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Found 12 results

  1. This is an experiment to get my ass writing again. Whether I will ever actually use this in a published work or not remains to be seen, but I need to get myself motivated and I figure trying a bit of writing here might help. This will be the roughest of Rough Drafts. I Hope folks enjoy. I'll try to write at least a paragraph each day. Let me tell you something about superhero costumes; they work best in certain situations. Most of us, superheroes that is, are in good physical shape. Even if your powers aren't physical in nature, you end up dodging, chasing (or fleeing), punching now and then, and generally working up a sweat just to get by. Some of us are blessed with super metabolisms and a natural physique we don't even have to work at, sure, but for most it's a matter of survival to get into shape. If you're wheezing within five minutes of a fight- you may die. And we've all heard stories of well intentioned wanna-bes who tried to pull someone from a burning building or other danger, only to find they didn't have the upper arm strength. We are not, contrary to what you might see in comic books, all runway models, ballet dancers, or power lifters in build, but we are fit. And from the point of vanity? Thank goodness, or we might look even more ridiculous than we already do. Costumes are best in motion, or shadow. In motion, we are blurs of color coming to rescue you. We are brightly lit beacons of hope to stand against dark clad denizens of dastardly deeds yadda yadda. Motion can demonstrate power: it forces the observer's eye to grade by speed and grace rather than registering 'is that a grown man in tights'? Shadows keep you from looking garish, they dim the flaws in the stitching if you have any. There's an element of mystery. There's a reason candles are aids in romance; low lighting is a cheap beauty enhancement for the homeliest guy or gal. Now, my outfit? I think it's pretty good. Essentially it's a glorified sleeveless wetsuit of green so dark it's nearly black with regular green highlights. Yes, I know I just made a comment about bright colors earlier, but dark colors are the refuge of the body conscious and that is not likely to change. Besides, the darker green background makes those lighter highlights really pop. Of course, there are added touches beyond that. Gloves and foot wear that adapt when I'm in water, a mask that is a mix of the same material as the wetsuit melded with some goggles, slightly tinted. I keep my hair short, many swimmers do. And, of course, there's the Eel on my chest. It probably looks like a high school mascot logo to some, but it's definitely an Eel, and as Eel is my superhero handle, that's probably a good thing. Why am I going on about my costume and costumes in general? Because I'm not in motion. I'm standing at a bus station feeling like a weirdo. And that's despite having sat next to some bearded guy in a fedora and a Hawaiian shirt who kept singing Saturday morning jingles the whole trip and then every five minutes muttering "No, you be quiet." But no, it's me the crowds are looking at now that I've gotten off the bus and am waiting for my ride from my soon to be new team. One woman is pulling her little boy away from me slowly and shooing him behind her. Great. Two teen guys are snickering and making comments about what they believe to be my sexual orientation. Well, that's open minded. I thought things in the big city would be a bit more tolerant. Then again, the teenage years are that sweet period of time where, if there is a selfish gene, it's getting amped up to the proverbial eleven. Who wasn't a bit of a jerk at some time in their teen years? "I'm a superhero," I explain to them, "My name's Eel. I'm be joining the New Samaritans. Happy to be here in Costa Sagrado" The two teenagers exchanged looks, then snickered, "What ever, butt muncher," One, wearing a t-shirt with a rude gestured stuck his jaw out as if waiting for me to try something about it. I sighed and tried to ignore him, while the teen and his friend chalked it up to be a win in the 'how jerkass can we be without someone putting us in line' test that is their phase in life. Really, what am I going to do? Chuck them into into the sun? First, no can do. Second, that would be murder. Third, people already think superheroes handle every problem with violence and I'm not about to live down to their expectations. Don't get me wrong, I am super strong. I could certainly grab both, leap to the top of the second story building of the bus station and leave them there to contemplate