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Found 9 results

  1. How would one build a "bag of holding" in 6e? I don't know how much of the power should be special effect and how much points-based, as I am mostly seeking a way for a magical character to explain carrying a lot of stuff effortlessly. Basically an extra dimensional space through a focus to carry weight and bulk. Not really sure how to go about it.
  2. Bullet Time: You appear to move in slow motion. Your foe does, too. Theme Song: When you are clearly perceived, your chosen theme song comes immediately to mind. Only versus those with EGO, and target must also already know this song. Ghost Strike (幽灵罢工, Yōulíng bàgōng), When your fist or foot hits someone hard enough to inflict Knockback and Stun them without Knockout, their astral form is seen flying back further, than retracting inside them. What Features would you add to this?
  3. How would you build the powers Apocalypse uses in the movie Xmen: Apocalypse?
  4. I’m curious how fellow Heoites feel about allow the neck to considered a limb for stretching purposes. I know for martialmaneuvers it is considered a limb. I’m thinking the use would be for a classic elastic guy to poke his head around corners or a few meters away (limited of course by stretching bought.)
  5. Hello, new to this forum, but not to champions or hero system, although a few things have changed since the last edition I saw. Played a lot of superhero champions and a few fantasy hero games in the 80's, and thinking about trying to introduce it to current pathfinder/D&D group. That said, I'm trying to make a power and not getting where I want to. I'd like my villain to be able to make shields as a blocking action (like, abort his next action) that are barriers. I can build the barriers (X rPD, X rED, Non-anchored, cannot englobe, instant, larger (+1 by +1 M), 1 Body, always same Red Hex shape). but I think making them is an attack action, and so he couldn't make them except on his attacks. Am I right? How could I build this? I'd like to make a slightly but not horribly annoying mini-boss, who can defend himself by making a wall that blocks the next attack shot at it; so if he builds a few walls, he can protect himself from attack from a few different directions. Hopefully I'm explaining this well enough; if not, please let me know. Thanks, Stel
  6. I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I have not seen it. How do you build a literal trip wire (cord or rope strung across the road at ankle height). There is no clean way that I can see, though I am considering using Change Environment with an 5 point Adder to force a Dex (Acrobatics, Breakfall) roll or fall prone. Damage would be velocity based like the attacker on a Move Through. Any thoughts?
  7. One of my players wants to play a hero who wears a Living Amour. He says the armour was crafted from a creature which abilities allowed it to Adapt/Evolve to survive in any environment or overcome any obstacle or opponent. The creature's Life Force was so strong that is still alive even now its any armour. (I know what manga he has been reading - "Akame Ga Kill!"). The Armour grants the following benefits: 1) Near Invulnerability" 2) Enhanced: Strength, Agility & Speed 3) Selection of Weapon: Halberd, Projectile Blades 4) Adaptive and Evolutionary I have said that the abilities are relatively straight forward: 1) High Resistant Defense with Damage Reduction vs Stun 2) Increased: Strength, Dexterity, Speed and possible OCV & DCV. 3) Multipower: HKA & RKA 4) I have said this is a good narrative explanation for improving the Armour during the campaign. However he has said he wants it to be active. I could use some thoughts on this. Ideas: a) Variable Aid to boost certain abilities with a limitation that only in response to to environmental conditions. Build the a base level of 1&2 and then have a pool of points, possible a VPP which can be moved between them to adapt the armour to the situation. c) He banks some of his experience points which I use during play to spontaneously evolve the armour. I would be interested to hear peoples ideas
  8. Hi to everyone, I'm lele892006 and i am a new user of this forum platform. I will say in advance that i have a basic and not so wide knowledge of the Champions system. (I have the Basic Core 6th and 5th books) I was going to set up a nice and easy campaign, a campaign that will help me and my friends to come closer to this system. (We are D&D players). One of my friends, as expected, came out with his favorite Hero Genre, Kamer RIders (Tokusatsu) and i am a little lost in the system for emulating this type of powers . In specific he wants to emulate Kamen Rider Fourze : He activates switches on his belt to materialize weapons and useful things to aid him in battle. (All linked to belt that provides hero ID trasforming him and All limited to ONLY IN HERO ID) Can u help me visualize and find some setting to bring this guy in to a sheet ? I have and will use to produce sheets Hero designer V3. I will post here a video concerning what i am talking of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Us9CL5B4G_o Thanks in advance for your responses. bye all !
  9. What is your superpower? I don't mean what superpower you would like to have, or your favorite one- I mean one you already have. Barring that, you could cite a friend's superpower. Some of these may resemble Quirks more than Powers, and that's fine. I'm nigh immune to jet lag, and this has been tested by repeated trips from Detroit to Asia. tag
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