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Found 10 results

  1. Just a test to see what the results would be by committee. Vote for what you like...let's see how this unfolds. I kind of fixed a few things in place , like yes, for SOME reason there are costumes aplenty instad of everyone fighting in T shirts and jeans.
  2. Welcome to Eclipse City! August 21, 2017, the day of "The Great American Eclipse", where a total eclipse could be viewed in the states of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina. In the real world, it was a glorious astronomical treat that had folks all over the country putting on special glasses and gazing up in wonder. In the champions universe (or at least this version of it), it left a gift and a problem in the form of an entire city that just materialized out of nowhere. It hugged the existing topography as if it had been molded to it, streets and buildlings galore- and no one living in them. It was a ghost city, with fully furnished homes, businesses, hospitals, police stations and more. Well, human nature being what it is, even before the United States government could really react (And indeed, some higher up dismissed it as a hoax right off), what happened as the biggest rush to 'free land' since the Sooners of Oklahoma. Squatters of all economic strata swooped in to call dibs on a spot (sometimes more than one) and con men flourished as they sold 'deeds and titles' to the gullible and/or the desperate. With zero employment opportunities at first, you would think that would discourage people, but some folks took to the challenge and set up shop even quicker than they set up homes. After all, if you stumble onto an empty restaurant and happen to know how to cook, suddenly you can be your own boss- and the other new comers had to eat too. With a few neighborhood exceptions, the transition was pretty chaotic, and where there is chaos, there is often crime and violence. Some say that this was encouraged by folks behind the scenes. When the first supervillain tried to claim it as personal fief? It became a Primus matter. Primus came in along with scientific experts and the National Guard's assistance. Order was restored (Some say with the help of certain superheroes), though no politician wanted to call that order 'Martial Law', a few others certainly did. There was talk of evacuating the entire city of all civilians period, but the genie was out of the bottle and for every politician wanting to play this cautiously there seemed to be another talking about how the great American Pioneer spirit had a new outlet. Eclipse City was open and here to stay, or so it seems. It's been nearly a year since then, a rather generous land grant situation arose out of it, and the population is indeed city worthy. After the neglect to Puerto Rico, many Puerto RIcans flooded in creating an almost instant ethnic community. Several corporations flexed their muscle trying to seize territory, only to be stymied when several court rulings went to the original owners of the land (Even if nothing was on it before) and the earliest squatters who could prove their residency. The State governor had assigned a Mayor Pro Tem, but already there are cries for official elections. And, that, folks, if you've been so kind as to read that wall of text, is what I've got so far. I've been missing the old me lately, the polling me, the creative but not so creative I won't milk other forumites for ideas and opinions me. So help me make Eclipse City by voting, and then posting some reasons for why you voted the way you did.
  3. Nest Leader Creation by Committee! What could go wrong? Scott Bennie's excellent VIPER work really showed us what Nest Leaders could be like in their motivations and such. And as I Hope, one day, to get back into gaming my local group in a setting that includes "The people of Campaign City" (See the link in my sig for that if you haven't already) I thought I better bring a VIPER nest leader into things after all. But I miss my days of Poll madness so... hence the nutty "Nest Leader by Committee" Idea. Please vote. While there are many many more options, I think I've got enough options to appease EDIT: And I should say the poll was settled well over a week ago so that's done and I've dropped the poll. But read on to see the results.
