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Found 14 results

  1. Anyone know where I can find some good examples or advice on how to build computers and bases? So far I've copied the things I like off of the template in the Champions Complete book, but I found it very lacking in details and advice. Especially when building for the modern world computers seem extremely expensive. I'm also trying to build a base and may build a vehicle some day, so advice on those would help too.
  2. From: Sean Patrick Fannon For those among my friends and followers who know Scott Bennie - or who know his work - I have the difficult news that he has been hospitalized and undergone surgery. I do not know what his current condition is, but according to his sister, he is undergoing significant rehab. He has no access to a computer or the Internet and is very much cut off. As I understand it, you can send him an email address to the following address, using the following information to ensure a message is hand-delivered to him by the Volunteer Resource team. This will be the only way he knows friends and fans are thinking of him. youvegotmail.ARH@fraserhealth.ca Robert Scott Bennie Unit: Baker 3 Room 109
  3. Is it possible to create a Power based on this ? https://nanatsu-no-taizai.fandom.com/wiki/Combo_Star If so, could I perhaps have some help crafting the Power? I wanna tone down the attack force though. & The limitation would be that the consecutive blows can be disrupted, resetting the Combo.
  4. I lack experience with 6E and I'm having trouble making a dust cloud power for a supers game. Probably there is a standard solution that I am not seeing, so if someone could help me discover it, that would be great. What I want is a power to represent a billowing haze of electrostatic dust that obscures - without completely blotting out - vision, radio waves etc. for a turn or two before dispersing naturally. A bit like a less than 100% obscuring smoke bomb. The part I am having trouble is that the cloud is not completely opaque to the affected senses; although it affects people trying to see into or through the area, it doesn't completely block senses for anyone involved. Ideally the degree of obscuring would depend on how many metres of cloud you are trying to see through. So it's not Darkness, but something else? Then I was thinking it should be Change Environment area effect with a -X PER roll and -Y OCV/DCV for certain sense groups. But the dust should affect the ability of those OUTSIDE the area to see and/or shoot into or through it just as much as a person inside (without affecting their generally ability to defend themselves). The dust isn't getting in the vicims' eyes or making them sneeze or anything, it's clouding up the air and absorbing/ diffusing EMR. Am I right in thinking that Change Environment will only affect people inside the area? What should I be using to get the symmetrical obscuration effect? Ideally this power is not limited by charges, but the user pays a 1-off END cost to launch the power, which then hangs around for a turn or two before switching itself off. So I'm thinking this will involve a Time Limit condition, but I'm not sure. Finally, in the ideal scenario, the cloud can be dispersed before its time is up by a strong breeze. Is there a way I can do this without having to model an industrial fan as an ad hoc Dispel or Drain power? Or is that the easiest way to handle it?
  5. Hi, I'm new here and just looking at HERO 6E (specifically Fantasy Hero Complete/ Champions Complete) for the first time, after decades away from HERO systems games. The learning curve is steep, and I need some help to understand how damage inflicted by Change Environment works. I am looking at page 63 of FHC, where one of the Combat Effects you can buy for change environment is "damage" at 1 point of damage for 5 CPs. How do I apply this damage? Do I interpret it as 1 point of STUN applied against PD/ED (my choice)? 1 point of NND STUN attack? 1 point of BODY? Or 1 active point worth of damage (i.e. 1/5 of a 1d6 normal attack, or 1/10 dice of NND)? I presume it applies every phase, since the power is constant. So if I hit somebody with change environment, they take the damage every phase until I switch off the power? If I buy area effect (as one surely would), then it affects everyone in the area, every phase? It seems that this effect might be appropriate for many natural and magical phenomena, but I'd like to know how the mechanics are meant to work, and I can't seem to find it described anywhere in either of the books I have. Any help you can offer very welcome.
