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Found 15 results

  1. Howdy Herodom! I was working on a few things and got to thinking about bases. We see so many heroes and villains statted up, but rarely do we see the bases they use. Has anyone worked on things like the Batcave? The Fortress of Solitude? A Helicarrier? Xavier's School for the Gifted?
  2. OK I want to start doing a series of Hero builds of classic weapons through history, specifically swords at first at least. Keep in mind that some of these have a tremendous amount of variation in source material through the ages, sometimes contradictory. I'm going to dig through the info and try to present a functional version of each weapon based on what I prefer from the various versions. For example, the first one -- Excalibur -- is pretty recent, but legends go back to the late Roman period and the name isn't settled until just a few hundred years ago. Modern re-tellings of the story have quite a bit of variation as well with Bernard Cornwell stripping the magic out entirely, for example. This is a pretty long topic, and if people want to throw their ideas out there, feel free. There are some weapons i'll be building even if someone else does; just consider them alternates not my insistence that your version is wrong, somehow.
  3. A character has Darkness defined as smoke bombs. She wears specially-tuned goggles that give her Personal Immunity to Darkness, OIF. Can her teammate also buy identical goggles?
  4. How do you build snake repellant as a power? My first thought is that it's Animal Handler (snakes), OIF, Charges... but that seems a little slow in a tight situation. What do you think?
  5. In this thread, we will pose challenges to one another to build superheroes and supervillains based on only a name. 5th Edition and 6th Edition builds are fair game. While 250-350 points is the baseline, any number of points is OK if that's what you need to make a particular character work. Any origin, any motivation, any power, and any complication are fair game. To begin, I present the name of a superbeing: Terrapin. Build this character!
  6. I am thinking of a device that looks like this: there is a ranged energy weapon housed in a gauntlet. The weapon's power source is housed in a belt. The power source can be set to "overload," and will then explode a short time later. If that happens, the gauntlet-housed weapon is rendered useless until the power source is replaced. There are two attacks here: the gauntlet's energy blast and the exploding belt. But the belt also has an END reserve, or possibly holds the Charges for the gauntlet. If it matters, I favor the Charges option. How do we build this contraption? This is what I have come up with. It doesn't really feel right to me: 25 Energy Blast 10d6 vs. ED (electricity). 10 Charges (-1/4), Limited Range (10", -1/4), OIF (gauntlet and belt, -1/2). Active 50, Real 25. 15 Energy Blast 8d6. Explosion (+1/2), Tine Delay (+1/4). 1 Charge (-2). Limited Power (using this power disables the use of gauntlet Energy Blast until the belt is replaced, -1), OIF (belt power cell, -1/2). 70 Active, 15 Real.
  7. A character can see subatomic particles. He can see cells, molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons. In my opinion, there are at least two ways to build it. The first way to build it is to brute-force it, with lots of Microscopic for Sight Group. But how much Microscopic is enough to see electrons? The second way to build it is as a Detect (Sight Group). If we were to say that the "Microverse" is a different "dimension" like it is in some comic book universes, we have a third way to build the power: Clairsentience might be the way to go. So. Question #1: Does this power have any in-game use of some great value? If so, what kinds of things is it good for? Question #2: How do you build it?
  8. I'm thinking of a Golden Age-style supervillain with the dubious power of spinning around at a pedestrian 120 RPM. Super-speed powers are straight out. So are the powers of The Top and the Human Top, not to mention Whirlwind's. So far, I have come up with 360 Degree Vision, Costs END (-1/2) Defense Maneuver IV, Costs END (-1/2), Linked to 360 Degree Vision (-1/2) and 25 pts Power Defense, Only to Counteract Adjustment Powers with the Special Effect of Spinning the Target (-1 1/2). There's probably something I could do with "gyroscopic balance"... a high Breakfall roll with Costs END and Linked? Maybe something with added dice with Move-By. Probably an Environmental Movement or two, Costs END. What other super (?) powers could such a villain possess?
  9. You are soliciting characters for a 200 points + maximum of 150 points in Disadvantages superhero campaign. A player has made up a superhero who takes NCM (and if it matters, one level of Age) to represent a very spry old crime fighter. Would you allow him to take +1 SPD, only 3/4 of the time to represent a martial artist who has lost a few steps? The rationale is he needs to stop and take it a little slower on the second full Turn out of every four. Or does this construction invalidate the NCM Disadvantage? Flavor-wise, both the limited SPD and the NCM + Age make sense, but they seem to run counter to each other. If you do allow it, is this a (-1/4) or a (-1/2)? I am leaning toward a (-1/4), and I may even make it the first full Turn that the character is SPD 4. What do you think?