  4. So, my f2f group is going have a gap between long-term games due to out-of-country travel on the part of the next GM. And I've offered to run a little something for those two weeks to introduce a couple of the players to the HERO system (the rest of us are familiar, if rusty). Which leaves me needing to do a bit of brainstorming on something to throw at them. Well, I already have an idea, but I need a bit of help on crafting the opposition. The PC will be pregens based on this cheesy old post from the boards (and yes, they are largely on board with the utter ridiculousness involved ) I can't seem to find the originial post on the forums; does anyone recognizes this insanity to give me a proper name to credit? But anyway, So our 5 heroes of rock find themselves thrust forward in time from the era of Reagan to today, where they must navigate a world that no longer as a place for big hair. Does the power of rock have a place in our modern, hip-hop world? My big issue is that I'm not that into new music, so I'm not entirely sure what to do for the villains of this piece. I'm not going to bother picking on rap for this, so don't go there. It's maligned for many wrong reasons, and there are likely better targets out there. I am somewhat tempted to make at least part of the plot that the villains kidnap Simon Cowell. How can you talk about modern music without at least acknowledging the influence of the various Idol and Talent shows? Any thoughts on villains based on post-80s music? And preferably a little newer than the Bad Spice girls or the Back-Alley Boys? Also, I'm not 100% on board with Bondage. Any suggestions for a better 5th member? I'm partial to keeping a tech-bent to the character though. Any help is appreciated.
  5. As the title suggests, i'm looking for people who have tried to game in the World of Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen (first book is called Gardens of the Moon). If so, care to share it with us? If not, but you still know the books: How would you do it? Or to put it another way - care to brainstorm it in a thread (you can use this one if you want to)? I always wanted to play in Steven's universe (Fun Fact - the world and setting started as an AD&D campaign of the author but very soon moved to GURPS. Steven even mentioned that the way GURPS handles things had an impact on the worldbuilding...so yeah, he's definitely a gamer ) but i never found a system that really matched. As i said, the author himself used GURPS, but i don't know the system very well. It's in a similar niche than Hero (aka toolkit, generic). At the moment i think Hero has more appeal for me as it is an even stronger "do it yourself" kind of toolbox than GURPS is. So anyone interested? Are there some fans of this series on here? Thanks in advance for any and all help
  6. I'm thinking of starting a new campaign for some friends. One aspect that is appealing is a city with no apparent superhero heritage at all. Yes, that can restrict the players a bit in the legacy department (Though they can still play an ex side kick now finding a city of his own or some such) but I was thinking it might be cool to have the public of the city being relatively unjaded when it came to meeting people with true superpowers. Or maybe said public is used to it, but only from villainous sorts and thus alturistic empowered types will confuse them ("Here's my wallet..wait, you're helping me??"). Some ideas that come to mind: 1) Boom Town- The city is a modern day boom town, having gone from small city (or smaller) to sizable draw for one reason or anothe very recently and very rapidly. Maybe it's become the next silicon valley, maybe a natural resource was found nearby and its almost a modern day 'gold rush'. Maybe it's just where the jobs are in a time of economic trouble elsewhere. With this sudden growth, there is also new crimes, with the sudden wealth, there are people wanting to steal that wealth and take it for themselves. Enter the need for superheroes to settle. Maybe they're natives who have had origins there and realize their city needs them to stick around instead of heading to NYC or the other 'usual hero grounds'. Maybe the city government has put out word that any super team moving in would have the mayor's support. The Locals might feel superheroes really put them on the map like they deserve, or they might mutter 'There goes the neighborhood". If supervillains arrive first, then the heroes probably can't show up quickly enough in the mind of some here. 2) The Deal Undone- I should add this idea is totally stolen from a great guy name of Winterhawk. He used the concept for Vegas very well. The idea is that sometime in the city's past, an odd 'no mask' agreement came up between various powers that be. Any supervillains OR Superheroes seemed to be sublty, and covertly redirected or even encouraged to go elsewhere. Organzied crime groups agreed not to hire nor try to create powered types with each other. The government might have decided heroes would break that odd 'no paranormals' peace. Maybe some old superheroes themselves helped set it up for reasons unknown. Now, however, the deal is broken, the genie is out of the bottle...etc. With the status quo gone, it might be interesting to see if EVERY crime group decided it wanted to get the jump on its rivals by hiring their super powered muscle...but how do you keep the guys loyal? 