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  1. Ok, it's time to get started once again. Let's start discussions here!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    A set of 11 simple, single-use fantasy potions to be purchased as equipment, including: Agility Berzerker Aquatic Survival Invisibility Chameleon Flight Luck Night Vision Dragon Scales Molotov Cocktail Spider Climb Prices are roughly 2.5 times the Real Cost of the power, with some adjustments. Tweak this to fit your own campaign. I've included the original character file in case you want to modify it yourself.
  3. It's that time again! Time to gear up for more HFFL fantasy football. So, who's in?
  4. Work is ongoing with this project, and I plan on posting some things here to help give a glimpse into what the project is. Essentially, the Field Guide is a book of the other stuff in the world besides monsters and treasures and player characters. It is about the animals, plants, minerals and such that player characters can interact with to their advantage or detriment. This includes poisons, trades such as blacksmithing and leatherworking, herbs of fantastic enchanted quality, and much more. For example, in the world of Jolrhos you will find this: Pepper Moss This dappled green
  5. Hey guys, I hope this is how it's done. I am trying to post in the Player Search topic. I am looking to learn to play Fantasy Hero and Superhero of the Hero System. I live in the North Bay in California (Benicia, Vallejo area) I am experienced in playing RPG's and played Champions in the 80's but I never played Fantasy Hero. D&D was my fantasy game. If you are local and looking for players, send me a note.
  6. Hello, How would one go about creating a spell that will run for a set length of time, then cease? Example: A glamour spell that makes someone look beautiful, or a love potion, or even a shielding spell Thanks!
  7. I'm writing a Fantasy Hero game for a convention, which means that run time is a consideration. I want to use the mechanics that provide the right feel but which don't slow the game down. It is likely that some players will be unfamiliar with the Hero System so everything needs to be as streamlined as possible. In my experience, the Hit Location table provides an excellent mathematical distribution of STUN damage, but the time required is significant. An extra 3d6 roll, refer to a chart, then go back to the damage roll and multiply. It's not hard, but in a four hour con game with 6
  8. Trying to build a healer in fantasy hero 5th... I'm looking for a way to do vampiric style healing; when I heal you, I take damage, but I can damage others and heal myself...
  9. Hive-Mind, I have a group of bad guys who distribute suits of leather armor as a recruitment tool. The pitch is, join us, you get this armor, you get super strong and tough, and immortal. The truth is, there is a demon bound in the armor who influences the wearer. Strength and toughness are conferred, but the wearer's psyche / soul is eventually completely subverted by the demon. Separating the armor from the wearer is typically fatal to the wearer and releases the demon to its home plane. This is easy as pie in a system where you don't really have to define anything
  10. Hi I am looking for a Fantasy hero game online to play, but im open to playing in any hero game, from champions to whatever. Would love to join an existing game, or get in on a new group, would be willing to share Gming duties to help create a long lasting hero System experience with a group of hero fans.!
  11. Greetings Herophiles, I've wanted to do an homage to the Dark Sun world for some time now. I've also been hearing more about Zachariah Sitchen's Annunaki mythos. In short, Sitchen posits that ancient alien gods came to Earth, created modern humans via genetic manipulation as a slave race and then hopped on their wandering planet (Niberu) for a quick jaunt across the galaxy. I took that idea and ran with it. So first draft of back cover blurb: In Ulum's pre-history, the Annuki came down from the skies and mingled their blood with the people of Uhlrum. They created Man to mine the preci
  12. So I'm probably going to run another fantasy campaign in the near future. Frankly I find all the hand-waving that does things like giving characters the ability to use magic by buying a Skill or three, plus reducing the cost of spells like some kind of equipment thing, really arbitrary and terrible. You might as well not use the Hero System at all at that point. So rather than giving those who are able to use magic some kind of big, arbitrary Character Point subsidies, I'm thinking of doing the opposite: make characters buy the ability to use weapons, armor, and shields. This means I am
  13. OK I want to start doing a series of Hero builds of classic weapons through history, specifically swords at first at least. Keep in mind that some of these have a tremendous amount of variation in source material through the ages, sometimes contradictory. I'm going to dig through the info and try to present a functional version of each weapon based on what I prefer from the various versions. For example, the first one -- Excalibur -- is pretty recent, but legends go back to the late Roman period and the name isn't settled until just a few hundred years ago. Modern re-tellings of th
