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Found 5 results

  1. Jack Maywood Slayer / Alchemist Lord Maggot Joey Manegarm Lokispawn Scything Beretta Colt Final Girl Steve Drew Altman Lucky Operator WilyQ Murgatroyd Arcanist Durzan Killroy Sniper / Cabalist King Red Session 1: Murgatroyd...aka Saul Jacobson (his true name was revealed for the first time thanks to having to file incorporation papers for the team's new company Unconventional Solutions LLC) was going about his routine in Boston, trying to drum up business for the fledgling firm. Cleverly, he was using magic to disguise himself as some other late middle aged business man (whom we'll call "Ira" to hopefully avoid confusion) each day when going about his day in public. About a month after the Hunters went their separate ways, as he walked from his townhouse to his office Ira was accosted very rudely by a trio of Boston thugs who were luckily fooled by the magical guise. The thugs' leader asked Ira questions about Murgatroyd in a somewhat comical conversation loaded with subtext and allusions to mobsters movies. The main thrust of the conversation was that Murgy was being offered a deal by "the powerful people he had made an enemy out of out west". A business card with nothing but a phone number printed upon it was pressed upon Ira to pass on to Murgatroyd and the thugs faded out of the scene. Arriving at the office clearly shaken, Murgy fortified himself in his office and cast a divination spell to trace the card's recent past back to the most magically powerful thing it had come into contact with...the resulting vision revealed the card changing hands a few times down some kind of crime organizations' chain of command to arrive in the hands of the goon who had handed it to Murgy. The card originated from a slim, charismatic, smartly dressed vampire...handed off to a local crime lord in the back room of what looked like a classy restaurant downtown several days ago. Murgy, characteristically, freaked out. With Drew somewhere in Mexico, Joey in FBI training, and Beretta and Jack somewhere out west running around with SAIC Harker...Murgy wasted no time calling Killroy who was in NYC doing Killroy-ish things. Once Killroy arrived in Boston late in the day, the two Hunters began to do some desperate planning. Killroy's plan basically consisted of "kill them all" but Murgatroyd pointed out the various flaws in that particular approach. The two of them then attempted to use their new access to secured online resources available to them as Section M Special Assets but neither one of them were technical enough to figure out how to manage it. The firm's new secretary Laverne, a nice older lady from a town north of Boston proper and a survivor of a ghoul attack many years ago which sadly left her family dead and eaten but happily made her hire-able by enterprising supernaturally active individuals such as our heroes, offered to help but as she lacks the necessary clearance Murgy thought it best to decline. Instead, it now being early evening, Murgy called Joey down in Quantico and asked for his assistance. Joey was able to pull up a significant amount of data including a surveillance photo about a suspected vampire fitting Murgy's description named Allan Carr active in Boston since perhaps the late 1930's. According to the case records, it appeared that as many as seven groups of Hunters had attempted to root this vamp out of Boston and none of them were ever heard from subsequently. Also, Alan Carr appeared to somehow be involved with an international shipping and industrial services company with a major office located in Boston, called Aleante. Murgy and Killroy decided to call the number and find out what the vamps wanted. His first attempt in the late afternoon went to voicemail, but a second try after sunset was answered promptly on the second ring by an urbane, persuasive voice. Murgatroyd was offered a deal...L'Eminence Nocturne was willing to "forgive" Murgatroyd's transgressions in L.A. if he would deliver "the young man" (meaning Joey) to them and agree to consider future business opportunities for his wizardly services "at fair market prices". The other Hunters would of course have to die. The vampire on the other end, Allan, did not identify himself and was playing the mysterious voice on the other end game, but at some point in the conversation Murgatroyd adroitly flipped the table on Mr. Carr by revealing that he knew who he was talking to. This obviously unsettled Allan a bit, but he adapted. He gave Murgy 24 hours to decide. However, determined not to get a clean win, Murgatroyd accidentally let slip that "the young man"'s name is Joey. Oops. Murgy, getting even more nervous, called Jack for vampire hunting advice. It turned out that Jack and Beretta were getting settled in to a highway motel somewhere south of Chicago, having just completed a armed delivery of cargo to a Section M facility in the region. Jack, hearing the promise of a vampire to kill, rousted Beretta from her room and convinced her to ride with him overnight to Boston to help Murgy