3) The Device Broken- Up to now, this city has had a few 'masked men' in its history but none exhibited true super powers. The reason? Powers just didn't work here. Supers, good and bad, found their powers rapidly weakening within a few days of coming into the city. Maybe it even affected magic and tech of a certain level. The town might have become something of a hidey hole for non powered individuals who had made enemies of supers elsewhere. Now, however, the McGuffin has been broken (Or turned off, or stolen, or whatever) and superpowers are possible. Indeed, depending on the nature of the device and how it worked, it's possible orgins will be happening all over the place as the "Dam has broken" allowing a flood of origin causing energies have quite the excess to clear out. However colorful they are, the criminals of the city find themselves now facing folks with REAL powers. However smug the police department was, they find themselves unprepared for supervillains who have enough raw power to give the likes of PRIMUS trouble. The McGuffin could be forgotten after this, or could become a recurring plot seed. After all, some folks are going to miss 'the good ole days' and if they can fix the device...dot dot dot. 4) Forgotten History - The city actually DID have superheroes (and supervillains) at one time. A golden (or dark) age of wonder (or terror). Too bad no one knows about it. They've been erased from thie history books. Folks who should be old enough to remember, don't. Should superheroes appear, folks will act like it's a brand new experience for them though other than that, it may vary "About time" or "What are THEY doing here?". Is magic at work? Some alien device? Is it a grand conspiracy by the government, villains, or the heroes themselves? Regardless, eventually the PCs may find signs that there were once heroes here who fought for right, bleed for others, and maybe even died protecting a city that no longer knows they ever where. In a way, this city violates some of the basic premise as it DID have heroes, but it still might give a similar vibe at first. 5) Instant City - The city has never had superheroes because the city has only recently appeared. Perhaps, in 2012 when folks were waiting to see if the Mayans were right, a complete modern city with almost everything you could want just appeared... but it had NO people: None, nada, zip. Maybe an old superhero with vast powers and resources decided it was time to leave the planet (or maybe he only had a month to live, whatever) and assembled a city with a speed that would be impossible for just about anyone else leaving it as a gift to the country (Or as a way to thumb his nose at the government which had told him to stop upsetting the status quo). Then said hero left. However it got here, there is now a perfectly usuable city and while authorities might have tried to keep people out, lawsuits and persistence would eventually have a population playing 'Sooner' and moving in period. And they're coming in by the thousands! In the chaos of the rush, superheroes are going to be needed, because some villains plan to be preying on these modern pioneers. The idea of a city coming out of nowhere has been mentioned on these very boards, but I don't recall the name to give credit to (Very sorry). One advantage to this is it allows me as a GM to put almost any type of population I want if I can even remotely rationalize it. Maybe a large chunk of the town will be third world refugees, another a company trying to get a monopoly on the city, and then we throw in a think tank of scientists to study the city in question. 6) Villain Ville - The city in question has had people with powers, high tech, and colorful costumes for a long time now. Unfortunately, about 90% of them have been supervillains. Maybe a big hitter on par with Dr. Destroyer took over it decades ago, opened it to other criminals, and the government and heroes alike failed to stop it again and again. Maybe the villains just showed an uncanny knack for organizing? Maybe Corrupt politicians were heavily invested in supporting the villains covertly and made laws that made it almost impossible to be a superpowered vigilante? Maybe the villains weren't obvious about owning the town. Regardless, just a few months ago, a great coalition of superheroes from over a dozen super teams stormed the city, took out the bad guys, and cleared the place up. Both authorities and superheroes alike know that it won't last. Someone always tries to fill a power vacuum. The only solution? A group of heroes needs to stick around and make what was a villain haven a place where justice can continue to prevail. ------------ And there are possibly others I didn't think of , feel free to share. And just because I can, I'm putting up a poll asking folks which city without superheroes idea they'd like to play in.
