is there in doing one or more Superdrafts in 2018? I have an idea that I could implement for February. It would start on the first Monday, run for two weeks, and include a twist that (as far as I know) has never been included in a Superdraft yet. I'll start putting things together if there's interest. We can also talk about what we might want to do in subsequent months. Who would be willing to run a draft, who would want to participate, when people would be able to do it, all that kind of thing. Feedback?
  4. The Premise: A notorious supervillain has got his hands on time travel technology. He’s spent several months (or years? Decades?) just wandering around time and space, observing, studying, and taking notes. He’s even tried making subtle changes at key times, just to see what the effects would be. Now, after his long and arduous research, he is ready to strike. He is assembling a team of like-minded individuals to strike at key points in history to change the shape and flow of time and space. His ultimate goal? To take over the Universe, to rule and reign over the past, the present, and the future. Someone needs to stop him. To this end, heroes from across time and space will band together to save the Universe. The Draft: Each player will make up to ten selections beginning on June 1st. Players will draft each day beginning at 12:00 noon Eastern Daylight Time. (Use Google as needed to figure out what time this is where you are.) The Base of Operations must be the first pick; all other picks may be made in any order. We will be drafting on the weekends. Players may draft any professionally published fictional character. Once a character is selected, all other versions of that same person are off the board. There are ten (10) selections total to be made. They are as follows: Base of Operations: This is a specific time and place from which your heroes will operate. Please specify a physical location and a time. This must be your first pick. Bases of Operations are exclusive. Heroes (6): Choose six protagonists, one per day, to oppose the villains. These must be professionally published fictional characters. EACH CHARACTER MUST BE FROM A DIFFERENT ERA. That is to say, no two characters can be from the same time and place. Choose characters from different times/locations in the past, present, and future. Character choices are exclusive. The Dragon: You will also select one villain who is working with the bad guys. (Who are the bad guys? See below.) This will be the primary antagonist for your specific team. As with the heroes, Dragons are exclusive. Options (2): These are for things other than characters. Exotic weapons or technology, alternate locations, supporting characters, additional heroes or Dragons, whatever. Options are exclusive, unless there’s a compelling reason for them not to be. The Bad Guys: As you are drafting heroes and such, I will be drafting villains. I’ll use the same rules: Base of Operations first, one Villain per day, exclusive picks, from different eras, and so on. I will choose six villains. I will not select an Anti-Dragon (hero) or any Options. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Right, what’s an era? A: An era, for purposes of this draft, is a distinct time and place in history. It can be as general as “Earth during the Jurassic” or as specific as “a space station orbiting Epsilon Eridani III, 2258”. Q: Are “1600s England” and “1600s Japan” considered different eras? A: For purposes of this draft, yes. Q: Is this a supers draft? A: It can be, if you want. Draft the characters you’d like. If you want to draft a whole team of Skilled Normals, that’s great. You are neither required to, nor forbidden from, drafting characters with superhuman abilities. Q: Will you be drafting villains in response to the heroes that we draft? A: Wow, that’s a great idea! Thanks for mentioning it! Q: I really wanted to draft Captain America, but someone has already drafted Steve Rogers, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. What do I do? A: Draft a Captain America who isn’t Steve Rogers. William Naslund (A/K/A Spirit of ‘76) is probably still available, as is Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson. Q: Someone drafted Mister Fantastic as one of their heroes. Can I draft Maker (Ultimate universe Reed Richards) as my Dragon? A: No. After Mister Fantastic is taken, all other versions of Reed Richards--even those from alternate universes--become unavailable. Q: How specific does my Base of Operations need to be? A: It needs to be one place in one era. “20th Century Earth” isn’t nearly specific enough. “New York City, 1980s” would probably be okay. Q: Can I draft real people? A: You may draft fictional versions of real people who are not currently alive. (Specify the source, please.) No version of any living person may be drafted. Pastiches of living people are okay, however. In other words, you may not draft Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you could draft Rainier Wolfcastle (McBain) from The Simpsons. Q: Will I need a title? A: That would be helpful. Reveal your title at your discretion. If you have any additional questions (and I’m sure you will), bring ‘em on. I’ll answer them as best I can. We’ll start the draft Friday, June 1st at 12:00 noon EDT. That’ll be the Base of Operations. Additional draft picks are made each day thereafter at the same time. So, who’s in?
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