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Found 3 results

  1. fdw3773

    The Apex

    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a villain trio I developed for Champions, known as the Apex. They are the following: Technovore, loosely inspired by Mechanon - 500 pts Simian Rex, a cybernetically augmented Ape Guardian from the Hero System Bestiary - 400 pts Enforcer Drone - Technovore's battle drones that hide a dark, insidious secret - 120 pts Enjoy! 😉
  2. fdw3773

    The Apex

    The Apex View File Here's a villain trio I developed for Champions, known as the Apex. They are the following: Technovore, loosely inspired by Mechanon - 500 pts Simian Rex, a cybernetically augmented Ape Guardian from the Hero System Bestiary - 400 pts Enforcer Drone - Technovore's battle drones that hide a dark, insidious secret - 120 pts Enjoy! 😉 Submitter fdw3773 Submitted 05/27/2022 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition  
  3. Strategos The Cynic- He wields a high tech harpoon like weapon that is nearly indestructible. Add to this a brilliant tactical mind, physical prowess that would make Olympic athletes envious, and hand to hand skills honed by a life time of training, and Strategos is rightly feared despite having no obvious superpowers. Strategos the Cynic believes that all is ultimately driven by selfishness, that each being is at their core out for themselves and do things for their own advancement and pleasure. In a very real sense, anti-idealism IS his idealism. Thus, he finds the very concept of superheroes offensive. There is no true justice, there is no 'greater good', and those who consider themselves as champions of such causes (Most superheroes) offend him greatly. Indeed, thanks to Strategos' leadership, one of the chief reasons for SPITE's existence is the bedeviling and humiliation of superheroes. While he's not above killing superheroes he'd much rather show the world how utterly useless such fools are. "Justice is just a cry for revenge and control. Truth? That's the story with the most muscle behind it. Compassion? That's a fancy word for not having the guts to do the dirty work." Mister Big- The leading expert in size alteration technology, Mister Big wears a face plate like mask with the expression of smug confidence etched upon it, and has a fancy suit (Made of highly resilient materials despite the appearance) that changes size with him. He fancies himself an alpha male type, but the seemingly supernatural command he exudes is actually artificial. Built into his face plate mask is a device that allows him to influence weaker wills than his own. Most Men defer to him, most women find themselves eager to please. Though there are limits to how far they will submit (depending on their own ethics plus mental fortitude) this allows Mister Big to enjoy bullying non supers with near impunity. In combat, he can grow to a massive size... though if he goes a full fifty feet tall, he finds his energy reserves draining quickly. He works with Spite for the sheer joy of showing off his combined intellect and physical prowess, and because he likes getting Little Lady, his wife, nice things. At one time, he was a much nicer man, until Little Lady 'improved' him. Even brainwashed as he was, he's no fool, and suspects what happened, but as he considers the 'old him' a weakling , he certainly bears no grudge. "My IQ dwarfs yours, my strength increases at my whim... let's face it, I'm bigger than you in every way that matters, and it's true: Bigger IS Better. I am the better man." Little Lady- Often referred to in conjunction with her husband as in 'Mister Big and the Little Lady", Little Lady benefits from her husband's size changing tech able to shrink down to doll size easily (And smaller for a short period of time, though it is draining). She tends to change her costume frequently, but the faceplate mask she wears remains the same, with the engraved pout upon it. Said mask allows her to influence causing most men eager to please, even fight over her, and most women to feel inferior. Before she met her husband, she was a spoiled debutante and heiress. Her father tried to teach her responsibility by putting her in charge of an R&D company. Two scientists came to her attention, one of them was an old man studying the human mind and how it responded to 'external signals', the other was much younger, and in her view, MUCH more handsome...the future Mister Big, with his size changing theories. Angry that her father expected her to work, it soon occurred to her that she could instead use the two discoveries to her advantage and get the life of excitement she'd always craved. Arranging for the death of the first scientists, she had her future husband (An easy seduction given her natural manipulation skills) adjust the late professor's work. Then she used it on HIM, and improved him, making him more assertive, commanding. Indeed, she found herself excited by the arrogance she instilled in him rather than repulsed. At last she had a mate worthy of her, one who loved her enough to give her everything she wanted not just by buying it, but by force. She had made him into a monster, and she adored what he'd become even if sometimes she was one of the women he controlled. "Oh you poor dear... all those powers and no fashion sense, what color did you MEAN for your hair to be again?" Steelwolf- With wolf themed designs along high tech powered armor, Steel Wolf probably has the most versatile arsenal of all the SPITE members. He has more than one suit, each tailored different in some way, and is smart enough to try to prepare in advance. Lasers, missile launchers, even chemical