and Killroy out. Beretta sensibly wanted to fly, but Jack pointed out his van is a rolling armory full of vampire killing stuff. It was also recently repaired and detailed, and he's keen on putting it back into service in his vampire slaying hobby. The two rolled eastward and arrived late afternoon the following day at Murgy's house where the wizard and Killroy had holed up for the night. Beretta, showing that Harker's field craft had been paid attention to, almost immediately spotted a couple of goons watching Murgy's house front and back. Various magic-facilitated shenanigans later, the team eluded the dopes staking out Murgy's sanctum townhousum, followed the trail of Murgy's scrying into and around downtown, and eventually arrived at a upscale condo highrise with heavy magical wards on it, where Allan's trail ended. Going off residual energy, Murgy was able to guess that either Allan lives in the building or visits very frequently. Murgy was also able to tell that the wards on the building were very old, and had been maintained and extended over the years by several practitioners. It was entirely possible that part of the reason Allan had been able to survive as a vampire in the city for so long without major detection was the anti-surveillance protection the wards on this building would have conferred to him. Surprisingly, Murgatroyd received a call from the number he had called Allan at the day before. A different, deeper and more menacing voice was on the other end. Even over the phone, Murgy felt an unpleasant tingling in the back of his neck. The thought crossed his mind that he might be talking to a master vampire... This conversation was short and couched in less friendly language. Murgy pointed out he had a couple more hours before 24 hours had fully elapsed, but the entity on the other end of the phone was not swayed and demanded an answer. Murgy politely declined and the phone simply went "click" Killroy did some leg work and found a boutique upscale hotel on the opposing street, catercorner but within view. The team relocated to a room with a view of Allan's roof and settled in for some surveillance. Joey, back in Quantico, was reached out to again and he was able to do some hacking and get a plan design document for the Boston City building department with the details of a fairly serious security-related upgrade to the top two floors of the building, including schematics and floorplan. Things got busy, particularly for Murgy...he teleported around a bit and retrieved Joey from Quantico. Then, back in the hotel once again but with plus one more meatshield, the Wizard patiently concentrated and began to bore a hole through the wards encasing the building. That took a while, but paid off, and Murgy was then able to scry into the building and get a tactical assessment. Finding three armed guards and Allan in the top two floors, Murgy described the layout and the positions of the guards to his teammates. Despite the sun having just gone down, the team (minus Drew) opted to press an assault, and raid the building. Using teleporation, Murgy moved the team to the roof of Allan's building. Moving down the fire escape to the floor below the top floor, Joey kicked the firedoor in and then everyone except Murgy assaulted inward to take out the vampires guards, one after the other. Shots were fired back and forth, blood was sprayed, a guard's leg was severed by Killroy's hand cannon of a pistol and a max-damage roll. Murgy had been maintaining an anti-scrying anti-video surveillance spell to cover the teams advance into the building and shield them from any street side cameras (metagame commentary: this was a very smart move by @Durzan Malakim). Once the Hunters were well inside the building and the lights had been killed, Murgy dropped that spell and quickly prepared a new one to make himself invisible to sight and hearing. This proved to be fortuitous, as while the other Hunters were clearing the lower floor and assaulting up the staircase to the vampire's lair on the upper floor, the vampire himself had dropped down to the fire escape from a balcony and was stealthily coming in behind the Hunters and the trailing far behind Murgatroyd was isolated and in the vampire's path. The vampire very nearly bumped into invisible Murgatroyd, coming to almost the same spot to look through a doorway from the back side of the condo to the front where the other Hunters were advancing. Seeing the situation had turned against him, with his guards taken out and a team of confident and well equipped Hunters leaving a trail of the odor of vampire repellent behind them, Allan decided to cut his losses and escape. However, before doing so, he muttered "Well played, wizard." As he was standing nearly shoulder to shoulder at the time, Murgy assumed the vampire could see him and lost his $#!^ (failed his freak out complication roll) and started screaming and gibbering uncontrollably. Fortunately, his invisibility covered sound and no one witnessed this and his dignity was retained. Allan Carr escaped down the fire escape and faded into the night.
