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Found 10 results

  1. It's time for the 2021 Master List Superdraft! This draft is a superhero draft of the kind we have seen often on this forum. This particular draft seeks to maximize the event of one player 'sniping' another. To do this, most of your picks will come from a small list that we will jointly create. June 1: everyone drafts 9 characters. Some heroes, some villains, all characters appropriate to the superhero genre. We want everyone's list in QUICKLY, so it doesn't matter if there are duplicates. These characters are sent to me by PM. You are answerable only to your own conscience. Last year I vetoed a number of characters for not being appropriate to the superhero genre. (Elsa from Frozen, for example). Not this year. I ask that you please keep your nine submissions appropriate to the genre, but I won't arbitrate. The submit-9-draft-8 rule should make this flexible enough that we'll be okay if some people submit genre-questionable characters. June 2-5: Stragglers enter their submissions. June 6: NO NEW PLAYERS! I post the Master List: Every character drafted, duplicates reduced to singles. I will replace duplicates with a pre-prepared list of popular characters (there are three picks for Superman? I go to the top two on my list that haven't been picked, and I add them. Now the master list has one Superman and two other people). Players may draft their location at this time. Thereafter: Draft Normally. All your "Character" picks must come from the Master List, and you can't draft anyone you originally submitted. (so, from the example earlier, none of the three players could draft Superman. anyone could draft the two people I replaced his duplicates with). Note that while players submit 9 characters to the master list, they only draw 8. "Option" picks can be anything, including characters not on the Master List. "Option" picks cannot be used for Master List characters, unless everyone else has all their "Character" slots filled. Picks take place at noon Eastern Daylight Savings Time. You can post your Location at the same time you post any Character pick. I just never care about locations, so I don't want them to interfere with the rest of the draft. Options can be used to draft characters that don't appear on the Master List. Options cannot be used to draft characters that ARE on the Master List. Location 8 characters 3 options (can be used for characters not on the Master List) See last year's draft: The Master List Superdraft - Non-Gaming Discussion - HERO Games
  2. Hoy there, true believers! It’s time for the Super Sitcom Superdraft! In this edition of the Superdraft, you will be choosing characters for a sitcom, but with a twist: The focus is on Supers! Heroes, villains, agents, mooks, DNPCs, super-pets, you name it! Bring them all together for a super story of friends, family, and quirky fun. In this Superdraft, you will select the following: The Setting: Choose a time and/or place for your story. As usual, this is the first pick. The Lead: This is your main character. This character should be a super. (Your other characters need not be supers, but this one should be.) The Partner: This is the primary companion to The Lead. This may be a romantic partner, but doesn’t have to be. It might be a roommate (Oscar and Felix from The Odd Couple), a work partner (Max and Agent 99 from Get Smart!), or what have you. The Family/Flatmate: This is someone who shares a home/workplace/whatever with The Lead (and maybe The Partner as well). It could be a child or other family member, an old friend, a nanny, a pet, etc. The Wacky Comic Relief / The Best Friend: Choose one of these two common sitcom tropes for this slot. One character may fill both roles, of course. If you want two different characters in order to fill both roles, use an Option. The Nosy Neighbor: This character is more involved in The Lead’s life than they have any right to be, and certainly more than The Lead would like them to be. Note that while this character is probably an annoyance, it is NOT The Antagonist. That’s another pick. The Guest Star: Choose a character to appear in no more than one or two episodes of your series. In keeping with traditions of the genre, this should be a big name character (to help drive up ratings during Sweeps week, you know). The Antagonist: This is the thorn in the side of The Lead and The Partner. The level of antagonism, from work/romantic interference to attempted homicide, is up to you. The Secret: One thing all supers have in common is secrets. Is there something your lead characters are trying to keep hidden from their neighbors? Is The Lead hiding something from The Partner? Or is there a secret the main characters don’t know about that could cause them difficulty? You also get up to three Options to fill out your story. The usual rules for drafting characters apply. All character picks are exclusive. Once any version of a character is drafted, all other versions of that character are off the table (e.g., you can’t draft Ant-Man Henry Pym if someone has already drafted Yellowjacket Henry Pym). Different characters using the same identity are okay, though (e.g., if someone has already drafted Ant-Man Henry Pym, you can still draft Ant-Man Scott Lang). When drafting a character with many identities (e.g., Carol Danvers: Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird, Captain Marvel) or one of several characters with a given identity (e.g., Captain Marvel: Billy Batson, Carol Danvers, Monica Rambeau), please be as specific as possible. The Super Sitcom Superdraft will begin on Monday, April 5th at noon Eastern Daylight Time (check your local listings for exactly when that is where you live). Picks will be made each day at the same time, one pick per day. We will NOT draft on the weekends. (This means you’ll make your final pick on April 20th.) A poll will be posted on or around April 23rd and will remain open until April 30th. Any questions? Let me know.
