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Found 8 results

  1. Who is your favorite VIPER Dragon Branch member? Is it Ripper? Half-Jack? Occlon? Freon? Dragonis? Power Crushed? Boa Constrictor? Someone else?
  2. Nest Leader Creation by Committee! What could go wrong? Scott Bennie's excellent VIPER work really showed us what Nest Leaders could be like in their motivations and such. And as I Hope, one day, to get back into gaming my local group in a setting that includes "The people of Campaign City" (See the link in my sig for that if you haven't already) I thought I better bring a VIPER nest leader into things after all. But I miss my days of Poll madness so... hence the nutty "Nest Leader by Committee" Idea. Please vote. While there are many many more options, I think I've got enough options to appease EDIT: And I should say the poll was settled well over a week ago so that's done and I've dropped the poll. But read on to see the results.
  3. So working in my Champions Campaign and my group has received a base of my version of SHIELD (UNTIL in Champions universe). I got a copy of The Ultimate Base and saw this photo. It looks a lot like a Helicarrier but I can't seem to find stats for it. I looked in The Ultimate Base and my UNTIL guides and didn't find it. So where do I find it's stats or if there is no stats, has anyone made stats for it? It would be useful info for my campaign.
  4. To my horror, GM'ing has taught me that I'm actually not all that creative. Case in point: this VIPER plot. After a series of mishaps involving an impromptu tag team formed with an undercover VIPER wrestler, my players let a notable scientist get kidnapped. Using the scientist and his research, VIPER has seemingly gained the ability to control serpents both large and small. Buuuuut, now what? The only thing I can think of to test their experiments involves assassination. Does anyone have any ideas for making better use of these serpentine fellows?
  5. Hi, Heroes. As one who mostly sets my campaigns in the established Champions Universe, I have been thinking lately about the events unfolding in the Marvel cinematic universe and how it could be reflected in my games. If UNTIL is like SHIELD (in my games, it is) and VIPER is HYDRA, how much effect on the rest of the world would it have to have a full-blown attack from within? Also, where can I get me a used helicarrier? Has anyone done something similar in your games?
  6. For my new Champions campaign, set in Boston, I'm using parts of the 4th edition VIPER sourcebook. One thing from there is that the Nest Leader is technically Python, but much of the Boston Nest's work depends upon Python's second-in-command, a robotics expert named the Professor. (Of course, my players expect their characters to see a coconut-powered robot somewhere along the way.) To add my own twist to the Boston Nest, I added another lieutenant for Python: a young woman named Attache. My initial concept was a completely normal, if highly talented, young woman, to act as a professional rival to the Professor. She has since morphed into a woman who has one (relatively broadly-defined) power: she can teleport small objects from her "storage area" to her briefcase, valise, or pockets. She can also create objects from raw materials. (So if she had read a book at some point, her eidetic memory would allow her to create that book in her attache case. Or she can use her Forgery skill to create counterfeit money. I'm representing that overall power as a VPP with which she can make a Major Transform to create things from thin air. Or create a VIPER blaster pistol. Or create food. The actual writeup is: Variable Power Pool (30 pt. Pool, 50 pt. Control), Change as Half-Phase Action (+½), No Skill Roll Required (+1); Pool and all Slots at least IIF (-¼), Object Size Limited by Size of Space to Pull From (-¼), Slightly Limited Powers Available (must be something in her “storage area” or a mundane object she can clearly and completely visualize; -¼), Not work if Teleports blocked (-¼) Does this seem a reasonable and viable writeup for that ability? Or is there a better way to do this?
  7. 105 downloads

    A set of paper miniatures for VIPER characters. Print out and cut, fold, and use for your game!
  8. No rewrites or anything here, I just wanted to share a few images I've been coloring for Viper. I don't know how many of these I'll do as I have to get back to my real work of writing but its something to do on the side. I think most of these are by Storn. A VIPER commander. Maybe he knows why VIPER is all caps. I'm not real happy with the neon color of the green on this one, so I'll probably shift it more olive drab, and I added canard wings on the front on the suggestion of someone on Facebook. But it looks pretty nifty. Edit: dulled the color slightly on the Quetzalcouatl.
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