weapons are all ready to fire forth at his foes. He's often the first to run if things turn sour as he has a lot to lose. SPITE's mission maybe to humble and thwart superheroes, but Steelwolf has his own agenda. He wants to make sure Americans feel scared, that they're scrambling to more and more measures to take villains and threats like himself down...at any cost. Of course, that's because in his own secret ID, he's Lee Lanister, major owner of Lanister Security and Arms. His company makes half the inspection devices in the country for airport security. Anti Superhuman tech, be it to restrain or just attack, in the government's hands is probably from his juicy contracts. Of course, he makes sure most of the tech he provides has fail-safes to malfunction when used against him. Indeed, he's really not concerned about how effective his 'help' really is. In his secret ID he's got at least three major politicians in his pocket and he's making a mint. Steelwolf is just... good PR to promote the paranoia he needs. Smugly, he wonders if anyone will ever realize he's got them ALL 'crying wolf' "Hey hero, there's just one of you right? Me? I see two bridges and here I have two missiles. And there they go... Tsk Tsk, it's such an unsafe world, isn't it?" Mithras- The golden god of warriors, or so he claims. Whether truly divine or not, Mithras is incredibly strong, almost unkillable, and a skilled warrior in his own right. He heals wounds he's recieved almost instantly and a few drops of his blood can even heal his team mates in a pinch. Wielding a gladius that defies scientific analysis, he can also project dazzling bursts of light that blind most who fight him and 'carve a path between worlds'. One reporter asked him if the blade had a name. Mithras said 'Call it Mystery, for that is all it shall ever be to mortal kind'. Mithras is arrogant and violent, but that's hardly unique in the world of superhumans. He works with SPITE because he finds the 'worship' superheroes recieve offensive. Sometimes he refuses to leave a fight even after an objective has been completed, which annoys the others no end since his sword is often great for group escapes. About the only superheroes he does respect are gods or agents of gods. The rest? Pretenders at greatness. "You face Mithras the unslayable, divine god of all true fighting men. You seek to steal the worship of your fellow men? You, a mere mortal? You are not WORTHY!" Jadeline- Once, there was a superhero who could bend time and space. He was a noble man who fought for justice for all peoples, all nations. Then he died. But not before a woman gave birth to his two children. The twins inherited some aspects of his powers, but not his control. The boy found himself in a world that took forever to budge. What was minutes to some felt like hours to him, and days? A full day was intolerable. His sister did not share his power, she had her own, but their mental link meant he could at least communicate with her instantly (Which for him, meant a normal speed). Later, he developed the powers of super speed but this didn't help much. The speedster found himself depressed, melancholy, even suicidal. No doubt he would have killed himself to end his frozen torment if not for the fact his sister, equally disturbed, needed him. When SPITE found them wasting in an asylum for the super powered insane, they quickly took the two under their wing. They put him in a jade costume with lines to represent motion, hence the name. Jadeline doesn't enjoy the pain he causes, but only in fighting superheroes as fast as him has ever really found moments of joy. And, of course, his sister still needs him. Maybe one day she won't...and on the day that comes, he plans to challenge the most powerful foe he can find and try to cause a 'suicide by Superhero'. Then maybe he'll know peace. *Beating a hero to a pulp* "Move faster! I NEED you to move faster!" Shatterwitch- Once, there was a superhero (except when he was a villain) who could bend time and space (or maybe he was a no one who worked in a factory?). He was a noble man (Savage) who fought for justice (himself, his nation, his whim...) then he died (at least in THIS world) but not before a woman (Was mother a prostitute or an heiress? A homemaker or an astronaut?) gave birth to two of his children...(was there a third).. to hell with it. It really didn't matter much. Just as her brother perceived the world as barely moving, the woman who would later becalled Shatterwitch grew up seeing things differently as well. She saw probabilities, possibilities, tweaks and twists and outcomes. She saw too many of them at once. It drove the poor girl mad. When very young, she stabbed another little girl just to see how the tangent would play it. It wasn't like it mattered if the other girl died or not, after all, she was fine in the next vision over! Then the police, not understanding how little the stabbing mattered, came for her. Her brother's powers came first, but HER powers came out worse ! With a gesture she found she could break the laws of probability, she could make the unlikely likely, and the impossible possible. Her control is anything but precise, but can be quite devastating. Liberated by Spite, she can now act out her experiments in 'what might be' on the world around her. She'd try to simply imagine the sun going nova billions of years early except well, she IS fond of her brother so. Her outfit is scandalous and revealing but prone to change everytime she uses her powers. "I'm so sorry I have to kill you, I think in another world we're lovers! Thanks for a wonderful time" *cackle*
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