  2. Having survived the cloying tendrils and tentacled horrors of the Cthonic dimension of Nikolai and taken the Heartstone by right of conquest, the hunters returned home...and were immediately called upon to intervene in an emergent vampire outbreak at a club on Sunset Strip. Joined by three time survivor of supernatural horrors turned monster hunter Baretta Colt, and a lay brother of the Roman Catholic Church's ancient brotherhood of vampire slayers, Jack of the Ordo Sanguine, Murgatroyd, Killroy, Joey, and Drew careened off into the streets of L.A. to bring the final rest to any bloodsuckers they could run to ground. They didn't know it yet, but our intrepid Hunters were about to make a very powerful new enemy in the form of a shadowy society of elder vamps known as L'Éminence Nocturne...but that's a problem for later. First they must survive this long bloody night... Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  3. Moving interesting bits of the arc described previously in the Dark Champions forum to here for organizational purposes...the notes from the adventure were later generalized for reuse as the vignette The Tears of Tierrasola _________________ Over the course of two sessions, the highschooler Joey and the salty retired SWAT Lt. turned Monster Hunter Drew began an unlikely partnership when caught in the middle of a Revenant attack in the sleepy suburb of Tierrasola. After killing a bunch of Revenants, the dynamic duo tracked the source of the revenant outbreak to the Tierrasola Memorial Hills cemetary up in the hills bordering the suburb, eventually finding the Black Wizard Antonio Aguilar in a many hundred year old marble crypt from the days of Spanish rule, using a powerful artifact in an attempt to resurrect long dead ancestors, powerful Black Wizards of centuries ago, in an attempt to return his diminished family to power in occult circles. In the innermost chamber, protected by a lethally dangerous mystical circle that was proof against mundane intervention, Antonio had been chanting away for nearly an hour struggling to bring back the souls of his long dead predecessors; the necromantic emanations of the artifact radiating outward caused the less long-dead corpses in the graveyard to rise as revenants as a side effect. When the PC's arrived in the chamber, Antonio ignored them, confident that his magical dome would be sufficient to keep them out, and indeed Drew's bullets were unable to penetrate the warding circle...literally disintegrating upon contact. But the superhumanly durable Joey experimented by sticking a pinky into the barrier for a second, and while it did singe his skin his healing factor immediately erased the damage. In a moment of heroism, Joey leaped thru the barrier. His clothes, hair, and carried items were evaporated and his skin was singed much like a bad sunburn, but he healed it almost immediately. Inside the circle with Antonio and the two bundles of bone the Black Wizard was attempting to resurrect, Joey tried punching Antonio several times to disrupt his casting, but Antonio continued to ignore him and chant, demonstrating personal magical protection from harm. Finally Joey shoved Antonio as hard as he could, and managed to push him out of the circle, breaking the spell and bringing down the protective dome. Though the players didn't yet know it, all the remaining revenants dropped inert at this moment, no longer animated by the necromantic energy of the necklace. Drew, who had maneuvered around to get a clear line of fire, immediately snapped off a head shot that should have killed just about anything, but the bullet failed to penetrate the Black Wizards head, blocked by his mystical protection. The whiplash and impact still seemed to get his attention, and Antonio responded with a cone of black tendrils that blinded Drew for a while. Meanwhile Athyric Surges zapped out, punishing Joey with powerful mystical shocks. Joey wound up for a haymaker, and with a little bit of luck (Drew's Extreme Luck applied to his roll), clocked Antonio with a staggering slam. After that, the Black Wizard was on his back foot, forced to buy time. He tried to erect another barrier, but Joey grabbed and threw him (aided again by Drew's luck) away from it. Antonio responded with life draining energies, stealing some of Joey's essence to heal himself which bought more time. But Drew's vision returned, and he started to harass Antonio with a series of lucky shots with his pistol. Finally Joey body slammed the Black Wizard to the ground and locked in a grab. As Drew prepared to deliver a coup de grace, Antonio surrendered, offering to make a deal with Section M in return for clemency. Drew duct tape gagged, and blindfolded the Black Wizard, and took away his artifact. Joey, still naked, took Antonio's clothes as they were about the same size, and then they zip tied him for good measure. About twenty minutes later the established Hunter Garrett showed up with his Hunter team to handle cleanup, Antonio was handed off, and after some blah blah blah, the PC's went their separate ways. It was later revealed that Joey's adoptive parents were among those killed by rampaging Revanents, leaving him an orphan once again. Drew agreed to let the kid crash on his couch until he graduated high school in a couple of months, then all bets were off...supposedly.
  4. The Hunters: The Story: We're three sessions in to what I hope will prove to be a recurring episodic campaign (a collection of one to three session adventures, in between other campaigns in different settings run by revolving GM's). In sessions 1 and 2, the salty ex-SWAT Lt. turned Monster Hunter Drew Altman and the wet-behind-the-ears teenager Joey Manegarm who's adolescent inexperience is belied by his supernatural nature as a descendant of the Get of Fenrir (which also makes him Loki-spawn, but whose counting?), unexpectedly met and had to rise to the challenge when a swarm of Revenants overran the coffee shop in idyllic Tierrasola where they both happened to be partaking of caffeinated beverages. Combining forces to discover and defeat a powerful Black Wizard, the unlikely duo proved to be an effective team. In session 3, Drew and Joey were invited by Section M along with lone gunman and surly vengeance seeker James Killroy, as well as the aloof ritualist Wizard known as Murgatroyd, to be sent through a tear in the dimensional fabric separating their own reality from a darker one corrupted by Cthonic forces, apparently caused by the misadventures of the infamous Mysterian and Arcanist Miles Hendricks. Something on the other side is trying to come through, prevented only by the actions of a beleaguered and tiring team of specialist arcanists, and Section M wants the Hunters to go thru the rift to put a stop to it. An artifact described by Miles from his time on the other side, the Heartstone, is believed to be the key to the endeavor, and the Hunters' mission is simple...capture or destroy it and then if possible survive long enough to be extracted. The danger is immense. But so is the bounty...$1,000,000 for each surviving Hunter upon success...a nearly unheard of amount for a single contract.
  5. Version First


    This is a great old sheet that was put into the 3rd Edition Champions Rules to help remember how adventures went and special events that took place. Organize your notes with this useful Adventure Log
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