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Found 3 results

  1. My question to all of you Hero experts is this: how can I make the following character affordable for the player? Scrap is a character that builds things from junk parts. His player wishes to build a drone as an Automaton Follower. Among other powers are 48 points of Enhanced Senses, which includes Powers like Nightvision, Infrared, and Detect Global Position (GPS). This cost also includes selling back normal smell, taste, and touch. I also purchased Modifiers like Telescopic. I purchased Transmit for the Sight and Hearing Groups because the drone can stream the data to a Computer. The Computer's special effect is a mask which acts in three roles: it masks the character's identity, can be taken away, and provides Powers to the character. Any powers provided by the mask are bought with the OIAID and OIF Limitations. The Computer mask itself also has the Enhanced Senses that the drone has because of its own camera and mic. I also had to buy Normal Sight and Hearing for it. But the Computer can also receive the senses of the drone because of Transmit. I bought these for the Computer as Clairsentience with Mobile and Only Through The Senses of Others. I purchased Enhanced Senses like Nightvision with the -1/2 Limitation: Only Through Clairsentience (pg. 179, par. 3). I purchased Transmit for the Computer also since it can send its data to Scrap through a screen and speakers. When Scrap wears the mask, he benefits from the Enhanced Senses from the mask, as well as those streamed from the drone. I had to buy Clairsentience for Scrap, too, in the same way I did for the Computer. The Automaton's and Computer's costs are, of course, divided by 5 for Scrap to purchase. Scrap now has a group of senses from the drone and a group from the computer. The computer has its own senses plus that of the drone. The drone has its own senses. My problem is that this character is coming in way over the allotted points for the campaign. Enhanced Senses are essentially being bought four times for three different entities. How can I make this cheaper, or have I done as good a job as I can, given the concept?
  2. Hello everyone, first rules/power building post. I'm trying to find the best, most rules friendly way to build a Summoning power that calls a mystic taxi with driver. The idea is that the character I'm playing uses Summon to hail a taxi that will take my character and the other PCs around if needed. I know how to build the power, but the place where I'm not sure what to do next is if it should be a character of it's own with enough size and strength to carry all of the players, a vehicle and some kind of "autopilot" built in, or if the spell should summon a character that HAS a vehicle. Obviously, this is going to need ALOT of GM input. The concept I have in my head is it's a ghost taxi driver that is it's own personality, but can't leave the car under any circumstances and for all intents and purposes, is part of the car. Thoughts?
  3. I'm getting ready to run a fairly hefty AU game where one of the major known capes is Fidel Castro (Precognition, danger sense, luck, and self duplication powers) and he has at his beck and call a number of super powered minions. In particular, he has a pair at 350 (He's a 400) plus four more at 325. Given that the cost of two 325 minions is the same as a single 350 minion, is it appropriate to lump these together into a single Follower perk at 80 cp (4x350, 2 of which are actually a pair of 325 supers) or should I rate this as 2 separate 75 cp perks? I try to use the same rules for character construction as I do for npc construction (The campaign takes place in Tampa, and storyline elements may end up sending them to cuba) so I don't want my players calling hax. Mostly because a GM using hax is kinda gauche imo. Ruling?
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