some manners - all in one smooth motion. Hell, I can punch through steel. But, like the man said, with great power comes ...insert copyright infringement risk. Superheroes need to be better than that. We need to understanding, tolerant, and polite. We should show that humility is not weakness and courtesy is not lost. We need.... "You the Fish Guy?" A voice piped up, "Sure as hell hope you're the Fish Guy. Because I'm late to pick him up," The voice was male, with an impatient tone. I searched the crowd searching for the source. It took me a moment, mostly because I wasn't looking down. About four feet away was a six inch tall man with a proportionally sized bow and quiver filled with tiny arrows. Of course, he had a costume, one of blue peasant shirt and green breaches but honestly, the detail I noticed was that he was six inches tall. "I..." I blathered for a moment, I admit it, I'm not the most experienced superhero. Not counting a rather humiliating beat down from a villain team, I've fought just one supervillain, and really ruined a drug cartel's day, mostly I helped with rescue and recovery, "Yeah, that's me. You're with the New Samaritans?" "Yep," He noticed my mouth was still open, "Careful, Fish Guy, someone's gonna put a hook in that. What's the matter? Never seen a costumed archer in this business? A third of the super teams in America have one, the other two thirds suck. My handle's Pinprick. Some folks only use half of that," he smirked. "Well, yes I've seen... just never heard..." This was getting out of hand, "Sorry for staring. Oh, it's not Fish Guy, it's Eel." "Whatever you think will fit on a cereal box, sport," The diminutive archer said, "Follow me, the vehicle is waiting to fly us to the base." He noticed the two teenagers. If they had been snickering at me, they were outright laughing at him. Jokes about him being just 'right sized' as a sex toy were crudely made. My brows knit. I guess I'm worried weird. Give me crap, and I guess I'll take it. Give someone else crap? And I get a bit guarded. "Pardon me, please, you're blocking my way," I said politely to them. "Your way to your boyfriend? " One snickered, "Does he fit up your..." before the comment could finish, Pinprick's tiny hands drew an arrow and fired in a motion so fast I almost didn't see it. The needle sized arrow stuck into the obnoxious teenager's shoulder. Right in front of my eyes, the teenager dwindled, collapsing shorter and shorter until he actually a bit smaller than Pinprick himself, and terrified looking. Not that his friend wasn't freaked out too, "Victor!" Pinprick drew another arrow and looked at the still unshrunken one, "Now, are you going to move or do I need to make is so Fish Guy can step over you too?" "Jesus!" The still normal sized teenager retorted, moving to the side as if expecting a cobra bite. Victor, his now five and a half inch tall friend was running in circles in a panic. I was appalled, "You can't do that to people." "Just did, come on, it won't last forever," Pinprick said and began to walk away from the bus station, presumably towards whatever team vehicle awaited, "He'll be fine. I just cut him down to size- literally. If you want to get technical about it, they were making a public disturbance, nuisance, and loitering. Pick One. One the less legal mumbo jumbo side of things, nobody but me gives my team mates hell. C'mon Fish Guy, you're part of the asylum now." I followed, calling back to the diminished Victor and his friend who had recovered enough to lift his friend up like an action figure, "He says it's temporary." but I kept going after, "I can take care of myself." "If that was the case you wouldn't be doing the strength in numbers thing, relax, Fish Guy. Like I said, I got the timer set on ten," Pinprick shook his head, "Frankly, ocean front city or not, I'm not sure we needed a Fish Guy, but you have a great record in rescue , got the super strength bullet proof thing going, and we're short a muscle man. I can't tell you how much your connections with Atlantis are going to help us out if we do get some water guys invading." "Ah," I paused, "I'm not from Atlantis." "Yeah yeah, sure, you're from one of the Carolinas.." He shrugged as if they were interchangeable , "But I mean heritage. Mother or Father's side?" "Neither side," I said, "I've got some Scott-Irish I can trace, my grandmother said her grand mother was Cherokee, but other than that I'm just your standard white guy," I tilted my head, "You're pulling my leg about Atlantis, right? It's not like that 's real?" We had arrived at a hovercar. I knew it was a hover car because -look