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Found 17 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Teal is a rather nasty villain for Dark Champions campaigns. Not so much when normal, but when on the drug combo he loves, he is incredibly NASTY. Let me know what you think.
  2. Teal - Rather Nasty Villain for Dark Champions View File Teal is a rather nasty villain for Dark Champions campaigns. Not so much when normal, but when on the drug combo he loves, he is incredibly NASTY. Let me know what you think. Submitter Gauntlet Submitted 03/15/2020 Category Characters Rules Version HERO System 6th Edition
  3. Norfressa For Wizards View File 4 page Template for Fantasy Hero 5th edition. Based on the default template. Designed for two-sided printing. Prints the real costs for items in a VPP, so that spell casters can immediately see what real points each slot is using. Includes point totals for each section in the header and Total Equipment costs in SP Includes a PSL section in the combat summary Pg1 Characteristics/combat tables Pg2 Skills/Powers Pg3 Martial Arts/Perks/Talents Pg4 Disads/Equipment NOTE: use the first 2 lines of skills for PSL or leave them blank! The template will print the first two skills as PSL's Submitter dlapine Submitted 06/04/2018 Category Export Formats Output Format HTML (Browser) Rules Version HERO System 5th Edition
  4. Version 1.0


    This is a fairly complex write up for all of the capabilities and functions of the modern Smart Phone. Strictly speaking, the construct is not legal by the rules as written because it places special powers in a power framework. Ask your GM for permission before purchasing this equipment for your character.
  5. Greetings all, I am new to this site. After many years of not playing role playing games, (I played rpg games with my brother when I was a kid), I have recently gotten the "bug" to get interested in this hobby again. I have played the Online game of Champions, but have always found the tabletop role-playing game so much more fun with its campaigns and interactions with other players. I am really interested in learning and hearing more about the Dark Champions game. One of my favorite movie series was the Chris Nolan's Batman series, and Arrow (at least the first several seasons) has always been one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen in terms of superhero tv shows. One thing I have really found interesting was the level of creativity that players demonstrate in the creation of their characters. I have really been impressed with how with modern technology, a group of players can play an rpg online with the assistance of Roll20 or Skype, etc. Recently I have been getting a friend interested in developing a character, but since it's been so long for myself I am finding that I have to familiarize myself with all the rules as well once again. My idea for her is to have a street vigilante named the Kiss of Death, who does not kill but is equipped with gadgets. She has a calling card she leaves with her defeated foes a kiss with some form of death in the middle of it. As is suggested by her name, part of her approach is to use her beauty as one of her weapons, and her costume will reflect that. Working on a partner for her, I have a homeless guy who is a bit of a religious fanatic. He believes that God is calling him to clean the streets. Not sure what weapons or skills he has as of yet, but he will be called Street Angel. Would love to hear any suggestions on either of these two characters, or more on your own experiences of Dark Champions. Thanks for the time.... Shadow7
  6. I was asked recently to run a Heroes Unlimited Campaign for my Sister-in-Law and her family, but I didn't want to use the palladium rules, so I looked around and found Hero System. I'd heard of it before but never used it, had a quick read of the rules and thought I'd give it a go. So I established a setting using the Wold Newton Timeline as background and history. The city I chose to set it in was my home city Brisbane, Australia. Decided to run the game every second Friday night, unfortunately the first night no one showed up because of family issues. During the next fortnight I changed some things in the setting, I decided it would be a heroci level game with characters having 175 character points and 50pts min. complications. I also decided to have the eastern seaboard of Australia struck by a meteor shower in the late 50's/early 60's devastating communities in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. The recovery was aided by an international effort to rebuild, corporations and other organisations from around the world cooperated in order to provide succor to the victims, restore services and rebuild infrastructure. The Australian Government also relaxed it's immigration laws and offered incentives to corporations, and individuals to remain in Australia and apply for citizenship after the rebuilding effort. Additionally the shock of such a catastrophe had a similar effect on society as World War II did, and population growth figures soared immediately after and have declined only marginally. This increased birth rate and higher immigration levels has eneabled the population to reach levels comparable with our earth's version of Australia. Why did I do this to Australia? I wanted to use Hudson City: The Urban Abyss as a replacement for Brisbane with minimal changes. The meteor strikes and subsequent rebuilding and immigration allows for a massive influx of various ethnic groups, along with their respective criminal elements, and it sped up the americanisation of Australian culture. So New Brisbane City (Hudson City) is designed and layed out along the lines of american cities because the largest group of corporations involved were american. The culture has changed due in part to the racial backgrounds of the population, the white population is 40% American, 20% European and 40% Australian, while the black population is roiughly 50/50 between african american and aboriginal, and due in part to increased ties with the U.S. resulting from the American dominance of Australian industry. I sold this setting to my son and his mates, we started the next fortnight. However because I was still learning the system and my son and his mates had never even heard of it, we spent the entire night creating characters (only three of the four were completed as one player got bored and gave up) and didn't actually play. As a result one player dropped out because he didn't want to learn a new system, another dropped out due to work commitments leaving me with two players, my son and one mate. Because I had told them they could make any character they could think up, we ended up with "Knifepoint", "Shinigami" and "Maverick". Knifepoint - after some tweaking to fit the setting is an ex-terrorist, one of Gaea's Commandos, with two secret identities, Chet Manly (yes he is a fan of Archer) and Damien Kirwan. Enhanced STR, DEX, CON and PER with all Senses, and Acrobatics 19-. Damien Kirwan abandoned his team and taking his sister, they adopted