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Found 2 results

  1. I recently came up with an idea for a robotic/android superhero. The story goes, a highly evolved form of Artificial Intelligence was capable of emotions, perceiving and interpreting the things around it, deciding what was right and wrong, etc. At some point, it became totally disillusioned with the human race and the state of the world that it was living in, and decided to commit digicide (computer suicide). BUT... before it deleted its own code, it built a large andriod as a kind of "saviour" to the human race, hoping that would help, but still feeling incapable of stomaching the potential failure. The andriod was capable of transforming different parts of its body to be a nigh-unstoppable evil-fighting machine, and had a transformable human form. I need help with: 1. Coming up with a better word for digicide. Codicide? Robocide? There might already be a word in standard use for this act, but I don't know it. 2. Coming up with a name for the super-saviour-android Hero. I wanted something computer-code-like, that has something to do with protecting, saving, failsafes, fixing, debugging, cleaning, defragmenting, etc. But I'm not a computer programmer, so I'm not familiar with the lingo. Thanks in advance!
  2. Apologies if this is in the wrong area. I'm new to these forums... and hero system. In any event, being new, I'm looking for help on how to design a holographic A.I. helper for a character of mine. The basic backstory for said character is that he was a pilot, got into an accident ending in a coma. While in coma, his pregnant wife signs a contract with a scientist in hopes to get husband back. Instead, scientist puts his brain into an Ultron-esque humanoid robot body. After breaking out of hospital / lab area, he goes home, wife freaks out and he doesn't see her again. A year or two later, robot / cyborg guy is approached with proposal to pilot a space ship to a far away planet (holding the other players) in order to colonize. He accepts and begins a (roughly) 400 year journey to the planet. Never sleeping, eating, drinking, etc... To spend the time and gain something to talk to, he teaches himself programming, robotics, mechanics and so on. This is where the A.I. comes in. I'm hoping for my character to make a holographic A.I. helper who he modeled after the daughter he had, but never met (saw her picture online / through government agreement, etc..). Not sure if she should just be tied to the ship or portable via miniature flying projector. She'll have the personality of a kid, but have access to useful information that the ship would be able to analyze (radar of nearby area, security on ship, analysis of objects, creatures and beings that are within range and probably recorded data the ship would have knowledge or access too. This helper would be almost solely loyal to my character and capable of normal talk about things (sort of a personality). So. Would it be best to see if my DM would allow a side "character" or is there a way to do this through talents, abilities and such? Note this is for Hero System 6th edition. P.s. Sorry for the "long winded" post. I try to be thorough, sometimes too much.
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