ma, no wheels. Any other time I'd have been more suitably amazed. But I was still hoping that I was getting a new guy hazing here. "You don't know about Atlantis?" Pinprick winced, "Tell me you can at least talk to fish?" "Yeah," I said nodding, "I can talk to fish... " "Great, at least you can calm their battle beasts down if they... " He started to say "Like you can talk to your hamburger," I finished, "Does your hamburger talk back? Because my fillet never did." Pinprick put his face in his palms, "But your resume said you were an aquatic hero." "Yeah, I can breath underwater, go down to depths that would crush most people, see in lower light easily, a few other tricks.. but I don't talk to fish. That's... weird." The door opened on the passenger side and Pinprick shook his head again, "Just.. just get in the car, Fish Guy." "It's Eel," I said irritated, and also a bit worried that I was about to have my membership revoked pretty darn quick, "I'm not Fish Guy." "Yeah, no kidding!" He said getting into the driver's seat, "Doesn't know about Atlantis or any of the other under sea kingdoms, doesn't talk to Fish... hell, you don't even carry a trident," Disgusted, Pinprick spoke to the car, "Take us home, Mabel." A husky female voice emanated from the car, "Right away, Tiger... " And the sultry voiced vehicle shot up into the sky vertically like an elevator on steroids. About fifty feet up, I finally found the focus to ask, "Wait, other undersea kingdoms?" (To be continued?)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Here's my contribution to the "Third Edition Renaissance" that consists of various characters converted from 5th and 6th Edition to a more simplified format using 3rd Edition as the base. The following is a list of Hero Designer files included and the asterisk (*) indicates that there is a character write-up included. If the interest is strong enough, I will convert more. Enjoy! 😉 Alexis Adakai* (Modern adventurer/explorer) Aquaman with Hook Aquaman (Classic) Batgirl (Barbara Wilson from Batman & Robin film) Batman* Batwoman (Carrie Kelley) Beast* Black Canary Blue Beetle Booster Gold Captain America* Captain Atom Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Colossus Cyclops Firebrand* Iron Man* Kristina Harker (Supporting cast) Superman* Wonder Woman* (Modern) Wonder Woman* (Classic) Yankee Girl*
  3. Here are my character write-ups for AC Comics' Ms. Victory, featuring the original (Joan Wayne) and her daughter who was her temporary replacement (Jennifer Burke). Both are roughly each other's equal in power levels at 400 points. In the few times I brought them to a game convention, players who had heard of Ms. Victory used her for the scenario (the original was generally preferred since she could fly). The Hero Designer Files and character sheets in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF are included in the Zip file. Ms. Victory (Wayne and Burke) Enjoy! 😉
  4. 11 x 17 picture here This super-team was created by my current Champions tabletop roleplaying group around 2008 or so. It comprises Kabosh (a male demon who bonded with a good witch), Silverbolt (a speedster), Knightman (a power armored vigilante), Nemesis (a teleporting martial artist), the Black Enchantress (a sorceress), and Magic Marker (an artist who can reshape reality). Kabosh and the Black Enchantress were originally villains that were turned to the heroic side by the Li family (a family of metahumans that ran an academy for heroes), while Knightman, Nemesis, and Magic Marker were all students at the academy. Upon graduation, the heroes traveled to New York City and made their home base in Freeport (a fictional district of the city). The campaign has been running for over a decade, although not consistently. The heroes formed a super-team called The Punishers, owing to their harsher and more violent response to mystical, alien, mutant, and technological threats than four-color heroes (Knightman very much behaves more like the Punisher and Batman). Silverbolt joined the team in 2015. She is my character, and was created for another group in 2013 that disbanded a year later. Still, I had a fondness for that character so I brought her into the Punishers. She's probably the most well-adjusted, least violent, and nicest member of the team besides Kabosh's host (who is now a federal agent). Nemesis' player sadly passed away in January 2018, and I commissioned this piece to honor the history of the gaming group and to provide a permanent memory of all the characters. This team portrait was drawn, colored, and rendered by the multi-talented and amazing John Becaro.
