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Found 3 results

  1. I've actually had reason to build some Champions characters lately, and it's made me think about two staple complications, Secret Identity and Code vs Killing. I'll be doing separate threads to help keep the discussion focused. Secret Identity is one that I've been less sure about for a while. Even before the MCU decided that secret IDs were a relic of the past, there have obviously been characters who don't really have troubles with their identities. And I will admit, this one is depends far more on the particular character. And perhaps some on how you want to phrase the complication. Because in many ways, the complications you take let the GM know what kind of stories you want your character to have. For instance, a recent character of mine has a social complication of being a grad student; it's a job with some defined hours and responsibilities, and consequences for not meeting them. It has some similarities to the standard Secret ID, but it's not as big a problem and has a more defined scope. Though one that's been bugging me more is another game I joined, where the GM remarked on the danger of me taking a Hunted, but no Secret ID. Which is a fascinating concept now that I've noticed it, that a Secret ID complication should give you an in game benefit. It is something of a nitpick, but still strikes at fundamentals of character building and HERO, that you have to pay points for positive effects. But I suppose that I just wonder how much people expect that a character should either have a Secret ID or Public ID. Thoughts?
  2. I was looking over my characters when I reached a character of mine named Psi-kick. She is a combat precog martial arts practitioner with telepathy, but what happens if she ends up in a position where her precognitive foresight shows her very few options. This came up in a roleplay session where Psi-kick was captured by a villain that wanted to test the extent of her combat precognition. She is strapped down and completely immobilized and she can see a display. If she calls out the number that will be shown on that display she can avoid being shocked. The villain then gradually increases the time between when the shock would be delivered and when the display reveals the code to avoid being shocked. I came up with this as she didn't have any other distractions so she could focus on the most immediate threat. Are there any Complications or other comments that might be appropriate for the character?
  3. All of the websites where I knew it was stored are gone to the obliterating tides of time.... and not a small number of people have emailed me in the past year or so asking where the copy I was hosting was, as it returned a SQL Database error. As bigdamnhero has requested one for his new campaign, and as I'm a player I thought it best to help the GM out, I found my original files (3 archive hard drives deep and counting... I need a better system) and found all the backend logins I needed, fixed it all up, and we're back. It was originally built in the days of "Disadvantages" and "Limitations" instead of just "Complications" and so that stands - because this was a quick and dirty fix, not an update; but for new players the terms are functionally interchangeable, don't let that stop you from using them, enjoy. http://www.cellularsmoke.net/rpgs/masterlistdisads.php (you know what I also found... the abandoned Master Index Cross Reference Project... If I get bored this summer the Online 5th Edition Master Index may find the light of day yet.)
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