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Found 5 results

  1. A player character in my game has a Mimic ability -- in addition to Shape Shift, it is bought with: Shadow Mimic: Variable Power Pool, 140 Pool, 70 Control, No Skill Roll Required (+1), Half Phase to Change Powers (+1/2); Only to mimic target powers up to the target's power level (-1). Note that he doesn't have to touch the target to mimic him/her -- he's "tapping into the target's shadow" to establish that link. One of the foes in an upcoming game has a Cosmic Power Pool: VPP 90 Pool, 60 Control, No Skill Roll Required (+1), Powers Can Be Changed as a Zero Phase Action (+1). I'm not seeing in the rules how a Mimic pool would handle mimicking other Power Frameworks. (Would it copy a whole Multipower, for example, or just the individual slots in that Mulipower?) If Shadow Boxer tries to mimic the guy with the Cosmic Power Pool, does he effectively get a cosmic pool himself, or would he only mimic the slots that the target has active at that time? And if the latter, when the target changes his VPP slots, would the Mimic pool similarly change to match those new slots? Please share your thoughts on the possibilities.
  2. I'm creating a pseudo-shapeshifting martial artist with a VPP to create HtH weapons from his own body. (And since they aren't actually OAF, I need to reverse engineer and modify the costs.) 1) Does a weapon with multiple elements, like a Hook Sword (HKA + OCV bonus + Resistant Protection for hand protection), consider the individual elements for the Control costs (so a max of 20 AP), or the total of all elements (the 55 AP listed in the Equipment Guide)? 2) On a related note, I'm not coming out to 55 total AP for that weapon (though I do come out to 19 RP total). Am I missing something? I show: HKA 1d6+1 = 20 AP, 10 RP +2 OCV = 10 AP, 5 RP Hand Protection = 18 AP, 4 RP Where are the other 7 AP?
  3. I am working on my write-up of Jet Justice, and he has a Variable Power Pool defined as his Justice Blasters, two multipurpose energy guns which are his version of a 'Swiss Army Knife'. What is the official way to write them up? One 75 point VVP, 75 point Control Cost, and the 5 point rule for having another one? Or is it what I think it is, one 150 point VVP, a 75 point Control Cost, and the control cost 'simulates' him having two of them?
  4. A player proposed a loophole in a character that I felt uneasy with, and I'd like some confirmation of my initial knee-jerk reaction of "Hell no!" A character's only power as a VPP with a 50 point control limit, but a 200+ pool. The pool is meant to represent memorized spells, and each one has the -2 limitation 1 Charge. Said character would, with a cursory study of their spell book, be able to replace all expended spells. I felt this is probably a violation of the intent of the rules, which is that by and large a 1 charge limitation would translate to 1 per Day, and being able to replenish those memorized spells would require that the limitation be 1 Renewable charge, without which the points in the VPP would be expended until the next day. He wanted to get confirmation on this and I'm curious to know your take on this.
  5. I've been examining the framework in one of my player's powers, which allows him to summon drones (yes, same power as my last question) and I've encountered a snag: the power in question doesn't summon identical drones; rather, each OAF object represents a specific summoned drone with its own VPP loadout. Does this require the "summons specific being" advantage even though the summon can potential summon a number of different drones? And for the other part of the question, in a VPP loadout one of the drones he's proposed a drone has a few one shot rockets with an actual cost of 9 but an active cost of 38. The vpp only has a control cost of 46; can the drone fire off two or all three rockets in a single phase, or is it limited to firing them one at a time like in a multipower? In an unrelated topic, regarding triggers: when a trigger requires a Turn to reset, does the character with the trigger have to spend a full turn resetting it? Or can the trigger automatically reset while the character does other things? Edit: Additional question and typo correction.
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