  10. Here's a build question for you. Suppose there's a superhero named Sunbeam, and all his Powers are built with gadgets. He has all sorts of sun-based powers, rides around in the Sunbeam-Mobile, and has friends in wholesome places. He is only ever seen during the day. His sidekick DNPC, the Popcorn Kid, naturally only comes out during the day as well. Then there's Spooky Man, a Halloween themed vigilante, who only comes out at night. He is also a gadgeteer. All his gadgets are themed like traditional Halloween items. His sidekick DNPC, Killer Clown Kid, likewise only appears at night. But each of the two heroes is, beneath the mask, the same person! And each sidekick is likewise the same fellow as the other! Now, it would never do to see Sunbeam using Spooky Man's gadgets, and vice-versa. Spooky Man would not be well-received by Sunbeam's Contacts, and Sunbeam would never slum it with Spooky Man's. Finally, Sunbeam wouldn't bother rescuing Killer Clown Kid, and the reverse is equally true. So never the twain shall meet, and they would never avail themselves of the wrong set of Powers, most Perks, and themed gear. They're two separate duos, as far as the world at large knows. How do you build it?
  11. I built it a different way, but I'm interested to know whether it can be an EC. A character has a quantum computer in his costume that helps him in many ways, like Iron Man's Jarvis and Friday computers help him. Even though the specific powers are not themed, each one is linked together in the same way an EC is; draining one means draining them all. Could this computer and its abilities be considered a candidate an Elemental Control or not, and why?
  12. How would you build it? My first thought is as a Mind Link, Limited class of Minds (Those who know the secret red telephone, +5A), OIF Immobile (-1 1/2) Active: 10 Real: 4
  13. I'm going to start posting some characters in here that I'm thinking about offering for people to try as prebuilt guys to learn Champions with in a game I hope to run at the local friendly neighborhood gaming store through a "meetup group" in town. They play tons of board games, but not so many RPGs and I think with the comic movies and such I might be able to get some new RPG players out of it. My problem is that I am almost 50 and their average age is like 20, so I think they see me as an old man and dull, out of touch, like dad or something. So I'm not sure how effectively I'll be able to connect with them. At any rate, here's my proposed bunch of offerings. Instead of the usual full character sheet I'm going to upload the HDC file and a picture of the stripped down simplified character sheet I created based on ones by others, particularly The Ebil Bunneh. I have a sheet of character summaries I'm going to hand out for people to look at as the character sheets are passed around, so I'll be posting the summaries from that as well. The sheet gives difficulty of play ranked with 1-3 stars, with super simple brick guys as 1 star and more complicated characters with 3 stars. All are meant to be pretty easy to step into. If anyone has any ideas, criticisms, suggestions, or thoughts, please share them. First up, Anna Venger, Supergirl analog. Difficulty: ** This adventurous crime fighting superheroine by day is an interior designer who works the finest buildings and homes in the city. She is particularly protective of women, and uses her great strength, invulnerability, and ability to fly to fight for justice. Hated and hunted by the supernatural villain group called DEMON, Anna Venger is also vulnerable to damage from gold. In fact, being bound by gold makes her progressively weaker. Anna Venger.hdc
  14. The heart functions somewhat like a second brain. It signals the brain more than the brain signals it. The heart effects strategic thinking, reaction times, and self-regulation. This is improved with heart-focused breathing; concentrate on breathing with your heart (previously said to be breathing from your diaphragm), inhale 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds. -Jim Marshall III, MD See attached file at the end. Cost Power Heart-Focused Breathing, all slots Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), -1 1/4) 1 1) Enhanced Reaction Time: Lightning Reflexes: +2 DEX to act first with All Actions; Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), -1 1/4) 2 2) Self-Regulation: Rapid Healing; Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), -1 1/4) 1 3) Strategic Thinking: +1 with Tactics; Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), -1 1/4) Extreme exertion including hand-to-hand combat, adrenaline rush due to anger, fear and such disrupts this. As such, in many cases, these benefits elapse after the first Segment (12) of combat, if not sooner. Heart_Focused Breathing.hdp
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