  3. Well, it's that time again, or very nearly so. I figured I 'd put this up now so that people could start thinking about what they might like to do in the coming year. January: Cast Your Fantasy Kingdom Superdraft (Hermit) February: Five Man Band Superdraft (Pariah) March: Reading Rainbow Superdraft (Sociotard) April: Master List Superdraft (Sociotard) May: World Creation Draft IV (Death Tribble)* June: The Shared Starship Superdraft (Sociotard) July: Pick A Color Superdraft (Pariah) August: none September: October: Dungeon Draft (Death Tribble)* November: none December: none * Tentative If you want to claim a month, post in this thread and I'll add it to the calendar.
  4. I may not be on the list but my friends are. Perhaps you know them? Franklin, Grant, and Jackson! That's right, it's time for the Master List Superdraft! Day 1 everyone drafts 8 characters. Some heroes, some villains, all comic book super-persons. We want everyone's list in QUICKLY, so it doesn't matter if there are duplicates. Day 2-5: Stragglers enter their submissions. Day 6: NO NEW PLAYERS! I post the master list: Every character drafted, duplicates reduced to singles. I will replace duplicates with a pre-prepared list of popular list (there are three picks for superman? I go to the top two on my list that haven't been picked, and I add them. Now the master list has 1 superman and two other people)` Day7-end: Draft Normally. All your characters must come from the Master List, and you can't draft anyone you originally submitted. (so, from the example earlier, none of the three players could draft Superman. anyone could draft the two people I replaced his duplicates with). We will draft through weekends because this draft requires a slow start. Location 8 characters 3 options (can be used for characters not on the Master List) (CANNOT be used for characters on the master list) Maximally limited selection! Sniping is guaranteed! (I still say this is a great way to spend our self-isolating hours) Hit me up with questions!
  5. Grab your Scholastic order forms, kids! It's time for the Reading Rainbow Superdraft! Every draft gets a lot of characters from movies, television, and comics. It's time for a book based draft! All your characters for this draft must have first come from a book. If a character has been in movies, but was a book first (Huckleberry Finn), that is acceptable. If the character was in a movie, tv show, or comic first, that is not okay. I will allow characters that started in oral tradition (Robin Hood), that is acceptable. Poetry will be allowed. Plays and radio shows will not. We will begin Monday March 2. We will not draft on weekends (giving me time to get caught up) at noon eastern. What to draft: One (1) Author. Whose prose will appear? living or dead. Seven (7) characters. I'll let you decide what ratio of villains and heroes and whatnot. Three (3) Options. Maybe more characters, maybe settings, maybe props. Surprise me. One week to go, so hit me with the questions, just in case the rules need finesse.
  6. I'll start the conversation, since nobody else has. How much interest is there in doing one or more Superdrafts in 2018? I have an idea that I could implement for February. It would start on the first Monday, run for two weeks, and include a twist that (as far as I know) has never been included in a Superdraft yet. I'll start putting things together if there's interest. We can also talk about what we might want to do in subsequent months. Who would be willing to run a draft, who would want to participate, when people would be able to do it, all that kind of thing. Feedback?
