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Found 2 results

  1. I've started up a pbp game over on rpol, and worked out with the players that the reason that the team formed is that an older, somewhat retired hero is sponsoring and mentoring them as a team to fight crime in [tbd campaign city]. At one point, I had memorized enough setting books to pick one myself, but it's been a while. Are there any existing characters that, given the passage of time, would work well in that role? I could just make my own, but why reinvent the wheel? And by passage of time, I mean that some characters have fixed dates on their timeline and have actually gotten older. For instance, Defender founded the Champions back in 2001. But not every character; is it really Champions without Foxbat and the Ultimates? And who cares how old Grond, Ogre, and Pulsar are? I'll probably start a different thread to ask for suggestions on that once I have a campaign city. A wheelchair-bound Night-duck has occured to me, but he's just not a character I'd enjoy playing.
  2. I was going through some of my old paper work, cleaning my room and found a sheet of Champions Campaign ideas from years ago, ways of starting up and structuring a new Champions game. So I figured it might be handy for GMs in coming up with a new fresh game from the start. Sometimes its tough to come up with a good reason the party is a team rather than a bunch of individuals who work together for no reason other that "its a game!" PCs are part of an official state task force, drawn from various official sources (law enforcement, emergency services, military, etc) PCs are all children of a powerful father or mother, related (like the Blood) and either coordinated by the parent or drawn together to oppose them A dying alien/extradimensional creature with extraordinary powers grants them to the PCs so they can work to fight against its people or its sibling, etc (Power Pack) PCs waken in an underground laboratory with no memories of their past and no idea how they got their powers. The laboratory is functioning at emergency power level and deserted save for the PCs. They come out of the lab into a post-apocalyptic world and have to find out who they are, what happened, and how to survive and fight to protect others (Next Men, kinda) Ordinary people -- maybe even play yourself as a PC -- who gain the ability through some device to leap into another dimension where they gain superpowers. The person who stays behind is the GM for that session and their character isn't in the game. PCs are members of a superhero team that split off over a disagreement over tactics, approach, membership, etc. Rivalry and even conflict with the old team, but has some contacts and even a base PCs are people who are terminally ill and diseased, then given an extremely experimental, dangerous treatment which gave them powers. Is the doctor evil (even Dr Destroyer?), is it a good guy who acts as the team elder and teacher, dies from an attack? PCs are recruits for an old superhero team that is retiring, and looking for replacement members. PCs are brought together by being captured by a powerful bad guy or team of bad guys, to keep them from interfering with the villain activities in the city, have to escape and are bonded together through the experience PCs are kids with newly emerging superpowers who are collected to a school where they learn to control their powers (New Mutants) PCs are brought together by a powerful benefactor who is trying to make up for his past evil deeds, and to fight against his former allies (EDIT add): PCs are police recruits at the academy who reveal powers and are placed on a special cop team for the city. Probably low powered characters
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