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Found 7 results

  1. I want to build a character. When she dies, she is reborn in another body, with different powers. The process can take some time and she can be reborn anywhere, but she retains her memories, or at least some of them – she is the same person, just different. So, quick question, should I build that as part of her powers (Resurrection and Teleport, VPP Multiform and so on) or just handwave it as, if a character dies, you are normally allowed to build another one and just keep playing and you (the player) know what the old character knew anyway. I have more questions about the build, but let us start there and gain some insight ?
  2. Hello! I would like to preface that I am new to the HERO system. I have read the books, multiple times, and I have a long way to master this amazing system. This is my first post and I hope I do not offend or post this in the incorrect place. Now, I need help with a unique character build. I am beginning a sci-fi campaign soon where my players are heroic builds with 225 points and 50 in complications. One player wants to be a realistic hologram that can interact with the physical world. We used Desolidification as a constant power with other advantages and limitations, but I keep thinking there is a better way. I attached the character sheet we made in hopes that someone may be willing to steer us in a better direction. Here are some of the character details. He wants to be a realistic hologram that is projected from a badge that he is wearing on his arm. He can interact with the physical world and only has strength 3. Since the projection emits from the badge on his arm he is unable to pass through walls or the like. The character is difficult to hit because damage only affects the badge/hologram projector. If the badge is struck he will take damage along with becoming stunned and/or losing the ability to interact with the physical world for a short period (2-3 phases). If the badge is destroyed he is lost forever. Finally, the projector needs to be charged daily, and he will suffer negative affects after a day with no charge. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! H.O.M.O.N.C.U.L.O.S mark III.HTML
  3. Hello Hivemind....can anyone tell me if someone has ever done a character write-up fro Vixen of DC comics fame?
  4. Following last year's effort at a character a month, this time I am looking at building an organisation from the ground up. This will include the boss, or bosses, the agents and supervillains who work for the organisation. The organisation itself will be bent on world domination either through force of arms or through economics. It should be headed either by one person or a committee of upto 4 but no more. And then there are the ones who work for it which should include some wonderfully, fulfilling jobbers. These are the crooks whose only function is to serve as the punchbags for the good guys. I think we should stay away from a wholly technological group; a wholly magical group and groups which have already been done for the most part for example Genocide for anti-mutants, the X-Men for wholly mutants and Fem-Force for a women only group (Superia in Captain America). So what ideas shall we see first ? Anyone familiar with the 'If I was an Evil Overlord list' is welcome to post as I would like some of those ideas to see fruition like Agents with visible facemasks and the Trusted lieutenant.
  5. This is the one I have been dreading all year and thankfully it is the last. I put this upto a vote and this was the one that became the 12th choice. So we will stat a base. First of all, who uses the base ? Secondly, where is it ?
  6. Well the 1st November starts and as I will be out and about severeal times this month I want to get an early start on this. The Shapeshifter was what the board members decided they wanted and so here it is. But what kind of Shapeshifter do they want ? Something like a werewolf ? Or Terminator 2's Robert Patrick ? Or Plastic Man ? Or Metamorpho ? That is the first question to decide.
  7. The new character for October will be the Gadgeteer. Now are we talking the likes of Reed Richards who builds and uses big machines, Batman who uses a variety of gadgets to fight crime or The Tinker who makes gadgets for others. What does the board want ?
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