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Found 4 results

  1. I was reading the rules on Healing and Adjustment Powers, and noticed something odd. Under the general rules about Adjustment Powers, it says Defense Powers: To balance the usefulness of defenses in the HERO System, the effect of any Adjustment Power that increases or decreases any of the following is halved: any Defense Power; the Characteristics CON, DCV, DMCV, PD, ED, REC, END, BODY, and STUN Healing is listed as an Adjustment Power, so would Healing have half effect on BODY? That doesn't sound right, and it contradicts multiple examples in the description of Healing. Suppose a character has 2d6 of Healing that is bought as applying simultaneously to STR, BODY, END, and STUN. If I roll 8 on the dice, does it then heal 8 points of STR, but only 4 points worth of BODY (= 2 BODY), 4 points worth of END (= 8 END), and 4 points worth of STUN (=4 STUN)?
  2. So, we are building a character who has a variety of "leadership" abilities that can have mechanical effect in the game. This is my semi-realistic, heroic level, guns and martial arts, spec ops and private eyes and such. Any "special abilities" by the PCs have to fall within the "could be explained away." In this case, a new character is going to be the best squad leader ever. Building abilities that buff the other players, assuming certain actions... like "+2 DCV for all teammates while performing Cover Fire maneuver vs. enemies, etc" We'll figure them out as we go. The one in particular here is the "On Your Feet, Soldier!" maneuver, where the PC can spend a turn on a teammate who is stunned or unconscious, and get them back into the fight. The Stun part is easy... a heal, limited to Recover rate or something... but what I want to get past is the Con Stunned part. I want the PC to be able to remove Con Stun from another PC, so they are back on their feet and don't lose an action automatically. I'm thinking I'll just fudge this for the effect we want... but I'm wondering if there is something already in the mechanics of healing or whatever, where Con Stunned can be negated by some power/ability? Anyone know? I'm not finding anything as I go through 6th. Thanks!
  3. OK so if I want my character to be immune to Deseases or Poisons it is 5 points, 10 for both. What if I want to cure said desease or poison. I can buy a Vaccine Regimen or Antidote as Usable on Others, without their permission, no control after administering. Figuring out all the permutations is not important to the topic so lets make it +1A. Per the rules however this technically describes preventing the desease or poison in advance granting immunity. Does this 20 point power also work if someone is ill and close to death? Is some combination of the immunity and the healing power needed in this circumstance? Not sure?
  4. Healing is an Adjustment Power. Adjustment Powers have half effect on "Defensive Characteristics" such as BOD, STUN, & END. Does Healing therefore have half effect when restoring BOD, STUN, & END, the very abilities it would seem to be designed to effect and will be used for most often? edit: Thank you, I was pretty sure that was the answer but I hadn't found it after a search so I decided to ask. Lucius Alexander Adjusting a palindromedary
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