  5. Hey guys, I hope this is how it's done. I am trying to post in the Player Search topic. I am looking to learn to play Fantasy Hero and Superhero of the Hero System. I live in the North Bay in California (Benicia, Vallejo area) I am experienced in playing RPG's and played Champions in the 80's but I never played Fantasy Hero. D&D was my fantasy game. If you are local and looking for players, send me a note.
  6. Hey guys, I have a question: about how many points should I build the Toxic Avenger (and maybe a female counterpart)? What kind of powers should have? Characteristics? Feel free to post a build. For those of you that have seen this 1985 classic I highly recommend it.
  7. Please tell me I won't be the only one watching this
  8. Hello everyone, I'm going to run a Champions game over at Origins this year. I was going to set it in a non-USA setting, and I think that given the popularity of Black Panther that I should set the game in Africa. I'm not sure who I want to throw up for the game. Let me know which villain I should throw at the PCs. The PCs will be: Ma'at: Avatar of an Egyptian goddess Gazelle: A South African policeman with speedster powers Ogun: A Nigerian engineer with metal control powers TBD: I need a superhero concept and name Pridemaster: A Kenyan vigilante with the power of the lion White Rhino: reluctant Ugandan hero with the power of the rhino
  9. In this thread, we will pose challenges to one another to build superheroes and supervillains based on only a name. 5th Edition and 6th Edition builds are fair game. While 250-350 points is the baseline, any number of points is OK if that's what you need to make a particular character work. Any origin, any motivation, any power, and any complication are fair game. To begin, I present the name of a superbeing: Terrapin. Build this character!
  10. My group has a relatively new superteam, which doesn't have an airplane/jet/etc to get around the country. I suggested the following picture for a new plane for the team. It got alot of laughs.
  11. (and villains) OK so here's a question. If all of the real people of the world, past and present lived in a comic book universe...which of them would have an Origin? For example take Charles Lindbergh. He was rich. He was an inventor He had an interest in trying to improve human beings both by eugenics and by implanting electro-mechanical replacement parts in them A family member was the victim of a heinous crime He'd totally turn himself into a cyborg masked aviator in a super plane that could hover and fly silently. He'd be the Phantom Eagle, right?
  12. One of the common tropes of the superhero genre is the conceit that alternate universes exist(e.g., the 52 universes in DC, the Ultimate universe in Marvel, the Champions in 3D book for Hero System, et al). Most often this is invoked with a visit by heroes to an "alternate Earth", a place where history was altered or there's just something different about this version of our planet. I thought it would be fun to start a thread where people can discuss their own alternate Earths that they have used in a campaign, and/or brainstorm new ideas for alternate Earths that could be fun to explore. One of the things I've thought about are naming conventions. One can simply go with a numbering system; e.g., Earth-1, Earth-2, etc. Or a letter-based system, Earth-A, Earth-B, etc. Another option is using a descriptor--Marvel Earth, Apocalypse Earth, Dinosaur Earth, etc. If one uses letters and begins to run out of letters, then you could shift to the old Greek alphabet--Earth-Z, Earth-Alpha, Earth-Beta, etc. OR even change from "Earth" to "Terra" or "Gaia". The alt Earths can be serious, silly, horrifying, overpowered, underpowered, titillating, or tedious. I'll start with a couple: Earth-K: On a certain distant planet orbiting a red sun, the high council took the warnings of a certain scientist very seriously, and instead of the scientist only being able to launch an escape rocket carrying his newborn child, the entire population of the doomed planet was able to escape, thanks to a crash building program. Their destination? Earth. When they arrived there was considerable friction with the native population, but eventually most of these issues were resolved. Intermarriage between the races occurred, and while the offspring were not as powerful as their alien parent, they were nonetheless blessed with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Terra Upsilon--a world ruled by a Kleptocracy. The criminals and supervillains are essentially running the show. What heroes exist are either imprisoned or live in hiding. Most of the "real Earth's" heroes are villains in this world, and some of the villains are heroes here. I look forward to reading everyone's contribution.
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