  14. (Note: I'm not talking about using the Power: Healing as a weapon/attack, but rather using the sfx: healing). As I'm worldbuilding, I'm struck by images/scenes that serve to inspire the next bit that I want to flesh out. One example that I'm mulling over has to deal with "wild mages" in my setting - people who can tap directly into the elemental flows of magic itself, with each flow having a different direction/inclination. In this case, I'm thinking of how someone could use Life-magic as a deadly blast. Life magic is naturally inclined to be useful to healing- proper wizards use L
  15. I Used to Be an Adventurer Like You Val Char Cost Roll Notes 18 STR 0 13- Lift 303.1kg; 3 ½d6 10 DEX 0 11- OCV: 5/DCV: 5 13 CON 3 12- 10 INT 0 11- PER Roll 11-/16- 10 EGO 0 11- ECV: 3 - 3 15 PRE 0 12- PRE Attack: 3d6 5 OCV 10 5 DCV 10 3 OMCV 0 3 DMCV 0 3 SPD 10 Phases: 4, 8, 12 8 PD 3 Total: 8 PD (3 rPD) 8 ED 3 Total: 8 ED (3 rED) 4 REC 0 20 END 0 10 BODY 0 20 STUN 0 Total Characteristic Cost: 29 Movement: Running: 5m/8m/10m/16m Leaping: 0m/4m/0m/8m Swimming: 2m/4m Skills 0 I used to be an adventurer like you 2 1) WF: Common Mel
  16. Hi everyone. Hope I put this in the right spot. Long time fan of HERO since early college and been here for a few years I believe, but usually lerked. Played quite a few HERO games as a GM. Anyways, I'm still using 5th Ed revised and im considering running a science Fantasy style campaign similar to sources like the Anime Outlawstar, Bucky O'Hare, or Archies Sonic the Hedgehog comic. Between technology and magic, the feel is somewhere between 50/50 and 60/40 ish is what I'm going for. Level is Heroic and will incorporate some kind of lvl up system. So I really need some help on this an
  17. I'm going to start posting a few monsters from my upcoming Bestiary book here, it says "monster of the day" but that's just a play on the soup of the day, not a promise of daily updates. The first is the Arachne, a nasty creature that lurks in urban areas. Arache Val Char Cost 18 STR 8 17 DEX 14 18 CON 8 10 BODY 0 14 INT 4 18 EGO 8 15 PRE 5 16 PD 9 vs Non-Magical Attacks: 51PD; 18rPD 21 ED 13 vs Non-Magical Attacks: 31ED; 16rED 4 SPD 20 8 REC 4 35 END 3 20 STN 0 20m RUN 0
  18. hello world, I am an experienced player but never got to the point were I could write up my own powers, old GM usually did that part for me. My wife and some friends have shown interest in playing but we want to do a fantasy campaign. I'm looking for some help writing up characters. right now just a shapeshifter with a horse, panther, wolf, and falcon forms; and a permanent were-tiger. we are playing 5th edition.
  19. Kestrel Arts is especially proud to present the Jolrhos Bestiary, a tome packed with monsters and more. Available for pdf download on the Hero catalog! I've been posting samples from the Bestiary in the "Monster of the Day" post on here, but that's just a part of what you can find in the book. I put a lot of effort into trying to create a product with more to offer than just more targets for PCs to hit. For example, I've listed the "body loot" from various creatures - things you can loot, skin, pluck, and otherwise harvest from the creatures such as leather, scales, feathers, a
  20. What kind of fantasy adventures do you like to play or run? If you had control over what was produced for Fantasy Hero what would you like to see published?
  21. A Firewizard wants to enchant swords with flames so they do more damage. He wants to "fire and forget" his enchantment and have it end after a duration. This includes: - making the power 0 END - having the effect be disconnected from the caster in any way - allowing multiple casts and multiple effects at the same time Ideas i gathered from multiple sources so far: - simulate the ammount of targets with an area of effect. - simulate the ammount of targets with adders to doulbe the targets - useable as attack on the sword. - useable on others and uncontrolled. - transform sword int
  22. Hello! Having been engaged by loads of good folk with the question, "Why play Hero 6e?", I have decided to give running a game a go. It seemed most logical to try and build elements for the existing Fantasy-genre game that my group is already playing, albeit with our own OSR-derived system. I've moved the posting here because it seemed better to separate the "help the newbie build stuff" thread from the previous topic. If you want to join in, I'd be grateful because... well, it's all new and I get the feeling that I need a lot of advice. --- My First Drax (Dwarf) Continuin
  23. Version Work in Progress


    My custom Fantasy Hero weapons list. It's a work in progress, and relies on a few house rules and/or custom definitions, not all of them obvious, but the math is in the hidden columns. Private message any questions, and post reviews.
  24. Bizaare duplicate of post... sorry.
  25. Version 1.0


    This spreadsheet (Excel) provides a GM a way to manage the creation of kingdoms and areas in their campaign world. It is a simple tool to help organize and manage the GMs thoughts while building a campaign world.
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