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Found 1 result

  1. Deathstroke Tryouts "Relax, bro, it's going to work this time, I mean, who protects Minneapolis?" Frost told his brother. "Even this city has superheroes," Requiem snarled, "And after that incident in Vegas…" "Yeah, half the 'supervillains' who showed up where in drag, the other were Elvis impersonators," Frost exaggerated, but not by much, "Then the Saints come up and kick all their asses and we barely escape. You know, we should put those guys on 'the List'." 'The List' was getting pretty long over the years, and Requiem would love nothing better than to make each and every person on it pay, but right now? He'd settle for four or five members to finally help he and his brother restore Deathstroke to its former glory, or better! They had had an uncharacteristic bit of luck of late. About a week ago, the two had been walking in street clothes with hoodies trying to figure out how to get supervillains to show up for membership. Hotel fees and transportation could be a bear, and as Frost pointed out, they really should have some brewskis nearby. That's when Foxbat, of all people, had landed near them, handed them a duffle bag, and said "You look like honest faces. Here, hold onto this. It's all part of my…dare I say it, Master Plan." And fled. Shortly there after some superheroine using very unlady like language flew overhead looking for the nutbar. Inside the duffle bag? One Million dollars! Unmarked. Requiem knew what he had to do. Before his brother could lose it at a card game or on floozies, Requiem made two investments. One to pay for his membership drive? The other? Well, that one was a gamble too. He had gotten mystical help to make sure this time, this time the recruitment well. The thing was a cube, six sides and all. Odd Runes on it that said stuff that made no sense, like Def, Ocv, and one side that had the letters COM crossed out. The mystic he had brought it from told him it would give him advise from 'those beyond' in making his selection. Could have been bunk, but the mystic had a good rep for being relatively honest, and Requiem figured it couldn't hurt. "Hey, there are some hot chicks out there," Frost said noticing the crowd of applicants that had gathered (Most lured by free room and board for the week), "Let's get one of those." "We're assembling Deathstroke, not a Harem," Requiem snorted, "We're going for whoever will work best with us, and this time? I even have an edge. Now, be cool, and follow me," the leader of the team of two moved out to greet the others. "I'm always cool," Frost muttered, and slipped out with him. "Okay, if I can have your attention?" Requiem said, "You're here because you know there's strength in numbers. And whatever else you might have heard about Deathstroke, we once held the power of destruction on a city wide scale in our hands. What you've been sent to show here is just a taste of what we'll be earning through our crimes." "How did you get the money anyway?" One guy asked. "Talent, planning, dedication, and perseverance," Requiem lied smoothly, not about to mention that a lunatic had handed it in their laps, "Now, we need a strong guy…" "Hey" One female voice spoke up. "Or Girl," he corrected. "Hey!" Another female voice. "Or woman" he corrected trying not to roll his eyes. "Ahem," came a nebously gendered voice. "God, I miss the 20th century," Frost muttered. Requiem ignored that ahem. This was a villain gathering, damn it, not a college campus, and went on, "Someone tough, strong, or to put in common terms- a Brick. Now, we run into a lot of so called 'heroes' who are way beyond bullet proof either thanks to ultra tough skin, forcefields, or whatever. So we also want someone with unusual attacks. Be it mystical, mental, or some kind of life draining thing- barring that, maybe something that slows folks down. Lastly, we'd like someone with a bit of mobility, someone who can keep up with all those damn speedsters and kung fu types. So I've sectioned you off into different niches, and using this mystic cube which will give me the wisdom of those beyond the invisible wall" He held up the cube, "I will then select." "Where did you get the cube?" One guy asked. "A creepy mystic guy with a solid rep," Requiem said. "The one in Toledo?" "No, Des Moines" "Oh, he is good, I hear," One other applicant opined. "So glad you approve, so, get into your group, step forward, and let's hear your pitch on who you are and why you deserve to be part of what will be the greatest supervillain team ever." OOC: That's right. It's a poll. Each candidate for each group. You may break the fourth wall and 'advise' Requiem of who he should take by casting your vote. There will be what is said and what Requiem notices, and there will be spoilers of hidden problems Requiem doesn't know about. Note, there nothing saying those beyond the wall have to HELP them. Suggest who you want to suggest to mess them up if you prefer that to aiding them. Please read the next three sections and see which ones you like as you play the helpful or not so helpful adviser from beyond
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