new names and fled. He is Hunted by W.E.B. and should he be identified as Damien Kirwan he will have a host of law enforcement agencies from around the world hunting him. The character was built around the assassin package deal and martial arts: knifefighting. Shinigami - The son of Japanese immigrants, he is a mutant with shadow melding and shadow stepping powers. Sent to Japan to study Kenjutsu under his grandfather as a way to develop the self-discipline to control his powers. Secret identity: Natsu Iko (yes he chose the name in order to be a descendent of the Kage Ryu founder). Returning to New Brisbane because his parents died in a house fire, he discovers that they were actually murdered, witness statements place the Blue Moon Killer at the scene. If he killed them, why? If he didn't what was he doing there? Has the Perk: accredited Instructor Kage Ryu Kenjutsu. Maverick - was based very closely on Marvel's Gambit. But the player had to drop out because of work commitments. Leon - A were-lion recently infected and just learning to control the transformation and bestial side. Player showed up on the third session and will probably play on rare occasions only. Gunsmoke - A budding Bushranger who accidentally stumbled into the dreamtime while fleeing from his first coach holdup and stepped back out into New Brisbane in the year 2015. A very confused and scared individual. The time spent in that dimesion has had some strange effects on him, he is resistant PD/ED, and regenerates injury and after a year in the dreamtime has gained Distinctive Features: Ritual Scarring. Additionally he has a Colt Navy Revolver which has apparently been mystically endowed as well (no charges required). This player was the bored guy in the second session, lured back by the writeup of the third sessions game events. Tweaking the characters and tying them further into the setting has increased their point totals to approximately 200 CP. Shinigami, Knifepoint and Leon knew each other as children, so all three were present at the funeral of Shingami's parents. After the funeral they went to a nearby bar and drank for a while, reminiscing and catching up. On the way back to the subway station they ran into some gang thugs who figured they'd be easy marks, the brawl that followed was short and brutal, but difficult enough for each of them to force them to use their powers in front of the others. Realising that they all had some special abilities, previously vague ideas began to coalesce into a purpose, Shinigami sought answers about his parents' murder, Knifepoint sought to atone for his terrorist past, and Leon needed to find the creature that cursed him. The three of them determined to work together to achieve their goals. A week or two later Shinigami attended the reading of his parents' wills and discovered that his father owned a warehouse and there was a modest savings account as well. Later the group went to check out the warehouse at night, planning to start their new crimefighting career by patrolling the neighbourhood afterwards. They actually surprised three would be arsonists, Leon began to transform before they went in, (the player had to leave at this point so I continued his transformation and made it as bruatal and noisy as possible, bones snapping and rearranging themselves, flesh tearing, agonised screams which quickly changed to a growling roar), this quite naturally scared the bejesus out of the three would be arsonsits who made a break for the other door. Shinigami stepped through the shadows and quickly dealt with two of them, while Knifepoint disabled the third. Knifepoint was somewhat upset with Shinigami for killing his two, (5 point Code Against Killing), but he didn't say anything, he just got to work on the third arsonist's wound. After the bleeding was stopped they questioned him, and discovered that he had no idea who hired them, as one of the dead arsonists had brought them into help without telling them many details. Shinigami confiscated the arsonists wallets and phones, but Knifepoint let the survivor make his own way to the hospital. He did however decide to shadow him and see where he went, turned out he went to a small rundown building with a surgery sign outside (The Kyphotic Man). They disposed of the bodies in the river behind the warehouse and that is where we left our heroes. Next session saw the return of bored guy and the arrival of his new character Gunsmoke (which had to created that night) so the warehouse is in the middle of being refitted as a Dojo/with upstairs accommodation for the group. Chet and Natsu are inspecting the work so far when a portal of somesort opens inside the warehouse, a figure in old fashioned clothing dives through it, followed by a rather large and angry snake. The workers scattered, Chet and Natsu leapt into action as the snake got a hold on Gunsmoke and began to entwine itself around him and slowly crush him to death. At first it seemed that thee snake was just too big, tough for them to handle then Chet put all his effort into one massive stab into the top of its head (haymaker), killing it instantly, still they got thrown around a bit during it's deaththrows. Again had to leave them there due to the time. Next session is a week away. To tie the characters further into the setting I've increased the number of complication points to about 100, with each players agreement. Shinigami now has his grandfather arriving in the near future to be his DNPC and will aslo gain a few students in Kenjutsu, one in particular will probably cause problems (The Shogun of Little Tokyo, who apparently would like to improve his martial skills). The group is also going to get a visit from a particular herpetologist who is interested to find out as much as he can about this new species of snake that animal control brought to him to identify. They may come into conflict with Speargun as the warehouse is in his territory on the south side of the river just east of the drawbridge. To top that off, I let them design their base (the warehouse) they unwittingly chose a size that is far larger than the warehouse floorplan would suggest, something like 80mx40mx40m, it's only a two story warehouse, about 6 meters high, which leaves 34m of the third dimension unaccounted for. So I have decided that his parents (one or both) were involved in some sort of secret research and the remaining 34m is hidden below the warehouse as a secret lab. This also enabled me to explain Knifepoints powers (as a child he was terribly sick and the doctors couldn't cure him, Shinigami's parent's took him to the hidden lab and injected him with an experimental serum which cured him and gave him his powers). The group do not know this yet and I might need to wait until the base sustains some damage or someone decides to get snoopy before revealing it. As you can tell, the campaign is a rather haphazard assembly of various elements, Wold Newton Timeline, Hudson City, Dark Champions Mentality, DC:TAS, Street Level Champions, Urban Fantasy and I forget the rest. But it is slowly coalescing.
  7. Version 1.1