  7. Welcome to the 2018 Ultimate SUPERDRAFT The first rule is that this is a SUPERHERO Draft And you are creating a comic book superhero universe. Feel free to draft from just about any source but the name of the game is Supers. If your heroes don't have powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men, use some of your picks to give them some. Power sets are non-exclusive but if you grab too many from already drafted characters your characters will be looked down on as knock offs by the industry. Mind you sometimes the knock off can be better than the original. Here is your ultimate goal: You will draft 30 characters, heroes, villains and support, to fill out your universe, with at least three titles idealized. Then you'll share your ideas for the rest of us to enjoy. That's it, easy! I know you want some rules, so here is this draft's batch. Check them out: You must draft 30 characters. "Why?" I hear you ask. Because you’re creating a universe, not a single comic. You need to populate that universe and that’s going take a lot of characters. Up to three selections per day. This allows you to choose a hero and a villain, or a common duo, or the leaders of a snake themed terrorist organization; and one supporting character. See below for more on supporting characters. If you join late, you can immediately catch up to the current draw. Frex: 3rd day of the draft you get 9 picks to catch up with, 7th day you get 21 and so on. Conceptualize at least three titles. The titles can share characters (like Thor in his solo title and The Avengers). You don't need to write intro stories for each title, just give us a little blurb. Who are the heroes? Who are the common villains? How does it fit into your universe? Are you eating pie? You can draft virtually anyone. Who is eligible this draft? The characters must be published and they must be fictional. Comic books, pulp fiction, TV, movies, anime, African folk tales, you name it. I do ask that if you draft someone that is obscure, please provide a link for me so I’m not hunting all over for one. Special case, published RPG characters: you are allowed UP TO TWO published RPG characters. They must be official versions, and they must appear in an official rulebook or supplement. You need Foxbat or Dr. Destroyer in your universe? Are you desperate to see Grond pulp Seeker? Make it happen! The draft aspect. Once a trademark is chosen, that character and all alternate reality versions are off limits. Alternate reality versions are legit and will cut off mainstreams as well. Frex: You draft Earth 1 Superman. All other versions of Superman, from Superboy to Red Son, are out. Supergirl, though, is still in. Special case, Power Girl/Supergirl: Like the last several drafts these two are now considered separate characters. HOWEVER, alternate bearers of the trademark are acceptable. If you choose Iron Man (Tony Stark) then Iron Man (James Rhodes) is still available. So be sure list the specific ID of your choice, especially with Green Lanterns, Flashes, etc. Organizations. When you draft an organization you get all the equipment, standard vehicles and nameless mooks associated with the organization. You only get the named operatives, lieutenants, special one-of-a-kind vehicles and such; if no one else specifically drafts them. i.e. Draft Starfleet and you get starships, starbases, crewmen, phasers and such, but you don’t automatically get Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise unless no one else drafts them. Three Picks Per Day - Two will be heroes, villains or both; but the third pick must be a Supporting Character. All organizations, locales, vehicles and other inanimate objects will be considered to be Supporting Characters. Note you can draft more than ten supporting characters if you wish. But you must draft at least one each day for a total of ten. Every universe needs its Aunt Mays, Alfreds, Hudson Cities, and Starships named Enterprise. Substitutions, Trades, and Dropping Characters - I'm limiting this to a maximum of 5 characters total. Substitutions have a cut-off date of 4:30 PM (US) EDT on August 6th. After that they are not allowed, although trades and dropping of characters, within the maximums of 5 total subs, trades or drops, are. The draft starts Wednesday, August 1st, but jump in at any time. Picks are earned each day @ 5 PM (US) EDT. So start your imaginations! As a further clarification, each day you will draft 2 heroes and 1 supporting character, or 2 villains and 1 supporting character, or 1 hero 1 villain and 1 supporting character. In other words each day you must draft one supporting character plus two anything picks. Please be sure you're clear on this. Question: What's the minimum number of heroes/villains we have to draft? You must draft at least 5 heroes and 5 villains. If you want to draft more supporting picks and fewer main picks, that's fine, as long as you have at least 5 heroes 5 villains and 10 supporting picks your draft will be complete. Question: What about locations? Real world locations are freely available to everyone and are non-exclusive. Fictional locations can be drafted using support picks and are exclusive.
