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Found 6 results

  1. Hey fellow gamers, ive got something to run past you all. I asked over in the rules section at the end of May, but Mr.Long hasnt responded to anyone (i really hope he is doing well). So i thought id bounce over here and ask all of you. I apologize if this has been asked/explained before, but my google-fu seems to be running weak on this topic, and i simply cant seem to find the appropriate places in the rule books. My group has had a revitalized feeling for Avatar: The Last Airbender and wish to play a campaign. Trying to bring the world to life in a Heroic setting, i want to bring a sense of realism and balance. My only real road block at the moment is water. The waterbenders of the Avatar world can manipulate water through the use of their chi. But this is far more of a manipulation of existing water rather than just "water powers" Which brings me to my two issues: the BODY of water for Transform (Or a better way to do this) and how to properly scale things like a (Water)Blast based off of the available amount of water. Move Water (Telekinesis), and the like are all easy enough. But what about things like Transform? to change water into ice? or vice-versa? how much BODY does water have? the weight of water for things like Telekinesis can be figured out through volume and math. But many abilities require certain amounts of water. and while we can create limitations, (can only use 1d6 of Water Blast per liter of available water) or some such, i think knowing a somewhat appropriate amount of body for water would help with transform, or it being evaporated away by a Firebender's blast. There are plenty of examples on the body of rock and stone, and the thickness of walls, for Earthbenders. But no listings anywhere that i can find for good examples of water or ice. Would just using the BODY Object Table based on the amount of water in question? is this the simplest route? or is there something more appropriate for water or ice? I could be thinking too literal in this case, but if someone can give me other ideas on how to easily go about water=ice 'transforms' easily and realistically, thats fine too. The though for attack powers with water, (in a realistic sense) the more water you throw at someone the more it hurts. Would a Limitiation like what i mentioned above (only 1d6 per litre of available water) work? would it be balanced? or would something like a series of 1d6 Blasts that are required to have 1 litre of water, Linked in a series work? Only being able to go as high as the water you have? I could have missed something very obvious, or thinking about this all wrong (or far to realistically) . id love to hear any other suggestions on how to go about this.
  2. I am creating a power that can be used to drain a mutant of all their mutant powers but I have found that it would be impossible to so as a drain. I had thought of doing it as a transform: Anti-Mutation Field: Severe Transform 3d6 (Mutant into Non-Mutant, Transform back by Getting Out of the Field), Constant (+1/2), Partial Transform (+1/2), Uncontrolled (+1/2), Area Of Effect (16m Radius; +3/4) (146 Active Points); OAF (-1), 3 Continuing Charges lasting 1 Minute each (-1/2) How does this look to you? I am using it for my villian group book for the IHA.
  3. I am looking to create a power where the villain is able to make his targets permanently insane. I can't use Mind Control as it does not last very long so I am using Transform instead. The problem is that normally with Transform you have to roll double the targets BODY. This does not make sense for a power that is to make the target insane, it should require doubling the targets EGO. Is there an advantage for this. I can see one that will change it to use EGO Defense rather than POWER Defense but that doesn't quite work. I want it to be harder to transform targets with High EGO, not High BODY.
  4. So, Shape Shift has the neat adders for Cellular and Imitation, allowing a character to alter her/himself to look / feel / smell / detect exactly the same as someone else (depending on the Sense Groups affected). However, you can't use Shape Shift, Usable on Others -- you're supposed to use Transform. And maybe I missed it, but I don't see anything under Transform about using it to make someone look exactly like someone else. Does it seem balanced to simply use the Adders for Cellular (+10) and Imitation (+10) with Transform to make it so Person A can make Person B look, sound, smell, and feel exactly like person C? I'm thinking something along the lines of: Copycat Spell: Minor Transform 8d6, Cellular, Imitation, Improved Results Group (any human; +1/4); Limited Target (humans; -1/2), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Required Roll (Magic Skill; -1/2). 75 AP, 30 RP. I went with Minor rather than Cosmetic Transform in case the person you're transforming your target to appear to be has more than 2 levels of Striking Appearance. Does this seem okay, or are there problems with this approach?
  5. I'm trying to figure out the best way to model a character (Champions) with stone / earth control, to create a chamber underground. My two thoughts are: Tunneling with AoE -- my thought for this is something along the lines of Tunneling 16m through 6 rPD, Variable Advantage (+1/2 worth of any AoE; +3/4), Extra Time (Full Phase; -1/2). That 16m would span an 8m Radius or a 16m Cone, and easily cover 4x 2m Areas. Transform with AoE -- my thought is something like Major Transform 3d6 (Solid Rock to open area, undo by removing support columns), Variable Advantage (+1/2 worth of any AoE; +3/4), Extra Time (Full Phase; -1/2). If #2, how much BODY does he need to transform? Per 6E2 - 172, 2m of stone has 13 BODY. Would an AoE Transform effect be applied against each 2m area's 13 BODY? Or would he have to surpass the total BODY in the AoE? (For example, based on the "Wall BODY" table, it appears each doubling of the wall thickness adds 2 BODY, so 16m would have 19 BODY.)
  6. I am new to the Hero system and the Champions universe. I have the new Champions Complete book and am struggling with matching character concepts to rules. Please help me help a player to create his character. This player wants a robot character that looks and acts human. This robot can sprout rockets out the back of his thighs and wings out his back in order to fly. This robot can also sprout laser guns from his forceps. He can fly and shoot at the same time or choose to only use one. He must drink motor oil three times a day to keep his robotic parts lubed. He is wanted by the secret federal organization that created him so that they can remove his A.I. and produce more of him. In game terms, I am sensing he needs Flight, but is there a Power Modifier to represent that he needs to sprout those wings and thrusters before flying? I think I can model the laser guns, but does the required sprouting considered a Transform or maybe a partial Multiform? He obviously can't Transform others, and I see no Power Modifier to limit the Transform to himself, but it's not a full Multiform either. Once those are decided, do I group them in Unified Power and/or Multipower, since he is a robot with this ability to change into a flying, fighting machine? Does the Transform get Linked to Blast and Flight somehow? Any help you can give this noobie would be great.
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