    This is an add on package deal like the other special forces package deals in DC. The SASR selection is open to all army personnel so add this to the basic military package deal or the equivalent. It is quite heavy in points, despite never having experienced the cadre course, I think it is a good representation of the SASR skill set. On the choice of martial arts, I've left it at Commando, despite the fact that the Australian Army teaches recruits Military Self Defence (MSD) (developed from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), A new development is an attempt to develop an "Integrated Martial Arts Program", supposedly integrating bayonet drill, unarmed techniques, shooting techniques and other CQB techniques. At present this is nowhere near formalised as each unit appears to be working with local martial arts instructors to develop their own unit program. The Royal Australian Infantry Corps is supposedly developing it's own Infantry Integrated Martial Arts Program, and there is anecdotal evidence that both the commandos and SASR are developing or have developed similar programs. Make your own decisions on the martial arts.
  8. Version 1.0


    This is an effort to explain the organisation and rank structure of the Australian Army. I expect to do the same for the Navy and Airforce. Package Deals will follow shortly.
  9. Short version: a good simple way to get realistic active point totals for firearms is to take the 5 root of the muzzle energy (in ft/lbs), multiply by 6 and add 5. In excel, that's =PRODUCT(ME^(1/5),6)+5 where ME is the muzzle energy. If you want a curve that yields more powerful guns, do the same but with 4 root, i.e. =PRODUCT(ME^(1/4),5) Long version: Sorry for this wall of text I am a giant military nerd. Traditional HERO gun damage tables, based on caliber, have always left me a little flat. After fiddling with Excel and Wikipedia data I think I have a good curve based on energy: This curve follows the HERO chart range (MUZZLE ENERGY(ft-lbs)^(1/5))*5= ACTIVE POINTS But, if you'd like to see more variation in the common calibers: (MUZZLE ENERGY(ft-lbs)^(1/4))*5= ACTIVE POINTS Either way, the players can stat out any gun they fancy Both of these curves have points where they fall apart. The 5 root fail point is higher in the cannon range, 35mm and beyond. 4 root falls apart right after .50 BMG, which is usually at the top of a heroic-level firearm chart anyway. 4 root guns do well in grim game worlds, along with making combat much shorter (the two often go together). You'll notice this doesn't quite take into account things like overpenetration. Smarter people than I have taken a stab at that, and while it's a very clever implementation, it adds another layer to what is already considered a complex system. It's hard enough to sell my new group on HERO as it is. You also get into issues of what's important to you in game versus what's important to you in the real world. In the game, you'd probably prefer to take a few body than to be STUNNED. But in the real world, you would (I assume) vastly prefer to take a little break as opposed to losing a finger or a few cups of blood. Stopping penetration in the real world can easily lead to being knocked around a bit more, but any player is going to be annoyed if they pay points for a defense that gets them STUNNED more often. One more thing: it's important for the GM to take the barrel length into consideration. If a player shows up with a 20 × 110mm Hispano pistol and claims the full muzzle energy, it would be cool for the GM to call foul on that. Along these lines, STR MIN calculations should also be checked and common sense used. Even if a character has a 30 STR, they do not weigh enough to anchor an autocannon firing light antiaircraft rounds. It will literally pound them into the earth. Anyway, hope someone finds this interesting, and possibly useful. Next up for me: finding some Star Wars Hero prefabs. Older links in the forums appear to be broken. Unhappy face. CartridgeEnergy.txt
  10. The Harbinger of Justice has CK: Fell's Point 11-, does anyone know where this is located? I can't find it on the city or suburban map. Is it an off map location from the original campaign?
  11. World's Greatest Detective https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World's_Greatest_Detective I have struggled trying to build the Champions and Dark Champions version of the World's Greatest Detective or on Hero System parlance The Ultimate Detective. Obviously it is easier high point levels, but how do you work it into a 200 to 250 5E Dark Champions game or a 250 to 350 5E Champions campaign. I have looked at Batman, but he does not really strike me as The Ultimate Detective. Help Please. QM
  12. Version v1.1


