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Found 6 results

  1. After many years playing with 4th Edition, I've finally moved over to 6th edition with a purchase of "Champions Complete". I've also just joined the forum, so I suspect this subject has been covered before (and possibly more than once!) I've got a lot of the old 4E books so I can convert any characters etc that I want to, but which setting books, guides etc do people recommend that I should purchase and why? I should note that due to the distance from a FGS (no local for me!) that they should be PDF available. Any help welcome. PaladinAg
  2. Oh grab. How I love and despise you. As the subject said is there any other move in the game as slanted towards the aggressor as grab, or have I been misinterpreting it? Two str 60 bricks (Gilgamesh and Enkidu!) lock horns. Enkidu goes first and makes his grab check. He hits and immediately rolls his full strength (12d6) vs Gilgamesh's half strength (6d6). Surprising nobody he wins despite a bad roll (10 vs 7). He then gets a free action to crush for 12d6. Gilgamesh is up. He roars and throws his grabber off him, despite the full strength vs strength contest (12 vs 11). Si
  3. Hy everybody, I'm an Italian newbie GM of Champions: Complete and I would have some miscellanea questions about this beautiful RPG: 1) is the handbook "Champions: Powers" compatible with the system "Champions: complete" or some modification is required? 2) In general could I use all the material flagged "6th edition" with "Champions: Complete"? 3) Help needed to understand the best first approach to the system: to start with Marvel/DC well known heroes (like Daredevil, Spiderman ect,) or with completely original and new heroes? Thanks for your collaboration and understandin
  4. SAT Agent Template Cost Ability 5 Autofire Skills: At least one 3 Breakfall 3 Climbing 3 Concelment 10 Defense Maneuver (all) 3 Demolitions 2 KS: The Millitary/Mercnary World: 11- 2 KS: The Terrorist World: 11- 2 KS: The Superhero/Supervillian World: 11- 6 Languages: Two other languages other than English, on a Fluent w/Accent and littery basics 21 Martial Arts: 21 points worth, usaly Comando Training (Hero System Martial Arts page 26) or Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (Hero System Martial
  5. I've decided vehicles and barriers have to be the bane of any new GM. (Using Champions Complete) Hamster ball number 1: A size one enclosed vehicle - the dreaded power armor. Why is vehicle armor so cheap, and not increased in cost like automatons immune to stun are? The DC cap in the game is 12, and 16 points of hardened and impenetrable PD/ED makes the thing basically indestructible. I understand why the player wanted to go in that direction (aside from avoiding the stun) - he wanted to spend a hundred points on skills and other things and not be at a disadvantage in combat when compar
  6. Version 1


    Converting old characters to Champions Complete Writing and Design: Derek Hiemforth Development: Jason Walters Errata Layout: Thomas Rafalski
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