  7. Strategos The Cynic- He wields a high tech harpoon like weapon that is nearly indestructible. Add to this a brilliant tactical mind, physical prowess that would make Olympic athletes envious, and hand to hand skills honed by a life time of training, and Strategos is rightly feared despite having no obvious superpowers. Strategos the Cynic believes that all is ultimately driven by selfishness, that each being is at their core out for themselves and do things for their own advancement and pleasure. In a very real sense, anti-idealism IS his idealism. Thus, he finds the very concept of superheroes offensive. There is no true justice, there is no 'greater good', and those who consider themselves as champions of such causes (Most superheroes) offend him greatly. Indeed, thanks to Strategos' leadership, one of the chief reasons for SPITE's existence is the bedeviling and humiliation of superheroes. While he's not above killing superheroes he'd much rather show the world how utterly useless such fools are. "Justice is just a cry for revenge and control. Truth? That's the story with the most muscle behind it. Compassion? That's a fancy word for not having the guts to do the dirty work." Mister Big- The leading expert in size alteration technology, Mister Big wears a face plate like mask with the expression of smug confidence etched upon it, and has a fancy suit (Made of highly resilient materials despite the appearance) that changes size with him. He fancies himself an alpha male type, but the seemingly supernatural command he exudes is actually artificial. Built into his face plate mask is a device that allows him to influence weaker wills than his own. Most Men defer to him, most women find themselves eager to please. Though there are limits to how far they will submit (depending on their own ethics plus mental fortitude) this allows Mister Big to enjoy bullying non supers with near impunity. In combat, he can grow to a massive size... though if he goes a full fifty feet tall, he finds his energy reserves draining quickly. He works with Spite for the sheer joy of showing off his combined intellect and physical prowess, and because he likes getting Little Lady, his wife, nice things. At one time, he was a much nicer man, until Little Lady 'improved' him. Even brainwashed as he was, he's no fool, and suspects what happened, but as he considers the 'old him' a weakling , he certainly bears no grudge. "My IQ dwarfs yours, my strength increases at my whim... let's face it, I'm bigger than you in every way that matters, and it's true: Bigger IS Better. I am the better man." Little Lady- Often referred to in conjunction with her husband as in 'Mister Big and the Little Lady", Little Lady benefits from her husband's size changing tech able to shrink down to doll size easily (And smaller for a short period of time, though it is draining). She tends to change her costume frequently, but the faceplate mask she wears remains the same, with the engraved pout upon it. Said mask allows her to influence causing most men eager to please, even fight over her, and most women to feel inferior. Before she met her husband, she was a spoiled debutante and heiress. Her father tried to teach her responsibility by putting her in charge of an R&D company. Two scientists came to her attention, one of them was an old man studying the human mind and how it responded to 'external signals', the other was much younger, and in her view, MUCH more handsome...the future Mister Big, with his size changing theories. Angry that her father expected her to work, it soon occurred to her that she could instead use the two discoveries to her advantage and get the life of excitement she'd always craved. Arranging for the death of the first scientists, she had her future husband (An easy seduction given her natural manipulation skills) adjust the late professor's work. Then she used it on HIM, and improved him, making him more assertive, commanding. Indeed, she found herself excited by the arrogance she instilled in him rather than repulsed. At last she had a mate worthy of her, one who loved her enough to give her everything she wanted not just by buying it, but by force. She had made him into a monster, and she adored what he'd become even if sometimes she was one of the women he controlled. "Oh you poor dear... all those powers and no fashion sense, what color did you MEAN for your hair to be again?" Steelwolf- With wolf themed designs along high tech powered armor, Steel Wolf probably has the most versatile arsenal of all the SPITE members. He has more than one suit, each tailored different in some way, and is smart enough to try to prepare in advance. Lasers, missile launchers, even chemical weapons are all ready to fire forth at his foes. He's often the first to run if things turn sour as he has a lot to