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Found 1 result

  1. Ok that's the main problem of a cyberpunk setting: the hacker (decker, netrunner, whatever) i mean "the one who can connect to the internet and do things" it's the main and MASSIVELY HUGE time sink of old cp2020 rpg, and the mother of all boringness for players; so in attempt to create a new game in a cyberpunk setting i will need to change something. The only viable idea is to play it in a completely narrative idea and use some little "effect" (talents? powers? equipments?) to create what can be defined with the special effect "you enter the net, go inside the data fortress, bypass firewall, hide from security... and finally after 7-8 hour of boring play who made all other player leave and go home, you can turn on the light of the house" Luckily, none of my player whanna play the old-school-netrunner, the one who run inside data fortress across the globe to steal data. Ok. Lucky for me, i can think about it later However, a player whanna play the "watchdog style" netrunner, the one who can hack street control cameras, following a car hacking inside traffic control center, or disabling an home alarm cracking wifi and turning off the alarm from home automation control center so long, the main problem is: how can a player afford it? this can be done in two different ways: a- using talents; if you have talent "control the camera" you can turn off the camera (or spin it and point to another section). If you haven't the talent, you can't. b- using equipment: if you have the deck/computer/phone/whatever with the right software you can do it; if you haven't you can't either way, they are constructed as low-to-medium level powers (the former one are bought as talent, the latter one as powers in a vpp called "your-personal-hacking-computer") so main problem is "solved" (not really solved, but no longer a main problem) other bigger problem is: what can you do and how? i mean: what power i will need and how to build them? so far i thought about that: - scanning for wifi, dataconnection, radio connection, etc -> enhanced perception, 360° - controlling cameras/doors/systems connected -> mind control (with cyberkinesis from APG) - streaming what cameras are seeing -> clarisentience (with postcognition for data stored) - opening/locking doors -> lockpicking + range OR tk "only to lock doors/gates connected to the LAN" OR a security systems + a lot of PSL/SL on it - turning off/putting to sleep turrets/security systems -> mind control OR mental entangle - block a car with robobrain (IA computer inside vehicle) -> drain movement OR mental entangle - turn a drone/military platform/titan from hostile to friendly -> mind control vs IA of the drone/platform/titan and that's some ideas i got but dunno how to create - hacking wifi [basic to connect to systems and start doing some more complex hack] -> mind link?? mmmhhh :\ seems a bit odd - searching/following someone by using pubblic cameras and/or face recon system -> mind scan?? clairsentience megascaled? enhanced perception? - searching for some clue (ie "search everyone with a blue hat on this area") -> mind scan? enhanced perception? - hacking a car with robobrain (IA computer inside vehicle) -> mind control? possession? or something more subtle like teleport "only to go where the car go, must pass through intervening spaces, continuative, etc"? - turning off cyberware of people connected to an hacked wireless network -> suppress cyberware (it could be too powerful x_x ) - wreak havoc in an area and create chaos (turning on fire prevention system, turning off traffic light, etc) to create distraction -> environmental control? darkness? what do you think about? do you have some ideas? can someone help me/giving me suggestion on how to build those powers/talents/equipments/whatever? tyvm for your help!
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