  8. The Premise: A notorious supervillain has got his hands on time travel technology. He’s spent several months (or years? Decades?) just wandering around time and space, observing, studying, and taking notes. He’s even tried making subtle changes at key times, just to see what the effects would be. Now, after his long and arduous research, he is ready to strike. He is assembling a team of like-minded individuals to strike at key points in history to change the shape and flow of time and space. His ultimate goal? To take over the Universe, to rule and reign over the past, the present, and the future. Someone needs to stop him. To this end, heroes from across time and space will band together to save the Universe. The Draft: Each player will make up to ten selections beginning on June 1st. Players will draft each day beginning at 12:00 noon Eastern Daylight Time. (Use Google as needed to figure out what time this is where you are.) The Base of Operations must be the first pick; all other picks may be made in any order. We will be drafting on the weekends. Players may draft any professionally published fictional character. Once a character is selected, all other versions of that same person are off the board. There are ten (10) selections total to be made. They are as follows: Base of Operations: This is a specific time and place from which your heroes will operate. Please specify a physical location and a time. This must be your first pick. Bases of Operations are exclusive. Heroes (6): Choose six protagonists, one per day, to oppose the villains. These must be professionally published fictional characters. EACH CHARACTER MUST BE FROM A DIFFERENT ERA. That is to say, no two characters can be from the same time and place. Choose characters from different times/locations in the past, present, and future. Character choices are exclusive. The Dragon: You will also select one villain who is working with the bad guys. (Who are the bad guys? See below.) This will be the primary antagonist for your specific team. As with the heroes, Dragons are exclusive. Options (2): These are for things other than characters. Exotic weapons or technology, alternate locations, supporting characters, additional heroes or Dragons, whatever. Options are exclusive, unless there’s a compelling reason for them not to be. The Bad Guys: As you are drafting heroes and such, I will be drafting villains. I’ll use the same rules: Base of Operations first, one Villain per day, exclusive picks, from different eras, and so on. I will choose six villains. I will not select an Anti-Dragon (hero) or any Options. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: Right, what’s an era? A: An era, for purposes of this draft, is a distinct time and place in history. It can be as general as “Earth during the Jurassic” or as specific as “a space station orbiting Epsilon Eridani III, 2258”. Q: Are “1600s England” and “1600s Japan” considered different eras? A: For purposes of this draft, yes. Q: Is this a supers draft? A: It can be, if you want. Draft the characters you’d like. If you want to draft a whole team of Skilled Normals, that’s great. You are neither required to, nor forbidden from, drafting characters with superhuman abilities. Q: Will you be drafting villains in response to the heroes that we draft? A: Wow, that’s a great idea! Thanks for mentioning it! Q: I really wanted to draft Captain America, but someone has already drafted Steve Rogers, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. What do I do? A: Draft a Captain America who isn’t Steve Rogers. William Naslund (A/K/A Spirit of ‘76) is probably still available, as is Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson. Q: Someone drafted Mister Fantastic as one of their heroes. Can I draft Maker (Ultimate universe Reed Richards) as my Dragon? A: No. After Mister Fantastic is taken, all other versions of Reed Richards--even those from alternate universes--become unavailable. Q: How specific does my Base of Operations need to be? A: It needs to be one place in one era. “20th Century Earth” isn’t nearly specific enough. “New York City, 1980s” would probably be okay. Q: Can I draft real people? A: You may draft fictional versions of real people who are not currently alive. (Specify the source, please.) No version of any living person may be drafted. Pastiches of living people are okay, however. In other words, you may not draft Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you could draft Rainier Wolfcastle (McBain) from The Simpsons. Q: Will I need a title? A: That would be helpful. Reveal your title at your discretion. If you have any additional questions (and I’m sure you will), bring ‘em on. I’ll answer them as best I can. We’ll start the draft Friday, June 1st at 12:00 noon EDT. That’ll be the Base of Operations. Additional draft picks are made each day thereafter at the same time. So, who’s in?