lose. SPITE's mission maybe to humble and thwart superheroes, but Steelwolf has his own agenda. He wants to make sure Americans feel scared, that they're scrambling to more and more measures to take villains and threats like himself down...at any cost. Of course, that's because in his own secret ID, he's Lee Lanister, major owner of Lanister Security and Arms. His company makes half the inspection devices in the country for airport security. Anti Superhuman tech, be it to restrain or just attack, in the government's hands is probably from his juicy contracts. Of course, he makes sure most of the tech he provides has fail-safes to malfunction when used against him. Indeed, he's really not concerned about how effective his 'help' really is. In his secret ID he's got at least three major politicians in his pocket and he's making a mint. Steelwolf is just... good PR to promote the paranoia he needs. Smugly, he wonders if anyone will ever realize he's got them ALL 'crying wolf' "Hey hero, there's just one of you right? Me? I see two bridges and here I have two missiles. And there they go... Tsk Tsk, it's such an unsafe world, isn't it?" Mithras- The golden god of warriors, or so he claims. Whether truly divine or not, Mithras is incredibly strong, almost unkillable, and a skilled warrior in his own right. He heals wounds he's recieved almost instantly and a few drops of his blood can even heal his team mates in a pinch. Wielding a gladius that defies scientific analysis, he can also project dazzling bursts of light that blind most who fight him and 'carve a path between worlds'. One reporter asked him if the blade had a name. Mithras said 'Call it Mystery, for that is all it shall ever be to mortal kind'. Mithras is arrogant and violent, but that's hardly unique in the world of superhumans. He works with SPITE because he finds the 'worship' superheroes recieve offensive. Sometimes he refuses to leave a fight even after an objective has been completed, which annoys the others no end since his sword is often great for group escapes. About the only superheroes he does respect are gods or agents of gods. The rest? Pretenders at greatness. "You face Mithras the unslayable, divine god of all true fighting men. You seek to steal the worship of your fellow men? You, a mere mortal? You are not WORTHY!" Jadeline- Once, there was a superhero who could bend time and space. He was a noble man who fought for justice for all peoples, all nations. Then he died. But not before a woman gave birth to his two children. The twins inherited some aspects of his powers, but not his control. The boy found himself in a world that took forever to budge. What was minutes to some felt like hours to him, and days? A full day was intolerable. His sister did not share his power, she had her own, but their mental link meant he could at least communicate with her instantly (Which for him, meant a normal speed). Later, he developed the powers of super speed but this didn't help much. The speedster found himself depressed, melancholy, even suicidal. No doubt he would have killed himself to end his frozen torment if not for the fact his sister, equally disturbed, needed him. When SPITE found them wasting in an asylum for the super powered insane, they quickly took the two under their wing. They put him in a jade costume with lines to represent motion, hence the name. Jadeline doesn't enjoy the pain he causes, but only in fighting superheroes as fast as him has ever really found moments of joy. And, of course, his sister still needs him. Maybe one day she won't...and on the day that comes, he plans to challenge the most powerful foe he can find and try to cause a 'suicide by Superhero'. Then maybe he'll know peace. *Beating a hero to a pulp* "Move faster! I NEED you to move faster!" Shatterwitch- Once, there was a superhero (except when he was a villain) who could bend time and space (or maybe he was a no one who worked in a factory?). He was a noble man (Savage) who fought for justice (himself, his nation, his whim...) then he died (at least in THIS world) but not before a woman (Was mother a prostitute or an heiress? A homemaker or an astronaut?) gave birth to two of his children...(was there a third).. to hell with it. It really didn't matter much. Just as her brother perceived the world as barely moving, the woman who would later becalled Shatterwitch grew up seeing things differently as well. She saw probabilities, possibilities, tweaks and twists and outcomes. She saw too many of them at once. It drove the poor girl mad. When very young, she stabbed another little girl just to see how the tangent would play it. It wasn't like it mattered if the other girl died or not, after all, she was fine in the next vision over! Then the police, not understanding how little the stabbing mattered, came for her. Her brother's powers came first, but HER powers came out worse ! With a gesture she found she could break the laws of probability, she could make the unlikely likely, and the impossible possible. Her control is anything but precise, but can be quite devastating. Liberated by Spite, she can now act out her experiments in 'what might be' on the world around her. She'd try to simply imagine the sun going nova billions of years early except well, she IS fond of her brother so. Her outfit is scandalous and revealing but prone to change everytime she uses her powers. "I'm so sorry I have to kill you, I think in another world we're lovers! Thanks for a wonderful time" *cackle*