  6. Hello. I recently bought the 4th Edition of Champions at my local game store and am running into some issues of min-maxing an attempt at creating the best Superman I can with only 250 character points. If anyone knows and can help me through the process and with concepts I don't quite understand yet in this system, your help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I’ve been admiring Hero System from a distance for some time now. Over the course of a few years, I’ve started and stopped reading the rulebooks, occasionally intending on “Buckling down to RTFM cover-to-cover this time, then I’ll know it!.” Each time I stopped because I couldn’t maintain interest, gleaning only the most elementary understanding of the rules of the game. I recently tried kickstarting a game with my friends by reading both a 2 and 3 page version of the rules and then just finding premade characters on the internet to do a mock-combat with. The idea was this: after being forced to look up things we were seeing on the character sheets enough times, we’d have a high enough resolution gestalt of the game to start digging around and making our own characters (and playing quickly and smoothly). We were using these premade character sheets: http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsvideogame/hl2/combine_overwatch.html http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsvideogame/hl2/antlion_soldier.html http://surbrook.devermore.net/adaptationsvideogame/hl2/weapons.html We acknowledge the possibility that these character sheets are the overwrought brainchildren of a theory-wanking grognard, and might feature extravagantly avant garde applications of the rules that are satisfying only to the “clever” guy who thought of them. It’s a scenario we hadn’t much opportunity to avoid, so we opted to treat them as fine examples of character sheets. Nonetheless, there are certain concepts that are used on these character sheets that we can’t find anything about by CTRL-Fing through each of the core rulebooks. The shotgun’s damage is “reduced by range”, which is a string that we just literally couldn’t find in the rulebooks, and the pulse rifle utilizes “autofire” which we couldn’t find a core definition for (everything we found was an explanation of how “autofire” works for specific Powers and how it affects the strength requirements of melee weapons, it wasn’t listed at all underneath “Firearms”). Most of the terms we searched could be found in either books' glossary, but those definitions were often too abbreviated and none of them directed us to a page that would give us the full scoop. In addition to this, when we tried to use our best judgement about how these rules should be applied, we couldn't find a way to produce a result that seemed sensible. What I mean is, we couldn't figure out how these Antlions were supposed to penetrate the seemingly very strong body armor of the Combine Overwatch. This is just an example of the problems we have been facing. So what we want to know is: What are we doing wrong? Is this whole “trial by fire” technique just a bad technique? Is there a video or series of videos that we could watch that would connect the dots for us? Should we actually just read the books cover to cover before attempting to play? We can’t seem to find many straight answers to the questions we have just by digging through the rulebook, and so we’re kind of stuck.
  8. Hello Herophiles, I found a nice scernerio to use for my kids. The plot has a villain stealing high tech parts to make a time machine. However I’m terrible coming up with technobabble trinkets for this. I figure at least a super computer and a wormhole type generator for power. I’m stumped as to what else the villain needs for this project. Any ideas?
  9. Hello! I would like to preface that I am new to the HERO system. I have read the books, multiple times, and I have a long way to master this amazing system. This is my first post and I hope I do not offend or post this in the incorrect place. Now, I need help with a unique character build. I am beginning a sci-fi campaign soon where my players are heroic builds with 225 points and 50 in complications. One player wants to be a realistic hologram that can interact with the physical world. We used Desolidification as a constant power with other advantages and limitations, but I keep thinking there is a better way. I attached the character sheet we made in hopes that someone may be willing to steer us in a better direction. Here are some of the character details. He wants to be a realistic hologram that is projected from a badge that he is wearing on his arm. He can interact with the physical world and only has strength 3. Since the projection emits from the badge on his arm he is unable to pass through walls or the like. The character is difficult to hit because damage only affects the badge/hologram projector. If the badge is struck he will take damage along with becoming stunned and/or losing the ability to interact with the physical world for a short period (2-3 phases). If the badge is destroyed he is lost forever. Finally, the projector needs to be charged daily, and he will suffer negative affects after a day with no charge. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! H.O.M.O.N.C.U.L.O.S mark III.HTML
  10. I am a member of a local meetup.com gaming group in my area and am planning on running a 6e origin story/1 shot. This would be a 4 person group using pre-generated characters that would run through a simple session where they receive powers and have to fight off some baddies (likely VIPER). I'm super nervous about doing this but am going to push myself to do it. My goals are to hopefully be able to: showcase what you can do with Champions/HERO System introduce people to the game concepts gently and organically My thoughts around showcasing the system is that I want to build diverse characters that illustrate the depth of possibilities available to you. Here's what I have so far: Energy Projector - solar based with an array of attacks...is also spaceworthy and has FTL for flavor Brick - Kryptonian-esq with ranged attacks based on gravity manipulation in place of heat vision etc. Speedster - classic speedster able to run up walls and reach mach speeds...lots of SPEED, lots of utility ('cause we all know speedsters always get stuck on crowd control ) ??? I feel like those 3 characters cover the median, high speed, and high damage/low speed ends of the spectrum nicely. What I need help with is this last character...I'm thinking of either doing a psychic or a martial artist but can't decide and want to open it up to debate on the forums. So what do people think? Psychic or Martial Artist or something completely different? Should I combine the Psychic and Martial Artist into one character...it would be so expensive...