    5E HTML Superhero Character Sheet This template (created in February 2014, by lou_tennant (aka David Dobson)) is based on the 6E Ultimate CS (uploaded by Hyper-man, originated by desaturated - which was based on a file by Dan Simon). This character sheet looks very different from the plain black and white sheets. I have adjusted the colours and elements of the layout - including reducing it from four sections to two sections. I have removed and simplified certain areas to focus on a Super-heroic/Champions style of game. So things like Hit Locations and the Combat Manoeuvres charts have been removed. Whilst I have made changes, using the 4-colour comics for inspiration, it still maintains a clear connection to the original styling/layout of the 6E Ultimate CS (uploaded by Hyper-man, originated by desaturated - which was based on a file by Dan Simon), on which it is based. Features: Collates combat information including Attack Powers, Defence Powers, Equipment and Martial Manoeuvres. Along with useful combat stats, combat values, and combat modifiers. The layouts for Powers, Equipment, Talents, Martial Arts, Skills, Perks, and Disadvantages (was Complications in 6E Ultimate CS, but this is for 5th Ed) have been amended, to provide a two-column section in places to aid with usability. As per 6E Ultimate CS; notes are included, and it will respect any formatting you've done to your powers or abilities. Numbered list titles and numbering, etc. Skills, abilities rolls, and Endurance costs clearly visible along the left hand side. Point costs on the right. The character image is on the 1st page with characteristics. The recommended picture size: 288px wide. The image should be anywhere from 352px to 442px tall. The version (timestamp) of the character is included in the footer of each section to help with multiple copies. IT DOES NOT currently include the Hero Game logo (I am working on making space) as the previous location I felt could be better used in the reworked layout. Once it has been included The file "herologo.png"; needs to be included in same directory as the export file.
  13. Some time ago I was looking through the Dark Champions book at the modern profession Package Deals, and noticed a glaring omission -- the Astronaut. I thought this was a really interesting career choice for player characters, that could provide a cross-over possibility with Star Hero plots. I did research on Wikipedia and the NASA website, and came up with my own Package Deal. I just noticed it went down with the Vault, and re-uploaded it. Astronaut Package Deal
  14. Some time ago I was looking through the Dark Champions book at the modern profession Package Deals, and noticed a glaring omission -- the Astronaut. I thought this was a really interesting career choice for player characters, that could provide a cross-over possibility with Star Hero plots. I did research on Wikipedia and the NASA website, and came up with my own Package Deal. I just noticed it went down with the Vault, and re-uploaded it. Astronaut Package Deal
  15. Version 1


    Some time ago, I was looking through the list of Dark Champions professional package deals, and realized one very interesting option was missing -- Astronauts. I did research on astronaut training and found quite a lot of detail online. Putting it together, I worked up the package deal and this is the result.
  16. Version 5er Character Template


    Psi World Character -- EDIT HERO System Fifth Edition Genre: Dark Champions A character template customized from the generic 'Mentalist Campaign' character template. It has the same optional characteristics (Mental Speed, Mental Defense) and Ego cost (x3) and also has prefabs (firearms, body armor) and Campaign Disadvantages (Hunteds, Social, Physical Disadvantages) for my 'Psi World' campaign. You need the export template to be able to see the new custom characteristics on the exported character sheet: http://www.herogames.com/forums/index.php?/files/download/42-mentalist-campaign/
  17. Version HERO System Fifth Editio


    Psi World Dependent -- EDIT HERO System Fifth Edition Genre: Dark Champions This template is for 'normal' psionics in my Psi World game, wherein the vast majority of people born with psionics are less mentally and physically capable then normal humans. You need the export template to be able to see the new custom characteristics on the exported character sheet: http://www.herogames.com/forums/index.php?/files/download/42-mentalist-campaign/
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