  9. Get off that pine pony, it's the Back Benchers Unite Superdraft! I know how Superdrafts work. What makes this any different? Here, we'll be drafting comic book heroes. The trick is, I have here a list of 100 banned heroes. You can't draft any of them. This was a list of Superheroes by comic book appearances, making it a rough list of who is most popular. (it looks like Marvel heroes, and X-Men in particular, are overrepresented, but I didn't make the list and I'm too lazy to make my own.) Thus, this is a draft for the less popular and well known heroes; the back-benchers, if you will. https://www.ranker.com/list/superheroes-ranked-by-most-comic-book-appearances/ranker-comics Alphabetized here: UPDATE: We'll use the Comicvine.gamespot.com data. No characters with more than 1000 appearances. Can I draft a banned character for a villain? Nope. When? May 1, Noon Eastern Daylight Savings (not standard) What's the billet? Location: Hero: Hero: Hero: Hero: Hero: Hero: Option: Option: Option: Villain: What happened: Uh, what's that last thing? Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where are all the top list supers? Dunno. plug in one paragraph saying where they are and why. When I put up the poll, I'll put up one for rosters and one for "What Happened". Roster: https://docs.google.com/document/d/186gkfAun4e-sBeSRhmle8xbomqYM0SEW6QmNQcrpdfc/
  10. Shipping: The fine art (and ubiquitous internet hobby) of taking two notably different fictional characters and making them a couple. Here’s your opportunity to do the same, for fun and votes. The Premise: You have been placed in charge of creating a new romantic comedy--TV series, movie, whatever. Copyright law has been suspended (since the same two or three corporations own all the world’s fictional characters anyway), so you are free to choose whatever characters you would like for your show. The Twist: To keep it interesting for your potential viewers, you may use existing characters from any genre except romantic comedy. Science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, pirate movies, period pieces, horror, animation, whatever. Go nuts. But we don’t need (or want!) to see Ross and Rachel 2.0. You’ve probably all seen the video from the Black Widow thread. This is something like the feel we’re looking for. Or, imagine that John Crighton and Aeryn Sun have finally retired from fighting and settled down on a nice, peaceful planet somewhere...only to discover that their new neighbors are Wash and Zoe. Hilarity ensues. You get the idea. The Tone: Light-hearted and playful. Humorous. Have a ball with it. Imagine serious characters in silly situations. Plant your tongue firmly in cheek. Make it fun. Add some romance. This isn’t about saving the world; it’s about escapism and guilty pleasures. Laugh it up, fuzzball. Draft Details: The draft will begin on Monday, February 5th at 5:00 p.m. EST (which should be 10:00 p.m. in London and 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in Darwin). Picks will be made each day at that time; there will be 10 draft picks total. This places the final pick on Valentine’s Day. (Awwww.) The usual rules about different versions of a character apply: Selecting one version of a character removes all other versions of the character from consideration. Once the original Ant-Man is selected, all other versions of Henry Pym (Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, etc.) are off the table. Ant Man Scott Lang could still be selected, though. Draft the man (or woman), not the mask. Picks for this draft will consist of the following: Location: This could be literally anywhere, any time period. Location picks are exclusive, although different versions of the same location (Marvel New York City vs. “West Side Story” New York City) are fine. This must be the first pick. Alpha Couple (2 picks): These are the main protagonists. Think Robert & Helen Parr, Rick O’Connell & Evie Carnahan, John Sheridan & Delenn. They need not be a couple in canon! Want to pair up Lockjaw & Yankee Poodle, or Marty McFly & River Song? That’s what we’re here for. Use two days to pick these characters. Beta Couple (2 picks): This is the Barney & Betty to Fred & Wilma, the Fred & Ethel to Lucy & Ricky. Again, they need not be a couple in canon. Use two additional days to pick these characters. Wacky Neighbors (1-3 picks): These are the other colorful characters in your neighborhood: the friendly beat cop, the Latina lady who runs the local laundry, the quiet kid who’s secretly a superhero, the irritable guy at the coffee shop, the arms dealer next door, or whatever. These are the characters the Alpha and Beta couples will interact with most. Choose at least one. Any picks not used on Wacky Neighbors will be shifted to Options. Options (2-4 picks): Use these for pretty much anything else you can think of for your story. Additional characters or locations, MacGuffins, theme music, whatever. These picks are exclusive, unless there’s a good reason for them not to be. Title: You don't need to use a pick for this, and you can announce your title at any time. Again, you will end up with a total of up to 10 picks. The first pick is the Location; all other picks may be chosen in any order. All right, who’s interested?
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