  11. Ok so everyone i live with has convinced me to run a Hero system 6th edition campaign. Its based off x-men and a few other things i like all rolled into one. My biggest issue is i really am bad at math, rolling dice, an have NO freaking clue what i should be reading, or doing from the book perspective. Can someone simplify things out for this first time GM? I need a dummies book on this but i dont think those exist... i really want to get this going Dec 3rd an have been writing dialogue and ideas and havin gthem create their characters for over a month now. Ive got the 5th ed resource kit, and a bunch of other 6th ed books but... theres SO much in there i know i dont actually need an its overwhelming to the point of im close to backing out less someone can help me. please email me @ Anailaigh@gmail.com or post here... Thanks, Daenerys EDIT: No one? over 35 views an no assist? =\ im drowning here guys... EDIT 2: i dont need ideas on scenarios, i need actual GM how to. Math stuff, dice rolls.. im going in completely blind x.x Edit 3: Thank you Ghost-Angel (im still on post restriction for being new...) this helps, my issue is everyone else knows how to play it.. and if i asked them itd ruin the game for them. :3 everything im using except the resource kit is 6e Edit 4: lol Hyper i appreciate it, i have a pretty good x-men/pandoras box+ scenario planned just needed to not be lost in all the GM stuff. links helped Edit 5: Christopher - thank you :3 Edit 6: bigdamnhero - im running a heros system, not champions system o.O last i checked they werent one in the same. But some of your points have been taken into consideration ty Edit 7: Blues - ty but i already have that Edit 8: Steve - thank you =3 Edit 9: big damn hero =3 yea i wasnt aware of that thank you
  12. so me and my group are looking to start a new table top role playing game, after the rigged feeling dungeon and dragons and the heavy story based world of darkness; needless to say that I chose champions as our next game because I hear it's action driven and has room for creativity. so I bought champions complete and have read though most of it and as the title says it has left me a bit confused. I hope someone (or preferably many of you) can help me work past this be answering some of my questions -is there a resource that can explain the character sheet more clearly and/or more in-depth (it's just something I would prefer to not make assumptions about)? -should I focus on mastering the mechanics using premade character or make a few character and familiarize with the process so I can more easily guide me companions in creating the characters they want? -for a super heroic campaign what are average stats? are the examples in the book the norm with there 12d6 attacks? if so why do there defenses seem so low? -how do you gamers go about building enemies (from a punk kid pick pocket to a world ending beast)? these seems like a good start, thanks to anyone who read through this, and special thanks to anyone who replied. please feel free to give me any tips you would give any other new game master or player, for champions
  13. story and combat is what make a table top the story is something I got but being new to champions I need a little help with the combat part -like creation cap for characteristic and powers (like dice pool, flash attack and mental attacks); there characters will be between 300-400 point superheroes 6 edition this is an example of the average boss I plan for them to face that I got from the villains volume one p. 107 (not a solo boss, but one with minions at play point level) avar-7 (will mod hit a bit to fit the story) 820 points paired with 2 400 point allies for a four man or 3 for five man 20 str/ 22 dex/ 30 con/ 20 int/ 20 ego/ 20 pre/ 8 ocv/ 8 dcv/ 3 omcv/ 7 dmcv/ 6 spd/ 20 pd/ 20 ed/ 10rec/ 60 end/ 20 body/ 50 stun (20 rPD/ 20 rED) md 10 powers and skills of note (at least the ones I caught) -density increase (+60 str, +12 pd/ed, -24 kb (not sure what kb is) -desolidification -blasts 12d6, 10d6 aoe 8m radius, 10d6 armor pierce, 8d6 hits desoildfied -+3 to all combat a thanks to all readers and special thanks to all repliers (also thank you Halloween for the extra time it build)
  14. Hi all; long time lurker, first time poster. I remember fooling around with an old as hell version of the game back in like 2003? I guess things have really advanced in the world of HERO System since then; I wasn't even aware the game was still around! was introduced to the HERO system by a helpful person on another forum because of a very specific game idea I had. It's based on the Persona series of video games. Gameplay in Persona is a mix of standard dungeon crawls with turn-based combat, and visual novel or dating-sim style segments no wait come back. What I really wanted was a system that would model characters whose heroic/supernatural capabilities come from another being, and that being's effectiveness is improved by good roleplaying the character improving their bonds with others. The advice I was given was to make the PCs Standard Heroes, with an additional point budget that can be used only to build Duplicates (with the "different from character" mod). So you get situations where a character is picking a lock or something, and his Persona is fending off incoming foes. That sounds great but I don't have enough experience with the system to really know what I'm doing. I guess what I'm asking is; is there a tutorial or quick-start guide of some kind for the purposes of enlightening people coming off of D&D to the wonders of How to Play and Enjoy HERO System, 6th Edition?
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