  8. Okay, I don't normally watch the Oscars, and I didn't this time either. But the flub Travolta made wasn't hard to stumble onto with even a causual internet crawl. For those of you hadn't heard, he introduced Idina Menzel (of "Wicked" and "Frozen" fame) by the name of Adele Dazeem. While it appears thousands had the question of 'Who the #$#$ is that?" or "How could he mangle it that drasticly?" I had another question that came to mind. How could I turn this mysterious Adele Dazeem into a secret Identity for a Superheroine? So, the following questions for any of you who haven't just shaken your head and clicked to another thread by now... 1) What is Adele Dazeem's profession/day job? Sure, she could be a singer or other performer, but maybe Miss (Or is it Mrs? Could there be a MISTER Dazeem?) Dazeem has a career further away from the source material? Maybe Adele is a news blogger/reporter, an astronaut, or a wealthy heiress? Maybe Adele is still in High School and is new to superheroing. 2) What's Adele Dazeem's background? I read somewhere that Adele is a French first name, but I'm sure other countries have it. Dazeem sounds arabic to me, but what I don't know about Arabic names could fill a huge book. So, is she an American of French Arabic descent? Maybe she's of another heritage entirely? It could affect both her looks and outlook, or she could be just another all American gal with an odd last name. 3) What are Adele Dazeem's superpowers? Oh sure, what comes to mind is either Ice and Cold powers, or maybe sonic powers...the former thanks to a certain movie that got a lot of Oscar attention, and the latter for ...well, she's inspired by a verbal typo about a talented singer. But maybe our Adele is physical powerhouse, or wielder of arcane magics? Maybe she has no powers, relying on gadgets, training, and/or writer's fiat to get her out of a jam? 4) What's her origin? Tied to her background, I'm talking more on what empowered her and/or motivated her to be a superhero? Was the Dazeem family attacked exciting a broadway musical? Was she a geeky nerdress who loved science and ended up having a radiation accident of her very own? Perhaps she's an alien of the outer space kind "Last of the Dazeem Line sent to a backwater called Earth" 5) What's her superhero name and costume? Obviously a lot will depend on what powers and abilities she has, but still, the visual aspect of a superhero's costume can say a lot about her. 6) The last question that comes to mind is who her supporting characters are? Does she have family she stays in touch with? Co-Workers , are they a big part of her life? Friends are always nice and we'd hope she has some.
  9. "This is intolerable," Controller Leones frowned. That was his title, controller, but at the moment, Angelo Leones felt a distinct lack of control, "Are you meaning to say they landed ON the islands?" The man reporting to him was a good man, he looked uncomfortable, but he didn't hesitate to deliver the bad news, "Yes, Controller. They had a full conversation there, casual like. Some theorize that they may not have had their government's permission to do so." "Please," Angelo snorted, "We are talking about the Tiger Squad. They're barely allowed to go to the toilet without their government at least knowing about it. I wouldn't be surprised if they had to call twenty four hours in advance to get permission." The messenger's attempt to hide his discomfort shifted to an attempt not to smile. Equally a professional then, "Are you asking my opinion, Controller?" "Yes," Leones said. He hadn't been exactly, but now he was curious, "I want your opinion on the increasing brazenness of China's super hero activities." "It's as you say, Controller," The messenger continued, "The Typhoon has distracted many of our own heroes, and while the Philippines has had many blessings, an abundance of superhumans is not one of them. This allows the PRC to use their Tiger Squad as political tools as they 'fight crime' and 'pacify' areas they wish to claim, yet at the same time they assure all it is not a military endeavor. Worse, it often works. Areas that do not have superheroes themselves but face villains