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Found 19 results

  1. Okay, been away from the super hero Genre for a long time. I'm most familiar with 5th, and but I very much want to set up a game for my kids in the 6e universe. So, I'm going to make up some characters for them quick like, so they can start playing and then they can change modify or completely redo anything they like. But I'm at a total loss for the kinds of limits that would be reasonable for a silver age 300 point super team. Are there any "accepted" formulas for max damage levels / combat levels etc that people use? Also, what rules are good for villian levels? f
  2. Like the major comic-book publishers, the current official Champions Universe has mostly followed the history of real Earth, aside from the impact of the presence of superhumans. That includes real-world political and social trends, and often analogues to actual public figures, although there are differences. At present the real United States of America is undergoing political and social turmoil, catalyzed around the sitting President, Donald Trump. He's become a major polarizing figure, with supporters applauding policies they believe are necessary and overdue, while his detractor
  3. Arc 1: The Tears of Tierrasola: The first two sessions w/ Drew and Joey vs the Revenants and Antonio Aguilar will be considered the first (short) arc of a loose campaign. Arc 2: Into The Breach: The third and fourth sessions in the game rooms of At Ease Games with the larger group of players against Nikolai and his Cthonically corrupted dimension will be considered the second arc. Arc 3: A Trick of the Night: A night of terror and blood on the Sunset Strip culminating in a all out assault on a Section M facility by vampires and their minions, with our Hunters right in
  4. Hello all, Two questions for the more seasoned GMs out there. 1. What map scale to you customarily use? I know it's suggested that 1" (hex) can be two meters. I'm seriously thinking of just making it a 1:1 ratio for ease of calculating map movements, range modifiers, etc. I realize that's it's up to the GM discretion, of course, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. 2. In preparing for your campaign, how do you do it? Do you create a Word/text document and just have it on a nearby screen? Being 52 years old, I love analog, so considering just printing out my session and putting it into
  5. Hey guys and gals! As my friends and I learn more about the game, they have shown interest in being the villains as opposed to heroes. With that being said, are there any campaigns out there that have this in mind? I think I came across one about aliens killing all the heroes so the villains have to step up in order to save earth, but cannot find it anymore. Any and all help is much appreciated, thanks!
  6. I should be running a Champions game (IRL) in the near future, and I've been asked to build all the characters for it. Which simplifies some things, but leaves me getting overly worried about properly balancing the team. (I know that I overthink and overly worry about things, but stopping myself is easier said than done. Oh well.) Also, there will be 7 or 8 players, which is pushing me towards lowering the team power level a bit so that I can keep combats from getting overly bloated. Anyway, the core of the team: After some discussion, the 6th-8th players will be crew membe
  7. So, I've had an internal debate about starting this thread since the original was destroyed years ago when the HERO forums rebooted. Finally, I decided that I will restart the TGU thread from days of old. Mostly, because I miss the conversations and insight of you all here at HERO. I received some of the best ideas and most pertinent help right here. So, call me selfish. I'm starting over. I hope that there are a few things you can find here that are amusing or interesting and that our conversations can be helpful to everyone... Welcome to the EPIC UNIVERSE! As some of you may know, I
  8. CHAMPIONS: THE RETRIBUTORS, online Champions/Hero System 6th Ed campaign, played with Google Hangouts and Maptool, meeting weekly, Mondays 8-10:30 EST. As luck would have it, at the end of our first year of the campaign one of my long-term players dropped out, leaving a spot open for recruitment. This is a pretty stable long-term superhero game. If interested, check out the introduction, character creation rules and house rules here: https://champions-the-retributors.obsidianportal.com/ A log of our first year can be found here: https://champions-the-retributors.obsidianpor
  9. 97 downloads

    The Fifth Edition version of Champions Universe first mentioned an intriguing-sounding location on CU Earth, called the Valley of Night. (The reference has since been reprinted in the 6E update to that book.) Few details about it were ever published, and there are no plans on the part of Hero Games to expand on them. However, I was inspired by that reference, and other elements from the official setting, to develop the Valley of Night for my own Champions campaign. Thinking that other gamers might find a use for them, I posted my (rather extensive) notes to the Hero Games discussion forums --
  10. OK I have a basic idea of a Champions campaign in mind that I'd like to build and write up, but this is a bit more ambitious than just a setting or an adventure. My theory is to build a whole campaign story arc sort of like how Pathfinder has its Adventure Paths. So I want to create a campaign setting and series of related adventures that a group can run through start to finish moving from just starting out to finishing a grand storyline in an epic fashion, growing along the way. In theory that would mean starting new characters, just beginner superheroes, who meet up, learn to work toge
  11. Our Champions campaign is approaching it's 34th anniversary. There have been some ups and downs in the past few years, with some players moving on, and others joining. After all this time, our campaign adventures have entered - as one player stated - a golden era. As GM's, we like to get feedback from our players and we ourselves on occasion rate them old-school style: A+, B-, C+ and so on. Well, we've have an incredible string of them with an A+, each one seemingly better than the last one. To date, a couple of our talented players have created over 40 animation/commercials to be played befor
  12. For a while now I've been toying with the idea of how to run limitations in my campaigns. I haven't messed with it much because usually I just end up having what happens reasonably in the story take place rather than trying to impose specific events but it seems like it could be at least a useful rule of thumb. Basically the idea is to use the limitation modifier as a rule of thumb for when it takes place. So if someone has an OAF (-1) then it hinders the character at least once a game session (it is awkward, gets taken away, broken, etc). The limitation total would guide this; so a -1/
  13. Version First


    This is a rebuild of the old Campaign Rules sheet that was offered in 4th Edition Champions. It gives the GM a single sheet to fill out with all the things players may need, including power level ranges, point bases, optional rules, house rules, everyman skills, and so on.
  14. Being an 'old-timer' who's played Champions since 1st edition 1981, the campaign has changed considerably. I've been privileged to be part of such a great group of gamers, who are also my closest friends. We came up with a version of Hardened Defenses before there was such a thing, I'm proud to say. From the 1st edition of "The Island of Dr. Destroyer" to the Adventurers Club magazines, a lot has been added since sitting down on day 1 of Champions 1st edition and trying to figure out the rules from a mere 56 page book. Along the way, we've looked at many things we liked and added a few houseru
  15. Last year, I picked up "Last Dominion - Echoes of Glory". I've been trying to find or create a good "low-magic" / "magic-rare" campaign setting for Fantasy Hero, and so far this was the best source book I've found. In reading the book, several references are made to additional related books ("Rivers End" and "Night of Fire"); however, I've never been able to locate either of these two books. Does anyone know where / how they can be found?
  16. Greetings Programs, I have been feeling the itch to Game Master a Champions Campaign on Hero Central. I am looking for help and advice.
  17. This is a game concept that I had come up with a year or so ago and figured it was past time I put it up here for people to contribute and share. The name of the campaign I was using was: The premise is that a NASA probe to the red planet discovers a derelict ship and the probes notes the language on the control surfaces is in Sanskrit. NASA sets up a small base on Mars and eventually reverse engineers the craft's FTL drive. Because of a reference to a threat found in the time degraded data archives, they send a military team to a set of coordinates based on data in the archives. They arriv
  18. To anyone who is entertained by such things, this is the Campaign Brief that myself, my wife, and a friend of ours are going to start GMing in the near future. We do character creation for it this weekend. GMing duties are going to be swapped around between the three of us, so that everyone can play. Welcome any commentary that people have. Welcome to America, the Land of Opportunity and Home of Super Heroes! While this is not the greeting given at any border to America, it is an appropriate declaration. Common belief is that individuals with great power have been around for ages, but
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