are relieved to have superheroes, ANY Superhero show up, and it puts China's interests in a very good light." The controller nodded, "I would agree. To make it worse, many of the Tiger Squad are decent individuals, truly heroic. Said individuals are still puppets, noble puppets to be sure, but puppets. Still, I see you grasp the problem, but you seem to have no solution." "Perhaps hiring some American superheroes to..." The messenger reached. The Controller saw where he was going, and shook his head, "No. First, any American who could be hired by us, might accept a counteroffer from China to just go away. Secondly, while they are our allies, we already rely on their navy too much for my own liking. American interference can be played against us too easily." "At least it's annoying the Japanese at least as much as it does us, if that's any comfort" The agent spoke. Angelo Leones suddenly smiled and moved to his laptop, 'Ah, the solution. Thank you, Agent..." "Daplas, sir," The agent inclined his head, "You're welcome, Controller, but I admit I'm not sure what you mean." "I mean I have been thinking of this as a problem for the Philippines when in fact, it is a problem for all of South East Asia. I am about to send you for more messages, to Tokyo, Seoul, and Tawain...perhaps others. It is time to show unity against the ravenous tiger by raising a superhero team for the rest of us, a super hero team for the South Pacific!" Daplas raised a brow. He respected the Controller, and the man had a lot of pull, but the man had asked for honesty, "The PRC will not be pleased." "Then we will point out that this is no more nor less militant than their own Tiger Squad and that we but emulate them," Angelo smirked, "And we'll see if that curbs their overuse of same." "Don't you think the Americans will want in on this?" "Oh yes, the American people are growing increasingly isolationist, but their government is not willing to cede the ocean to China any time soon. They will suggest, I will pretend not to understand their suggestion. They will press, I will say no. They will insist and I shall fake outrage...." Agent Daplas noticed the unspoken finish, "And then?" "By the end of it, Agent Daplas, I'll have the American government funding and supplying half of what we need all by themselves without getting any of the credit, and I might let one on the team yet , but never not in a lead position," the Controller smiled as he typed something down on his computer, "It will be a tricky balancing act, but in the end, merely a variation of things I've done before." "Controller Leones?" "Yes, Agent Daplas?" "I request a transfer to be under this new department and under your direct command sir. However it goes, I want a ringside seat," Daplas confessed. "Thank you, Agent. But in truth, I changed your orders five minutes ago to do just that," The Controller smiled, "You and I will be at the edge of the action and it may yet blow up in our faces, but as they say 'it should be a hell of a show'" Both men smiled, and then got to work. OOC: Pardon the long rough draft fiction, but I've been thinking about how to mix a little RL politics in the superhero action of South East Asia. I downplayed UNTIL a little, because we're not looking for something as broad as UNITY, but rather a new alliance that is particularly meant to rival the Tiger Squad and if need be, stand against them. So I could use ideas for this superteam. Members, from various South East Asian (and Possibly beyond) countries but not China itself, of course. A name for the project and team that various countries could agree upon. Where a base would be placed as a compromise and what form that base might take. And ideas for story seeds and the like.
  10. A "Duumvirate" is a government or rule by two. A Triumvirate is a government or rule by three. Quadrumvirate, rule by four, and so forth. So, thinking outside the box, I contemplated how far it could be taken. So I came up with Tricentumvirate, a group of 300 who rule together. But that's all I have so far. I need to brainstorm where to go from here. Are they an illuminati or secret society? Are they an overt group dedicated to establishing dominance over...? Are they a "union" of sorts? And who are they? Politicians and businessmen? Crime lords, terrorists , mercenaries and assassins? Supervillains? Aliens? Are they even perhaps mega or master villains? Are they all equally powerful or are some far more powerful than others? Do they traffic in differing kinds of power--political, economic, temporal, physical, magical, etc.? Could it be a benevolent organization? Amoral or neutral? A secret society that inducts "worthy" individuals, including PCs? Just throwing it out there and seeing what the fertile, fevered minds here can come up with.
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